Analysis of Luigi’s Mansion 3. The most ghostly and fun adventure of Super Mario’s brother

Written by Kamran Haider

Poor Luigi does not have too many opportunities to star in a video game but when he does … he does it big! In the analysis of Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Switch, you will discover that this is not only one of the best games of 2019 but also one of the most fun and spectacular works of Nintendo.

There is a constant in Luigi’s Mansion 3; something that does not change passes the hours that pass, you face the challenges you face. It is an incredibly fun game. It seems easy, obvious, but it is not at all. The great thing about this action-adventure and puzzle starring the fearful brother of Super Mario is that it never ceases to surprise; He never loses the ability to have fun like the first day even when, in essence, catching ghosts soon becomes a routine. Bless routine. Get lost in the majestic haunted hotel created by Next Level GamesIt is a fascinating experience that does not lack anything. There are combats, the most exciting! but also ingenious puzzles and much, much exploration in a colossal game scenario through which you will move with the illusion of a child, amazed, always looking for new mysteries to solve and battles that to rid.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a box of surprises that goes to more, that never loses its rhythm, that always finds a way to draw a big smile on your face while fighting against some crazy ghosts that it is impossible not to take care of. And the result, of course, is that you don’t want to leave the game for anything in the world. Once you start playing … time flies! , and during all those hours, which feel minutes, you will enjoy a fun trip to the unknown that is pure magic. It is difficult to describe in another way the emotions that a videogame arouses in you that is not especially complex, nor innovative, but still feels fresh and original, unique and special !, Thanks above all to a brilliant level design that is commendable. Did you think you saw everything? Soon it takes this new Nintendo Switch exclusive to show how wrong you were with thematic scenarios that change everything.

So you advance, flashlight in hand, ready for combat!, Waiting to live adventures as memorable as those of that classic GameCube that we fell in love with almost 20 years ago. And although expectations were high, and nostalgia is usually dangerous, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has not only surpassed the original and it’s Nintendo 3DS sequel but also, has become one of the best games of 2019.

The eternal second claims his throne

Poor Luigi is pursued by bad luck. Every time he goes on vacation he ends up in trouble, but hey, here one who is happy to see how the Nintendo plumber spends them. The excuse? The same. Rescue Mario, Peach, and Toad – again! – from the clutches of the ghosts using an improved GOM-1L Suckers that expands combat options to make the fight even more fun and exciting. And it is!, Even though the essence is the same as that of the original game. Now everything is more intense, more frantic, with many more enemies to face simultaneously and, therefore, with more threats to respond in a matter of seconds.

To avoid biting the dust we will have within our reach options as fun as the jolt, a special movement that allows us to crush the ghosts with blows … while passing you hit, damage and destroy also the enemies that surround you. A spectacular action that does not limit the strategic options of the saga. You know. First of all, you have to blind the wraiths using a strong flash of light that will leave them helpless before Luigi, but obviously, the entities will not make it easy for you using all kinds of objects that you will have to take away from them by means of protection be.

Sometimes it will be enough to shake the ground so that a ghost loses the sunglasses that protect it from our attacks but… what happens when they wear typical shields of the Middle Ages or the hotel’s own furniture? Luigi has another surprise reserved for them: the choupon , which is basically a plunger tied to a rope with which he can hit a pull capable of breaking certain obstacles and, of course, also leaving his phantasmagoric enemies defenseless. In part, at least, because they will never stop moving from here to there, to attack and disappear, to throw objects or scare you so that you cannot react to their onslaught. That’s why the fight is so fun and spectacular. Again and again, the game manages to face more elaborate, more frantic challenges, sometimes fighting in such challenging conditions that you will have to sharpen your senses to escape alive not only from ghosts but also from the traps that you surround. A rolling stone? Sharp blades? It is the least you can his throne

It is full of small and accurate details that make the difference. It

is these combats that will make you enjoy epic action sequences in which everything is worth it. A battlefield with hardly any visibility? Hunt down ghosts while jumping and dodging lasers? Even though sometimes the action becomes somewhat repetitive, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is full of memorable moments with which it is difficult not to get excited. And then … then there are the final bosses, which are already another story. I will speak little of them, that the grace is to discover with what new challenges they will surprise you, every battle is unique! But I already tell you that they are a pure spectacle. You will go crazy trying to discover the weak points of some enemies that go for all, that load fiercely, reaching the end of ending your life if you do not go with an eye. This is not a particularly difficult game but at least it does know how to get in trouble. He was already missing.

In recent years many of Mario’s adventures sinned from fighting against uninspired, too generic, final bosses, but none of that happens in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Each battle feels unique, with abundant phases in the same combat that contribute to the Fight be as spectacular as it is fun.

An enchanting hotel you won’t want to escape from

It’s the small details that make the difference and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is full of them. Wherever you look, wherever you go, you will find more than enough reasons to interact with the surrounding environment. You will touch all the furniture, you will hit every decoration object that crosses your path and, undoubtedly, you will aspire everything you see for the simple pleasure of seeing what happens. It has a reward, of course, because there are dozens of hidden collectibles ; but even when there aren’t when the prize is a few coins, you enjoy it equally. The game itself encourages you to do it with puzzles that, while simple in their premise, are frankly fun.

What surprised me the most is how well they are integrated into the stage itself. They are there !, before your eyes, waiting to be discovered; but you will only understand how they work if you thoroughly explore the scenarios and interact with all the objects around you. And you will be delighted, of course, because the haunted Luigi’s Mansion 3 hotel is a marvel of design. Each scenario is a world in itself; Each floor of this gigantic enchanted mansion bets on a completely different theme that will enliven your desire to move forward in search of adventure. A concert hall, a medieval castle, a movie studio or even a shopping center. Every step you take in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is more and more exciting, because when you thought you saw everything, you go, and you end up lost in a more original and spectacular setting than the previous one.

The exploration is so exciting, so fun, that there have been times when I have dedicated myself to vacuum tons of sand with no objective in mind; just for the simple pleasure of seeing how the scenario reacts to the actions of the fearful Luigi. That’s why the action of this adventure is so great. Sometimes simple curiosity will lead you to solve some of its most elaborate puzzles, or it will give you the key clue to overcome that puzzle that was so resisting, enjoying some eureka moments that only improve the sensations with a game that still save one more surprise: the viscous version of the hero, called Gomiluigi, which you can use to cross certain obstacles, or even the pipes!, thus expanding the options when exploring.

He has everything to be crowned as one of the biggest of 2019

Gomiluigi is key to solving some puzzles but it is also important in the fight against certain enemies, against which you need to use teamwork. The normal thing will be that you alternate the control between both characters with a well-worked game mechanic, which works great, but this has been the perfect excuse to introduce the cooperative multiplayer in the adventure, allowing a second player to take control of this greenish character. There are limitations, of course, because it is the original Luigi who leads the baton deciding the way forward, but it is a great complement that favors providing more fluidity to the action, solving puzzles on the fly, without stopping for a second. Hence, communication between players is so important. There is too much to do!

Do you like the idea of ​​sharing an adventure with friends? Luigi’s Mansion 3 goes further with the Tower of Challenges, with up to eight players working as a team (local and online) to capture the ghosts in a scenario that is always generated procedurally, and where you can find all kinds of extras that They will allow you to discover secret areas faster or even cause more damage to ghosts. A fantastic addition to the main adventure that will take you to finish about 15 hours, which is not bad at all!, Taking into account the huge variety of scenarios and challenges you face.

It is a frantic odyssey that keeps emotion always high, which is very meritorious. I have missed that I delve deeper into certain challenges, it is true, but few games have entertained me as much as this crazy ghost adventure, which does not forget about the additional challenges with some fighting against the evil Boo, who before You will have to find.

The design of the scenarios is incredible, yes, but also the animations of a Luigi It

might seem that everything has already been said but it is that I have not yet told you about the spectacular staging of a video game that is a true visual wonder. The design of the stages is incredible, yes, but also the animations of a Luigi that at times seems to be pleading with the look that you let him go in peace. And of course, you smile, because you can do nothing but laugh and enjoy with its enormous expressiveness and naturalness with which he moves, trembling, through scenarios full of details. And then there are the ghosts, which will also leave you speechless with their crazy pranks and the color of their designs. I would dare to say that this is the most spectacular game of Nintendo Switch, but if it is not, little is missing.

The lighting effects are brutal; as well as the effects of transparencies and reflections, or the enormous interactivity with scenarios that react realistically to all our actions. If you can vacuum it all! And it doesn’t matter if you play on the TV or in a portable mode. In both cases, you will enjoy high-quality graphics that are also accompanied by a solid rate of images per second. Not to mention its great soundtrack, very varied, ideal to liven up our wanderings through all those scenarios that, as I said, you will want to explore with madness. And no, I don’t talk about them anymore because there is nothing more exciting than getting out of the elevator and discovering a whole new world before your eyes.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has other great details, including the hero himself humming the music, or animations as brutal as Luigi’s trembling in pure terror as he walks stiffly like a stick. There are so many that I could spend the whole day talking about them, I would love it !, but I also wish you enjoy the experience knowing as little as possible. This is how you will really appreciate the enormous quality of a video game that has everything to be crowned as one of the biggest in 2019. It is exciting in its action, ingenious in the design of its puzzles and, above all, it is a very fun game with a special charm. It has been made to pray, yes, but the wait was worth it.

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The enchanting hotel of Luigi’s Mansion 3 has become an ideal game scenario to enjoy a great action-adventure and puzzles with the great virtue of surprising from beginning to end. The design of the levels, the ingeniousness of their puzzles and the excitement of their fighting make this new Switch exclusive an essential, really spectacular! Which is also one of the best games of 2019.

  • A great adventure of action and puzzles with which it is impossible not to have fun
  • The delighted hotel design is wonderful. You will enjoy exploring all its corners
  • The fights against the final bosses are as fun as they are spectacular
  • Generous in content and with very entertaining multiplayer options
  • Spectacular audiovisual section. It is one of the most beautiful games of Nintendo Switch
  • The fight against ghosts can become somewhat repetitive. More enemies are missing
  • Some game situations don’t end up showing their full potential
  • The final combat knows little compared to the rest of battles against the ghosts

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