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Manticore Galaxy on Fire
Written by Kamran Haider

After triumphing in mobile systems, the Galaxy on Fire saga of Fishlabs and Deep Silver makes the leap to Nintendo Switch with a remarkable conversion of the latest mobile release. Manticore Analysis: Galaxy on Fire.

Although it is not the most popular mobile phone franchise (although it has also appeared on PC), the fact is that Galaxy on Fire has enough followers, to the point that more than 25 million users have downloaded some of their deliveries (or so say its editors, Deep Silver). Precisely the last of them, Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, has been transferred to the Nintendo machine quite successfully, becoming one of the few titles available in Switch belonging to the genre of space shooters.

That is what this proposal offers exclusively for eShop (it has not been edited in physical format): Star Wars space combat. An odyssey that will surely attract more than one user because it enjoys a level of quality more than remarkable both in terms of its gameplay and what it has to do with its overall technical finish.

In my opinion, one of the best aspects that Manticore has: Galaxy on Fire is its argument. Instead of being in front of a video game that goes on tiptoe for its narrative load, something very common in this type of productions, in this title the script has enough weight throughout the game. In fact, between phase and phase, it is possible to enjoy spoken conversations (in English with subtitles in Spanish ) between the different protagonists that add interest to the main story that serves as a background. This plot takes us to the space sector known as Neox, a place in which chaos reigns due to a large number of space pirates and criminals who have taken over their borders.

In a very distant galaxy …

Our task in Manticore is precisely to eliminate criminals and “rabble” who meet in this area of ​​space. A goal that will take us at least 9-10 hours to complete and that extends throughout three main acts that encompass more than 30 different levels, some of them designed specifically for this edition of Nintendo Switch.

How do we end up with each of the most wanted criminals in the Neox sector? Well, very simple: reaching them in each of the corresponding levels and make them bite the dust, no more, no less. The gameplay that this title proposes does not go through the bush and basically, we must keep fulfilling the different missions that we are entrusted to (protect allied ships, finish with specific objectives, reach a certain part of the scenarios, etc.) to clean shot. Pitched battles that enjoy a very interesting and very dynamic development and, although they may end up being somewhat repetitive, the fact of being able to count on allied characters on certain occasions, traveling through different areas of the game or the possibility of improving our ship and acquiring others add enough interest.Star Wars battles

His level of difficulty is very well adjusted

Precisely this last aspect, the light touch RPG (almost forced lately in any game that comes to the market), brings that special spark to this work, a feature that feels very good. As we overcome both the main objectives and, especially, the secondary missions, it is possible to collect enough resources to mount a more powerful weapon for our ship or, also, to build new ones. The control of these vehicles is very good, being able to perform the typical actions of this type of game such as firing several types of different projectiles, accelerate, make turns, etc.

As you can see it is a title that has a quite traditional development within its genre, that of space shooters, a style that certainly is not the most prolific precisely in Nintendo Switch. For that reason it is perhaps even more attractive, to which is added its more than reasonable value for money and its well-adjusted level of difficulty.

It is also a game that presents a careful technical finish, something predictable taking into account that this graphic section became one of the most praised aspects of the original title. The most remarkable thing is that Manticore: Galaxy on Fireworks at 1080p and 60 rather stable frames (except for minor, occasional drops) in docked mode, while the laptop maintains its frame rate but drops its resolution to the usual 720p. His artistic direction has also seemed to me quite inspired and the special effects provide the minimum doses of spectacularity required in the title of this idiosyncrasy. It is not the most graphically advanced game of Switch, but without a doubt, it is one of the most advanced among those available in the eShop store exclusively.

The sound is not out of tune either, and the aforementioned dialogues in English translated into our language add a soundtrack of war-cut sci-fi quite achieved and very good sound effects.

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The remarkable Fishlabs space shooter for mobile formats has made the leap to Switch with a truly eye-catching version for its users. And is that not only is it one of the few representatives available within the genre in this console, but it has enough quality to attract enough followers of this type of action games. A well-taken care of history and a finished technical result finish giving form to a title something repetitive but very entertained and lasting.

  • Space combat is gratifying and quite spectacular
  • The story has much more weight than that experienced in other shooters
  • Technically it looks a good level, highlighting its 60fps quite stable
  • A large number of main and secondary missions
  • The development can end up being something repetitive by its very nature
  • Except for a couple of new missions and little else, the rest is the same as living in the mobile version

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