Analysis of Mantis Burn Racing. Classic and different car races

Mantis Burn Racing
Written by Kamran Haider

Mantis Burn Racing is a racing game with the overhead view that has been with us for some time, but we took advantage of its launch in Nintendo switch to give a review of its characteristics in this analysis. A genre that has few exponents, but that deserves recognition, and of which the title of VooFoo Studios knows how to capture its essence.

I‘ve always liked racing games with an overhead view. The so-called Top-down racers, starting with that legendary Super Off Road(which I on my PC knew as Ironman for its executable) that I was able to play in my 486 years ago more than I want to remember. At that time the genre was lavished by recreational as consoles and computers, with games like Grand Prix, Speed ​​Demons, the famous Micro Machines or the wonderful Death Rally 3D ruins that once proposed a different vision of this genre without losing any emotion in the path.

Top-down racers were neither easier nor simpler than conventional racing games. They simply concentrated their mechanics and their difficulty on other factors. Here, the placement and the layout is essential to gain a plus of speed in each of the curves. Getting the right angle was an act as risky as hypnotic. All this without mentioning the famous nitrous, which gave him a point of added difficulty at the time of knowing how to use them properly to get fired on the straights, behind a fork or in the face of the opponent. Hitting a wall, especially in front, was synonymous with losing the race because none of the opponents of artificial intelligence had any kind of mercy with you. You had to be careful with the attack because more than taking the rival from the road you gave him an extra boost.

If you did not know this variant of the genre, I am afraid that you have not had many opportunities in recent years as their number is increasingly scarce. There are still some examples today, such as Little Racers and especially the Micromachines franchise that are still valid today, but possibly this Mantis Burn Racing is one of the most relevant because it manages to capture the essence of the classics also adding something homegrown.

He manages to capture the essence of the classics and adds something of his own.

Mantis Burn Racing proposes to complete a series of seasons until it dominates all the cars we have at our disposal. There are not many either, the truth, being the main ones a standard vehicle, a kind of truck and a desert buggy, but each of them is designed to perform better in a discipline, be it speed, acceleration or suspension and skid, although of course we can individually improve each of these sections. Later, however, new vehicles are unlocked much more spectacular as a futuristic propulsion without wheels (Wipeout style, go) that is a bullet that will take us to dominate. Of course, once achieved, it will undoubtedly be the fastest vehicle in the game. Like inheritance of Death Rally in addition, we have modalities in which the weapons come into play, being able to place machine guns and Mines to our vehicle, as well as an armored layer to the vehicle, to completely change the rhythm and style to a more aggressive slope where So important is the speed as getting to the finish line.

Thus, the simple tests with which we started the first rookie seasons, in which we will simply compete in races, counter-races, and qualifiers, will get more and more complicated to acquire these aggressive dyes both because the weapons enter the game, and because the Circuits and surfaces are becoming increasingly challenging. The best example is the snowy environments, in which we will have to be much more careful when measuring skids and accelerations.

Perfect layout

Not all is good news, unfortunately, since Mantis Burn Racing sins too much of trying to repeat and repeat many of its tracks, which are quite scarce, with only twelve circuits available. This is how they try to stretch the first seasons, which makes the progression tedious and having the feeling of having spent too much time running on the same circuits (although they are not the same tests). Of course, to try to add more variety we have the option to customize our vehicle and even in some moments choose which one we think is right for each track.

The vehicles will be improved as we find spare parts and upgrade. In the beginning, we will have a few three slots to add improvements to the power, suspension, acceleration, speed, etc. But, as we get credits and improvements, we can update them to add more slots which will also change the look of the base vehicle. Do not forget the basic aesthetic changes, such as the color of the car and the smoke that we give off when consuming a nitro.Perfect layout

The current edition of Switch may be one of the most suitable for this type of game, because although the title reaches the native 4K resolutions on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X (and computers, of course) which makes that the game looks really good, that of Nintendo SwitchIt has the portable factor, perfect for fast races from time to time in any place. On the TV it looks at a correct 1080p resolution, with quite attractive and well-constructed scenarios, although without fanfare and with music, yes, quite repetitive from which we can finish very tired if we play often. On the console screen, however, the lower resolution can be noticed, giving the game a somewhat blurry look. But not having so much detail on the screen we think it is one of the best ways to play since the concept of the game adapts perfectly to the portable format.

We do not forget them either of the multiplayer modes that are very present here. To the Career mode, a Local mode is added, which we can play alone or accompanied by another player (each with a Joy-Con) as well as online races against other players, being able to choose the vehicle that we have customized throughout the seasons. of the career mode. This will be where we can really test our skills at the wheel and when plotting each of the curves millimeter-fine. Definitely, the Top-down racers are a complete trial and error of each of the circuits to achieve the best times and in this mode, we can put ourselves to the test with the rest of the world as well as our friends.

With Mantis Burn Racing we knew exactly what we were coming from and what we could expect from him. It is a good example of this particular genre that if you do not know, we invite you to try it. It would not have been more to have included enough more circuits to make your campaign more varied since in some moments it can be too tedious to repeat and repeat many of the same circuits that you have already gone through. It is good that they have included, to try to give a bit more variety, a series of challenges to be met that offer money in each of the tests, but although the game already has a fairly tight price, we could have extracted more juice from the three types of available environments and also to that final battle mode, in which weapons come into play and that completely changes the rules.

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Mantis Burn Racing is a Top-down racer quite recommended if you want to know this peculiar genre at present. It has enough options to have a good time and in the Nintendo switch version, it fits perfectly with the portable spirit of the console to take a few quick games from time to time. Playing more continuously, they miss more clues and environments as well as having more squeezing the final battle mode. In short, a highly recommended title for a scarce genre and deserves more recognition.

  • A spiritual heir of this genre as fun as it is endearing.
  • Well-constructed scenarios and a career mode in constant evolution.
  • Good control and learning curve with each vehicle.
  • Scarce a variety of environments and circuits.
  • Slow start The career mode repeats many tests to stretch the experience.
  • Some game cameras are not very successful.

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