Analysis of Mario Kart Tour, a mobile game at the height of the saga?

Mario Kart Tour
Written by Kamran Haider

It has become one of the most anticipated video games, mainly by knowing how Nintendo would adapt the classic gameplay of the Mario Kart saga to mobile devices. The result is already here, and although it has not been in the first position, it may have a great race ahead. We tell you in our analysis of Mario Kart Tour.

The first time I tried Mario Kart Tour I was somewhat disappointed. His control threw me back. The decision to use finger drag to the left or right to maneuver didn’t convince me. Little intuitive and imprecise: that’s what I thought. Even now, with a lot of racing behind me, I still believe that driving is not his forte, when Mario Kart has always been an imperative in the saga … although the truth is that something curious happened to me. After several hours of practice, my perception was changing for the better. Then I thought that maybe the problem was not so much about the game, being judging it as if it were a console title.

In a sense, I think that is the key. I went to MK Tour with the mentality that I had to offer the same experience that I had enjoyed so far in the Mario Kart saga, but after adapting to the situation, I began to enjoy the game, because the new Nintendo for mobile devices is not going so much about winning races (which too), but about making points. Here the really important thing is to direct your pilot towards the coins, the jumps, and the rebuffs to make spectacular scoring combos while maintaining the keys of this mythical series of driving karts (such as the use of objects in the race).

If you are one of those who left him at first, give him another chance. I went from frustration to being hooked. Right now I am waiting for new evidence to open in a title that is not perfect, much less, but I think it is worth it. In addition, and to improve things, its free-to-play model does not seem intrusive. Despite the optional subscription it incorporates, I have not felt the need to pay a single euro. I think that speaks quite well of a game with its flaws, but that is not bad. It has a high number of downloads and in terms of user feedback, it is complying. In fact, I think it is one of the best mobile bets that Nintendo has launched to date.

Mario  Kart 8 for mobile? No, Mario Kart Tour

Perhaps a fairly basic but clear definition of Mario Kart Tour is to understand it as a kind of mobile adaptation of the possibilities of Mario Kart 8. Although both playable and technical distances are numerous and important, it is undoubtedly the reference game. I no longer say it only for the pilots and scenarios present, but for the audiovisual finish, with graphics, music and sound effects that have been directly brought from the latest kart video game for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

I am quite clear about what has been done: take advantage of pre-existing material, both in terms of designs and mechanics. We have many paths back, such as Mario Circuit, Cheep Cheep Cape, Dino Dino Jungle, Toad Circuit, Yoshi Circuit, Daisy Hills, Koopa Beach, Shy Guy Bazaar, Bowser Castle … that join new additions such as the New-based tour York The greatest novelty in terms of scenarios is precisely in the latter: in the incorporation of real locations, which by the way give meaning to the nickname of Tour (trip) that the videogame receives. At the moment there are 20 drivers and 19 vehicles, figures that are expected to expand over the months.

This is the beginning, a very promising one … but let me explain why this is not a Mario Kart to use . To start, our goal changes a lot. The video game is also divided by cups, but it is not as important to reach the first goal as to get the five stars available on each track. How to do it? Fulfilling points requirements, which depend on the position in which we finish, but also on whether we chain actions such as mini-turbos, jumps, coin collection, refuges or use of items in the style of accelerators or shells.

The control is not as tight as it should.Mario

The logic of Mario Kart Tour is that you are always doing something, an aspect that I already highlighted in the analysis of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch. It looks a lot like that. Maintains philosophy … and I say more: it can become a real madness! Above is not easy, except when you are running in the 150cc category, without much time to react. Therefore, it can become quite demanding, passing them the rules to unlock the next cup, because here everything is unlocked by collecting stars, something also very Super Mario.

Getting stars is, of course, unquestionable mechanics to unlock cups, as well as various prizes in the form of new pilots, vehicles and delta wings. In fact, these last three elements are what make up our base score, with which we start before the traffic light turns green. So not everything depends on our ability, but to play, play and play to get the best runners, cars, and pieces. Not to mention that we can make these elements improve their initial points.

The races are important, of course, but there is a lot to do on Mario Kart Tour when we are not burning tires. We can invest the coins earned in a store with new daily items. There are a number of challenges that are being updated. Every week there is a pipe event to get special characters and vehicles. We can also add friends to compare scores, apart from that soon we will have a multiplayer available that we will see how it works …

In particular, there is something I especially liked. Within each cup, there are always three races and a special event, which consists of a variety of proposals. It could be a tour in which to dodge the crabs that get in our way, knock down a certain number of goombas with bomb items, or crush some mini-bones with the good Bowser. I have played up to a 1vs1 race in the final boss style. Honestly, these challenges are so good that I just hope they are available in the next console video game. Proposes freshness and some innovation to the original approach of the Mario Kart.

The microtransactions are not invasive, they are always presented as something optional.

To put it without many detours, the approach has kept me hooked during the days that have passed since the premiere, waiting for new events to open… since although we have the necessary stars, We cannot move forward without waiting for new events and drinks to open daily. It is a game that makes you return every day and, honestly, I think it is quite well raised. I also say it because of the fact that microtransactions are not invasive, but always present as something optional. The subscription (golden pass)of 5.49 euros per month grants golden prizes and special badges, as well as access to the discipline of 200cc. If you pay it will cost you less to move forward, but the balance reached is reasonable.

It weighs on the final result that the control is not as tight as it should, although most of the frustrations end up with practice. And if not, the game proposes some aids such as the smart steering wheel (low impact on driving) or remove the manual skid (with which you win in driving, but you lose the possibility of making mini-turbos with greater frequency and range). Options for all types of users, more experienced or more novice. It also integrates motion control, but on my mobile, the experience has been totally unsatisfactory.

The performance in a mid-low range mobile has been positive, with a stable rate of images per second – only some slight slowdown – and a simply formidable visual representation. Technically it is a well-optimized video game, with very short loading times, which is to be appreciated in a product of these characteristics. You cannot say that Mario Kart Tour is a little worked game, and most likely it will only improve as time goes by. We will see it.

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Mario Kart Tour has an inaccurate control, difficult to master, but if you manage to cope with it you will find a tremendously addictive video game, which will cost you to separate for days, weeks and maybe months. With a concept of micropayments little intrusive, the adaptation of Mario Kart of Nintendo for mobile is improved, but quite satisfactory, maintaining many of the keys of the saga while introducing new concepts that adapt to Android or iOS devices. Try it and give it a try (or two). Worth.

  • Interesting races and in some cases quite exciting
  • Progression concept based on points and stars, very addictive
  • Non-intrusive payment contents in the experience
  • Very careful visual and sound representation
  • Control costs control. It is improvable
  • At the moment few contents, although they will be arriving little by little

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