Analysis of Mario & Luigi The adventures of Bowsy. Mario & Luigi go back to Nintendo 3DS in one of their best adventures

Mario &amp Luigi
Written by Kamran Haider

Nintendo 3DS still has something to say and does it in RPG key with Mario & Luigi: Journey to the center of Bowser, one of the best titles of a couple of plumbers within the popular Alpha Dream subseries. We tell you in your analysis what this worked remake offers for those who could not prove it, or who want to revisit it.

It’s been almost 10 years since Mario and Luigi premiered: Trip to the center of Bowser and my best conclusion after replaying it is that it’s still a great videogame. The work of Alpha Dream is adapted to Nintendo 3DS, following the path of other titles of this same series, as is the case of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. The reasons are obvious since apart from supposing a brilliant RPG adventure, it is a good way to close the splendid catalog that 3DS has given us.

We are facing a remake, especially graphics, with very few changes in the playable formula, beyond including compatibility with amiibos and an accessory mode, but interesting: The adventures of Bowsy. Everything else is maintained as designed by the Alpha Dreams. That is to say, many battles in turns, a lot of conversation, puzzles and some exploration of the platform, starring Mario, Luigi … and, surprise, also Bowser.

Mario and Luigi: Trip to the center of Bowser + The adventures of Bowsy are characterized by variety and a good playable rhythm. In addition, he continues to stand out for his great charisma and great humor. But what strikes me the most, so many years later, is how well the double screen is used, introducing mechanics that flow between the upper and lower frames of the machine. That’s why it was one of the great releases of Nintendo DS, and that’s why it’s worth giving it a try. Despite arriving at the last minute, it is one of those video games that should be on your bookshelf.

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One of the sections that continue to be maintained in all its splendor is the narrative. Nice, very bearable and with some very comical dialogues that shine thanks to a very careful localization to the Castilian, of the best that Nintendo has made. All this to tell a delirious story: an epidemic (“reconditions”) is affecting the Mushroom Kingdom and, as a result of the uproar, Bowser ends up absorbing Mario, Luigi, and company to the inside of his body.

The twist that makes Mario & Luigi great: Trip to the center of Bowser, is that the brother’s plumbers should collaborate with him. How? There is grace. In the upper screen, we handle the chelonian, while in the lower we interact with the jumps of Mario and Luigi. This gives rise to very varied gameplay because while in the top everything is developed in zenithal perspective, as a traditional RPG, in the lower part we will have jumps and combats with the brother’s plumbers.

The best part is that everything is ingeniously interconnected. Is there a region that Mario and Luigi are unable to overcome? We can make Bowser swell to water to swim to the next level point. That the chelonian does not have enough strength? A rhythmic minigame will be activated in which to press B and A to the rhythm of the hammering of the heroes with a cap. So there are many situations and is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the video game directed by Hiroyuki Kubota, a veteran of the Mario & Luigi saga.Mario &amp Luigi go back to Nintendo 3DS

Except for the absence of 3D effect, the work of audiovisual remake is outstanding

But there is more, of course. Another essential pillar of the game is their turn-based combats, which have become iconic, thanks to an approach that alternates commands with pressure buttons in real time (to give more intensity to attacks or even dodge enemy attacks). The scheme is varied and addictive since each rival has its own behavior, something that we will have to learn as the hour’s pass.

Added to this, there is a simple but interesting progression system. We raise the level, but apart we can assign attributes individually. Our characters will also learn new tandem attacks, especially fun because they are mini-games that are inserted within the combat system itself. In short, Mario & Luigi: Trip to the center of Bowser is a compendium of sensations that really elaborated, always following the Nintendo philosophy: pure playability, friendliness, and fun.

It is a very nice title to play, with a variety of approaches. If you do not stop believing, there are colossal clashes, also double screen, that make us turn the console to hold it vertically. From this position, Bowser faces huge enemies, assuming the best example of the use made of the “dual screen” technology of Nintendo 3DS.

All this was in the original Nintendo DS, it is true, but do not underestimate the work of remake. Basically, the graphics section has been redone practically from scratch. The environments and characters have been redesigned, with scenes of more quality history, among many other details. The sound also changes, but to a lesser degree. Above all, there are “resamples”, because, for example, the voices of Mario and Luigi (brand Charles Martinet) are still the same, and just as charismatic.

Except for the absence of a 3D effect, the work of audiovisual remake is outstanding. It’s one of those works revitalizing classics that are worth playing … and even replay. For veterans who tried it in their day, there is great news: the game comes with Bowie’s adventures, which can also be played without going through the main campaign (it is presented as a separate mode).the strategy genre

In this modality, we face the forces of Grácovitz in the role of Bowsy, although from a very different perspective. This time, the game is passed to the strategy genre. Through several levels, which give for several additional hours of play, we face armies of enemies, selecting our own troops. The secret is that there are three types of units: artillery, aviation, and infantry, which together give rise to a triangle of power, with dependencies to the purest style Fire Emblem.

That is to say, each contest is like a small game of chess in which the important thing is to assess which units to use at each moment. It takes into account aspects such as that you gather units of the same type, and then there are captains with special actions of the type to raise morale, increase the defense or cancel a special enemy attack. In short, the approach is very entertaining and is a good element of disconnection with respect to the main adventure.

So, it goes without saying more: it is a highly recommendable video game. Returning to it has been a pleasant experience since apart from efforts to adapt it to the present, it has a new mode and what is the base game remains as robust as it was in 2009. Therefore, a powerful launch, which probably goes something unnoticed, but you should not lose sight of if you have a Nintendo 3DS.

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Mario & Luigi: Trip to the center of Bowser + The adventures of Bowsy are more than a great RPG videogame; it is a fantastic remake that also includes new content that could satisfy even those who tried the game in their day. Nintendo 3DS receives an adventure full of humor, very entertaining, with an extraordinary variety of approaches and use of the double screen as seldom had seen. A highly recommended title for any 3DS user.

  • Great work of audiovisual remake with respect to the original Nintendo DS
  • The sympathetic story, bearable and with a fantastic translation into Spanish
  • The adventure is very varied, combining exploration, combats, and puzzles
  • The integration and playable combination of the two 3DS screens is sensational
  • The new modality, Biezy Events, is quite a success
  • Good duration, with more than 20 hours of game guaranteed
  • The adventure presents some moments with less inspiration
  • Does not include 3D effect, and would have sat very well

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