Analysis of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The Avengers, X-Men and Inhumans fight for the Gems of Infinity

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Written by Kamran Haider

A casual encounter between the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Gems of the Infinite starts a new confrontation with Thanos. The minions of the Titan, the Black Order, will hunt down Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, and members of the Spiderverse to find the powerful gems. Are you going to allow it? Welcome to the analysis of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Marvel is taking its new editorial line in the territory of the game very seriously. The creative director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, already told 3DJuegos a few months ago, and products such as the PS4 Spider-Man do nothing but show their ambitious plans to repeat in the playable territory what they have already done with the Marvel’s cinematographic universe. That’s why the rescue of a franchise like Marvel Ultimate Alliance was well received by fans: the possibility of taking the series again and take advantage of the multiplayer benefits of Switch seemed to fit perfectly for all those involved in the development of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Born into the hands of Activision and Raven Software (Vicarious Visions in its sequel), the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise took everything the X-Men Legends series did well and expanded the focus away from mutants to present one of the most impressive alliances of heroes who have lived the Marvel universe. A mix of beat’em up with RPG that, in addition to allowing you to create dream teams with the main protagonists and villains of the North American comics editor, also placed your focus in a bombproof multiplayer mode in which up to four players could cooperate to end Doctor Doom’s plans in the first game and the Civil War Superhuman Record Act in the second.

What are we facing in the third episode? To the Gems of Infinity and Thanos, as the popularity of the Avengers franchise in theaters dictates, but presenting a history, alliances, and events different from those known in the movies or comics that capitalized on the future of Gems and the wishes of the titan for taking them. Has the new battle of Marvel and its characters been up to the task? The resurgence of the series has varied from the publisher, developer, and country of creation: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has been developed in Japan by Team Ninja and with the collaboration of Koei Tecmo and Nintendo. The hand of the study after Ninja Gaiden or Ni-Oh is noticeable, but not as we would like.Chaos and superheroes

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Chaos and superheroes

The beat’em up, despite appearing to be an old and obsolete type of game for contemporary users, requires an enormous mastery when it comes to creating experiences that work optimally and offer a satisfactory experience. Hence, many proposals supported more in the nostalgic than in the playable end up failing resoundingly: it is not an easy task to make a competent “me against the neighborhood”. A good title of the genre would bet more for the skill of the player than for the trope of battles decompensated against enemies with big bars of life and powerful final attacks capable of killing you with a couple of blows. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, unfortunately, is more the second than the first.

We are facing an unrecognizable Team Ninja, closer to the collaborations with his Omega Force partners in Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors than his successes with Ninja Gaiden or Ni-Oh. They bet on battles where pure anarchy reigns, the superheroic chaotic powers and the repetition of enemies in each phase, only distinguishable by their chromatic ranges and their armament. It does not help the artificial intelligence of your allies, who when they are not resuscitating the heroes they should not, roam the stage away from the main skirmish. Its developers have so little faith in allied AI that minor damage has been applied if it is controlled by the machine. The jigsaw sections do not help either, with a worthy of a 32-bit development.

We are facing an unrecognizable Team Ninja

Seen like this, it might seem that the title is doomed to disaster, but the reality is very different if we consider everything that offers the exclusive Nintendo Switch. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 may not be a great beat’em up, but it is a remarkable videogame in everything else. To the first and disappointing impressions to their commands, we must add a factor that Raven and Vicarious Visions already took advantage of in their day: the collector factor of adding new heroes to the catalog and trying them to create the definitive Marvel alliance. It also relies on a system of bonuses and affiliations that will improve its statistics if the protagonists share equipment in their comics if they are mutants, of the Spiderverse or heroines.

Despite its playable inconsistency, if there is something that I regret in the software, it is untapped that has ended up resulting in the story that counts. We live a sweet moment in Marvel in terms of plots, and that Team Ninja has not been able to take advantage of the narrative muscle that supposes to have at his disposal such a collection of heroes and villains says little of the work in the script in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. A flat story that can only be supported by light fan-service touches that will please followers, but that is far from the work done in other games based on comics such as the Arkham saga of Rocksteady or the recent Spider-Man of Insomniac.

Better accompanied

There are ten levels in which some of the most characteristic Marvel universes have been selected, so you can expect great battles against many of the main villains of each world, with a great variety of situations in which to take advantage of our allies. How could it be otherwise, the bland individual action is not comparable to the possibility of playing with three other friends in Switch: you can have some problems on camera during the games of 2 to 4 players, but nothing that prevents take advantage of one of the biggest attractions of the series from its mere creation. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 may seem like two completely different experiences If you have the right company, both outside and inside the program.

The extra missions are a great addition to the multiplayer

Beyond the campaign, which is one of the great attractions of the game, the developers have not hesitated to add a handful of thematic challenges that will force players to cooperate and play with teams different to unlock all kinds of bonuses. The extra missions are a great addition to the multiplayer, but also help to play with new heroes that could not be tested in the main adventure and is a perfect excuse to raise levels and overcome new challenges. For the third installment, it has also had the characteristic RPG elements that allow improving the protagonists, offering wide ways to improve your allies according to the needs of each battle.

Each character has four different attacks and four levels to boost. The initial characters arrive at the team with a special attack, unlocking the remaining three by adding new levels of experience. You can improve them as the game progresses, evolving its damage, energy expenditure, and duration. Experience enhancers have also been included that will help you add new levels if you find them on stage or gems that improve your stats. Finally, the rewards of each battle can be redeemed in an experience map that will help with general bonuses to the whole team. Progressing in the improvements is essential to advance the most important challenges of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Although somewhat neglected in some aesthetic and technical elements, it is appreciated to see a work that fits perfectly with the Nintendo Switch circuitry. We have a somewhat disappointing streak with titles like the recently released Bloodstained and other productions brought from Xbox One and PS4 that due to the obvious technical differences of some machines and others, are unable to live up to what is seen in Microsoft consoles and Sony. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 bet on a hybrid between comic and Japanese school finished with a cell-shading that looks great. The redesign of some superheroes and the adaptation of the new signings are in line with expectations, working and adapting to the classic protagonists of the saga.

Hybrid Gems of Infinity

Without having anything exceedingly remarkable in the sound, it has been known to find the right voices for each of the characters. Unfortunately, it feels as neglected in the effects of sound as in the repetition of colored enemies that we already discussed, so do not expect big boasting about blows, explosions, shooting and throwing objects: like many other things we have noticed throughout our games in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, they are there to fulfill the file, little else. And it’s a real shame because you can see that Koei Tecmo has a product that, with a little more care, could have been something more than a remarkable production of Marvel Games.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 camouflages its playable and narrative weaknesses, standing out as a complete cooperative videogame and very replayable exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Bases its greatest virtue in gathering new reinforcements for the cause and create your dream Marvel teams, but it is inevitable to think that with the amount of equipment and characters that have come together in the game could have been betting on something more ambitious.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a beat’em up committed to the content offered but not very inspired by the playable. More than 30 heroes with which to create your own Marvel team and cooperate with up to three friends. Beyond its history, with ten episodes focused on the search for Gems of Infinity, it offers a series of thematic challenges that will allow you to enjoy your multiplayer on several levels, expanding its replay value enormously. A more competent AI would be appreciated for the great challenges proposed by its imposing final bosses. Despite his good decisions in the visual and sound, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is content to continue in the wake of his two previous deliveries. He succeeds, but it is inevitable to think that he could have aspired to much more.

  • A selection of enviable selectable heroes, Avengers, unite!
  • Reusable and with numerous challenges in the campaign and extra missions
  • Able to offer some interesting surprise in his battles against final bosses
  • Much better with three other friends. Your cooperative is very competent
  • Seams are seen when playing alone. Risk little
  • Clumsy decisions in the playable mixed with puzzles worthy of the 32 bits
  • He is not able to take advantage of Marvel heroes and villains to create a good story

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