Analysis of Mega Man 11 and how the blue bomber resists the passage of time

Written by Kamran Haider

Megaman’s thing is worth studying. It is a historical license, based not on revolutionizing each delivery, but on staying as it is … because that is where it triumphs. Megaman 11 shows us with a title that is a celebration of its classicism as a way of survival, 30 years with jumps and unmistakable shots.

It must be recognized that it has merit. Megaman celebrates 30 years … and does so by remaining absolutely faithful to the playable bases that premiered in 1987. The formula platform, based on defeating 8 robots to then face the evil Dr. Wily in a two-dimensional frame is still present in Megaman 11. And far from looking like an incredible anachronism, we understand it as something logical in a saga that has proven not to work in any other way.

There are licenses that were born to revolutionize with each delivery. The one known in Japan as Rockman does not care at all to belong to another club: the addition and follow. The new blue bomber game is born in this context, constituting a magnificent celebration of the original keys. It contains numerous links to the past, from the side scroll to the reappearance of enemies, through the copy of the skills of the bosses that we are defeating … or even the return of Rush, our inseparable robotic dog.

But he also has a bet for the present, with the presentation of several levels of difficulty, the ability to slow down time and the option of obtaining improvements that help to avoid the infernal difficulty that has always characterized this series. The great ability that Capcom demonstrates to give each type of player what he wants (great challenges for veterans and satisfying challenges for novices), is what defines a video game that does not run away from its conservatism but does not rule out reaching new horizons. Not through innovation in mechanics, but trying to reach more people. And that, speaking of Megaman, is quite an achievement.

The classicism as a way of survivalMegaman has always rested on a simple but effective narrative idea: good scientist (Dr. Light) fights against the bad doctor (Dr. Wily). In between, Megaman, a bionic being in charge of ending the chaos that arises from such confrontation. There is no difference in Mega Man 11, except for the fact that we are shown the origin of such a dispute, and that it is related to the Double Mega, a device that manages to put the circuits of the robot on which it is equipped to the bomber

Megaman 11 is a magnificent celebration of the original keys of the blue bomber saga

Precisely this device is the one that explains the great novelty of this delivery: the possibility of slowing down the time or boost the ability to fire temporarily. In particular, the ability to slow down allows a magnificent level design, with very clever parts, ranging from avoiding a curtain of fire reach us to allow us to hit for more seconds the weak point that has been exposed by an enemy. There are sections of platformer and bosses that are almost impossible to overcome without using this technique, fun to use and essential to understanding what is the contribution made by this Megaman to the franchise.passage of time

This layer is placed on the classic game structure. This is the selection screen of 8 levels, each corresponding to a scenario with a characteristic chief robot. The resulting powers correspond to the wind, electricity, fire … and depending on the order that we establish, our next step will be more or less bearable. The strategy, in this sense, is still very present. But especially the ability. We find ourselves facing a very challenging title, especially in superhero mode, the greatest of the four degrees of challenge available.

However, it is always a fair challenge with the user, thanks to extraordinary response to the controls, one hundred percent reliable. In addition, we believe that Capcom has been fully successful in allowing us to choose the difficulty, and in addition to incorporate a series of optional aids. By collecting screws in the sets, we can buy lives, energy containers, a heat sink that improves the recovery time of the Double Mega technique, and so on. All this establishes different layers of difficulty that adapt to many types of users. It makes the game more affordable, but if you do not want to, you do not have to use them.

Complete all the scenarios take around 3-4 hours, full of many situations and a great quality platformer and action. However, the game does not end there. Apart from being able to complete it at a higher difficulty level, you can access a series of additional modalities. Overcome the levels in the shortest time. Reach the final boss by jumping or attacking as little as possible. Collect a series of scattered medals for each scenario. There are more elaborate tests than others, but if you like to measure yourself with other users, the existence of online bookmarks ensures replay for a while.

In short, considering all its ingredients, Megaman 11 is a video game quite complete if we compare it with other deliveries. It is also one of the most cared for. As you will have verified through the images, the artistic section has been modified significantly, and this is because Yuji Ishihara is in charge of the designs. He worked in Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Legends, who bet on a more colorful, youthful and, mainly, manganime look.

To highlight the designs of the sets, but also the enemies, with very detailed animations, probably the best of the entire series. In particular, the final bosses shine, when they make a multitude of visual effects and explosions, generating very satisfactory visual situations. This, together with an exquisite fluidity at 60 frames per second, ends with the erection of a 2.5D video game in which everything is actually modeled in a three-dimensional way, albeit embedded in a two-dimensional game style. A delightMarika Suzuki

According to the color tone of the game is the soundtrack of Marika Suzuki, a composer not very well known in the Megaman saga (she worked on Megaman Star Force), but who has shown a good variety of themes for the scores. They are far from being memorable, as it happened in other deliveries, but it is a good job. As for the sound effects, they are unmistakable, and they return in all their splendor for the pleasure of the nostalgic. By the way, voices in English and Japanese, with subtitles in Spanish.

The artistic section bets for a more colorful, youthful and, mainly, manganime look.

Therefore, the biggest conclusion is that Megaman 11 is far from revolutionizing, but proposes some interesting aspects to the traditional formula. One is the Mega Double ability, which provides an injection of novelty. The other is accessibility, not understanding it in the sense of making things simpler (veterans have their challenge), but in opening the door to more players. The balance reached can mean a way to keep alive a legendary franchise and, who knows, contribute to keeping us a few more decades.

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Megaman 11 returns right to the place where the license feels most comfortable: 2D playable spirit platforms, with all their conventions. The formula adds an interesting feature that renews the gameplay (Double Mega) and accessibility that allows veterans to enjoy the challenge of always but also opens the door to new players. From the combination of all these ingredients is a title with a classic flavor, but adapted to the present, with a reinvented audiovisual presentation that will delight lovers of the blue bomber … and with a bit of luck to those who still are not.

  • A great Megaman game that follows the tradition of the series to 100%.
  • The double mega technique brings a lot of freshness to the saga.
  • The great difficulty for veterans, with very inventive heads.
  • Accessibility. New players will find their place.
  • Very careful on a graphic and artistic level.
  • I could have bet on more news.
  • The duration of the campaign becomes scarce.

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