Analysis of Melbits World, cooperation from the mobile and the creatures of PS4

Written by Kamran Haider

The winner of the latest edition of the PlayStation Awards comes to PS4 from the Spanish studio Melbot. A title that belongs to the line of family games PlayLink and that can accommodate four simultaneous players. Analysis of Melbits World.

Sony continues to bet heavily on the range of PlayLink titles, that is, games of a familiar and quite casual nature that have as a common denominator the fact of being able to be controlled by mobile devices (both iOS and Android) instead of with the traditional control command. Not in vain have just landed several hit games belonging to this new Brand of PS4, being Melbits World one of them.

Developed by the Spanish studio Melbot, this production was the winner of the PlayStation Awards last year among all the works presented under the umbrella of PlayStation Talents, the program funded by Sony Spain that supports the video game industry in our country. A title that it is necessary to make very clear from the beginning that is designed for children, something that is evident in a very evident both in its playable facet and in everything related to its staging.

The great protagonists of this title are creatures called Melbits, which are supposed to live inside any online system in the universe (and that includes our PS4) and are responsible for carrying out a very specific mission: combat digital viruses that invade the internet. A curious argument that leads to a very simple title in every way

Melbits, cooperation from the mobile

Throughout five worlds that host 36 different levels, we must try to help the aforementioned Melbits to avoid being hit by the enemies that swarm through the funds, rescue other comrades who are trapped in certain areas of the funds and reach the output of each level. An approach that mixes the platform with the puzzles and that can accommodate four simultaneous players in a cooperative plan, this being its greatest virtue.

The characters move automatically and we have to take care of keeping them alive. And how? Well, by conveniently operating a series of mechanisms (mobile platforms, propellers, etc.) that are in the funds. And the way to do it is through the touch screen of our phones, being necessary to download the corresponding application from iTunes or Google Play.

As I have mentioned before, the more players that come into play, the more necessary the collaboration between them and the more entertainment the title offers itself. In this way, it is crucial to avoid losing more Melbits of the account to coordinate our movements with those of our colleagues. A task that can lead to a lot of laughter. In my opinion, the fun that Melbits World throws is directly related to the number of users who share the and the creatures of PS4

The characters move automatically and we have to take care of keeping them alive

What else hides this title? Well, the truth is that … not too much. The customization of the Melbits (there are many different) adds some extra grace, being able to dress our creatures with all kinds of accessories such as hats, hats, sunglasses, headphones, etc. We can also take pictures of our face (or what we really want) to create a personalized avatar (and it’s supposed to be funnier than usual). And, as I said, little else is necessary to scratch shortMelbits World offers simplicity and family fun to a very specific type of audience. It is a work focused on the little ones or, also, parents (or brothers, etc.) who want to spend some time (three or four hours) entertained with their children playing at the console. No more no less. The rest of the users will find it too “tender” and easy, something logical on the other hand.

To finish and as you have imagined, technically Melbits World is very simple, highlighting only the animations and the designs of the characters as well as the great color that shows in general.

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PS4 receives with Melbits World another game of air marked infant belonging to the group of titles PlayLink whose greater virtue resides in its way for up to four simultaneous users in the cooperative plan. Puzzles and jigsaw puzzles that can be enjoyed on television using tablets or mobile phones to spend a couple of evenings entertaining and in the company of adorable creatures.

  • The cooperative mode for four players is its greatest virtue
  • Cheerful and colorful staging
  • To be able to personalize the different Melbits
  • Too basic for any user apart from the smallest
  • On certain occasions the control is somewhat imprecise

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