Analysis of Milkmaid of the Milky Way. Taller than the Nordic fjords

Milkmaid of the Milky Way
Written by Kamran Haider

Ruth is a milkmaid who lives alone in the Norwegian fjords, makes cheese and butter, takes care of her cows until she faces the impossible. A tale in verse with a lot of charm and for all ages.

At this point in the History of the video game, it is difficult to find examples of small works, which remain simple in their concepts and aspirations, sometimes with the sole intention of returning to the roots, like a choked cry that wants to warn us that not everything should always be complex, deep and detailed and that in that simplicity there can also be beauty. Usually, they are games that hide novel mechanics. That “gimmick” as he is called on which he bases his existence.

You won’t find any of that in Milkmaid and the Milky Way. Within the graphic adventures, it is not a step forward or a twist to the genre that has prioritized the original and novel over the technique. The game of the Norwegian artist Mattis Folkestad is no more than a small table full of charm with a love story for nature, animals, simple life and human values.

Perhaps, his greatest claim is to have all the text and dialogues written in verse, with some moments more successful than others, but that gives him that fairytale halo that he needs to stay fluid and beautiful. Because that is the key to Milkmaid of the Milky Way, to maintain that fluidity that takes us in the story without even a huge difficulty in the puzzles, where except for a couple of troubling occasions, we will find the solution quickly.

The calm and the storm

Classic puzzles combining mostly objects that will grow in difficulty, especially when we move on to the second part of the adventure. Milkmaid of the Milky Way puts us on the stage of the 20s in the Norwegian fjords, with Ruth as the protagonist, a young woman who after the death of her parents inherits the family business of making cheese and butter, but times are changing and the Business is getting harder, and the distances of the high fjords with the villages too long. And when the tone of the game is placed, the unimaginable happens and that is where the most magical part of it begins.

As we say, do not expect a current story, whose complexity keeps us at all times in suspense. His character as a folkloric story or legend seems to want to mix Nordic stories more as if he were a poem with an extraordinary event that would once have been a feat of the gods.

So, if it is such a simple adventure, with few pretensions, without any revolutionary mechanics, and with history without many complications, what exactly does Milkmaid of the Milky Way offers? Possibly, and as we said at the beginning of the article, that desire for simplicity, to keep things simple in a complicated era. Or you may simply offer a story that you might well share playing with your son or daughter as if it were a classic fable more in an interactive format.Milkmaid of the Milky Way calm and the storm

His greatest claim is to have all the text and dialogues written in verse.

In any case, it is an adventure that does not leave you indifferent. Any graphic adventure player, especially classic, will be attracted by his pixelated aesthetic of pastel tones that express a lot without reloading the landscape. It also accompanies music that takes on an extreme prominence at all times, thanks to such suggestive tunings as full of mysticism and serenity, such that you can listen perfectly beyond the adventure itself.

And if its simplicity seems to you even too much for your hours of entertainment sitting in front of the computer, you can book it and enjoy it in its mobile version, cheaper even, available at the moment for iOS devices, where perhaps that calm and wonder can be appreciated better than It detaches its world and its history.

It is difficult to adapt to the style of Milkmaid of the Milky Way, as it might cost to abandon the complex city life to return to the rural tradition, but once you enter and since its duration is quite short, this little adventure becomes very bearable and entertaining. You could have taken care of more aspects of the relationship with the characters and some of the second part of the adventure that made it more plausible, as well as a more solid moral and a more direct message for its talents, but it cannot be denied that It gives off some pieces of magic that we don’t usually get used to in video games.

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Milkmaid of the Milky Way does not hide at any time its simplicity or its non-revolutionary character, but uses it as a resource to tell its story and fill each of its scenarios and situations with charm. Difficult to attract the eyes in times so fast and sophisticated, but as necessary as the most basic fairy tale.

  • Simple and lovely. Like a fairy tale with a touch of modernity
  • The music is captivating, calm and mystical in equal parts
  • It can be too easy for many adventurers
  • It is short and with little innovative mechanics

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