Analysis of Moons of Madness, Lovecraft’s terror taken to the red planet

Moons of Madness
Written by Kamran Haider

Coping with the cosmic horrors of Lovecraft on a space base on Mars may sound weird, but as you will see in the Moons of Madness analysis, this horror adventure makes the mix work thanks to its gloomy setting and the interesting story.

Running to the desperate fleeing from a grotesque creature has made me scream in pure terror in games like the classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent , and although some of this you can expect in Moons of Madness, the limited action ends up taking its toll on the worst possible way: it is a horror game that does not end to be scary . There are great moments that will make you jump, that will put your heart to a thousand per hour!, But they are the least in a narrative adventure that although it includes several challenges in the form of puzzles and stealth, it is an extremely linear one. There is only one possible way; No shortcuts, no hiding places or anything at all. And as a result, although you can die, very soon you lose your fear of the monsters that lurk on the planet Mars.

It’s a shame to see the great work done by Rock Pocket Games when it comes to moving the cosmic horrors of Lovecraft to a science fiction setting. It may sound crazy but the result is more than good, with a story that does not leave any of the keys by which the author of Providence was known. You will face nightmare monsters face to face, yes, but at times you will question your own sanity. Something that seems great to me. Are they real or a nightmare product? The usual descent into madness on the stories of the author after The Call of Cthulhu works effectively in this video game that treasures a good narrative pulse, which encourages to continue until the end of an adventure that you can complete around six hours. Ready to face death on the red planet?

The dreamers … who kill

If I like something about Moons of Madness, it is how good the action takes from one place to another while, exhausted, you enter a dark nightmare world that has little or nothing to do with those immaculate scenarios with which the adventure begins. The fall to the hell of our protagonist is posed as a most attractive psychological horror story, which is capable of disturbing the soul with hidden messages and cinematic scenes that correctly describe the insane madness of those who succumbed to the ancient gods. It is not an original story, you almost see all its plot twists coming, but you can enjoy the adventures on the surface of Mars, which proves to be an ideal setting for a story of the great Lovecraft.

The good thing about Moons of Madness is that it always looks for a way to surprise, either with very different scenarios or with different challenges in the form of puzzles that are really good. We have to explore them in search of key objects that allow us to move forward, such as a special access card, but without a doubt, the best is directly related to technology and the use of computers. You will have to investigate for clues and data, but also redirect electricity, move giant solar panels to get extra energy, or even create chemical formulas to combat the threat that hangs over you.dreamers

The limited action ends up taking its toll

With a great atmosphere and a solid plot base, Moons of Madness also includes action scenes and even some stealth but as I said, it is a game so linear that you do not finish enjoying this kind of challenge. Going from one place to another without the option of getting out of the established path, without the possibility of finding a new escape route, excessively limits the action of the video game and, with it, its capacity to generate fear. Yes, you can die, but in general, you just have to run without looking back to escape any monster that goes after you. And even when they demand stealth, in a very short section of the game, you can use this same tactic to successfully overcome and without too much trouble any challenge that gets in your way.

The best horror games make you go wherever you go, you feel uncomfortable, that the fear of dying is a constant !, and unfortunately Moons of Madness does not succeed. This does not mean that exploring Mars is a walk. The staging is commendable with scenes so twisted and dark that it costs not to look around, in your own home, it is not going to be that the monsters are close. That is why it is a shame that the Rock Pocket Games and Funcom game does not fully exploit its great virtues. The story is followed with interest and includes a couple of moments that are pure Lovecraft; an author who has been able to read perfectly to build a horror and science fiction story in Spanish that is worth playing.

Set in the same universe as the remarkable The Secret World , although it is not necessary to have played this MMORPG to understand history, this is not a game that will mark your life, nor will it go down in history as one of the greats of gender, but if you are a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos, you will undoubtedly know how to find enough incentives in it to get caught.

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With a great atmosphere and a story that follows with interest, Moons of Madness is a good horror game that successfully combines the cosmic horrors of Lovecraft with a science fiction theme. There are puzzles, some action, and even stealth, but the game feels too limited in the options it puts on the table, which ultimately ends up reducing its ability to generate fear. However, that won’t save you from hitting a couple of good scares.

  • A great setting with an important variety of scenarios
  • How well it combines the cosmic horrors of Lovecraft and science fiction
  • Some puzzles are very well raised
  • It is too linear and somewhat limited in action.
  • Lose the ability to generate terror too quickly, although it will still give you scares
  • The story is followed with interest although it is not very original

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