Analysis of Mordhau, the medieval battles that have conquered Steam

Written by Kamran Haider

You do not understand Mordhau until you see yourself stopping blows of a rival who seems to resist dying under your wing. A mistake opens your defense and you get your head sliced. His head falls down the slope and you finally understand why he has captivated thousands of players on Steam. Is it something more than good control and violence? We tell you in the analysis of Mordhau.

Despite the countless attempts to bring sword fighting to the first person, I always thought it was difficult to find a system that was optimal enough to be fun, versatile and capable of offering combats with different weapons at the same time. After a few hours fighting the steel of the rivals, I can tell you that with Mordhau we may be facing the aspirant we all expected. And no, it’s not that Chivalry or War of the Roses (of which, by the way, he drinks a lot) are not worthy attempts to make real the fantasy of bringing sword fighting to the first-person perspective; Mordhau is able to take everything the named ones did well and update it.

Mordhau comes to succeed on Kickstarter and break the barrier of half a million copies of Steam. However, it may be a video game that can not hide its humble origins as you would like. And when you’re going around all your faults, all of a sudden, you’re on a bridge waiting for the other team’s guy to cross to face you in a narrow battle in the heights while 30 other unfortunates bleed to death in the pit. The stops are satisfactory, as well as the feints and the impact of our weapon on your shield, but there is nothing like the feeling of decapitating your enemy. Nothing. A mortal blow that allows you to see your rival’s head rolling downhill while his body bleeds to you. You do not have time to celebrate anything: a scorpion arrow (more useful than the views in Game of Thrones recently) arrives from a distance and installs in your chest. Dead,

Peasant or gentleman?

In Mordhau has been successful with everything in control. Beyond how easy it is to understand and implement its refined mechanics within minutes of its start, its developers have come up with the key to creating a deep and optimal system. The direction of the blow is executed with a light touch to the mouse, the feint with the Q and the parrys with the right button. There are other movements that will make a difference in combat, but you can go deeper into them after learning the basics of the game and enjoying the duels against rivals. Naturally, weapons influence the control of each action, so you should try all you can to find an option that suits your abilities. engineer will be able to change the fate of the battle.

Its developers have come up with the key to create a deep and optimal control system

You can choose the different characters you have at your disposal, although it is preferable that you end up building your own avatar through the rewards you get in each game. Your protagonist will use clothes and weapons that you choose, but you will have to be patient to have an adequate team capable of overcoming the options offered by Mordhau himself in online games. My recommendation is that you do not have any hurry: try everything you can and then go on to buy the best equipment you can afford for war. Naturally, every decision matters when building your team, and if you are an archer or crossbowman, you will prefer to have little weight to be agile on stage and contribute your damage from a distance without having to rely on large armor; If you are going to go body to body, protect yourself, but do not go overboard.

Speaking of long-range weapons, good decisions have also been made with bows and crossbows. Mastering them will be difficult, but getting them will make you one of the keys to your team during the battle. The same can be said of the engineers, who contribute impressive ingenuities such as catapults that can turn the battle around with a bit of cunning, good aim … and control of Angry Birds. You will have to be careful, of course, with friendly fire, which will cost you some annoyance if you are not careful with your shots. Be careful not to stay unarmed or lose a member during the fight! It is a certain death.battle of territories

Steel, wood, and blood

the main mode faces two huge armies in a battle of territories. Beyond creating an optimal number of maps, Mordhau has been able to create situations in each of its scenarios, with locations covered by constructions that help submerge the player in the medieval contest that he intends. You have to master the map areas, and for this, you have to perform certain actions to get through the conflict, such as mastering play areas or moving a battering ram. The moments of chaos are as satisfying as one against one. The variety of weapons and situations does nothing but help create great situations.

I can not say the same about Mordhau’s Battle Royale mode. 64 players, a deadly fog that shrinks the battlefield and a victor, the usual in the genre, looking for loot and trying to arm yourself to get the last one standing. If Mordhau’s survival mode works, it’s not because of its mechanics, it’s because of the rules and circumstances of battle royale, which does not say anything good about the modality. It seems something that has gotten as a claim or extra baratillo but had no intention of being when they began to think about the completion of the project. Time will tell if it can be improved and create battle royale content for the software, but for now, I find it to be pure and boring stuffing.

The Horde mode, but all you can expect classic, is another story. Team up with your teammates and get ready to receive waves and waves of enemies willing to hunt you down and slow down your progress. As we surpass levels we receive gold with which to buy new weapons and equipment, which will help users to overcome the highest challenges. The normal of a Horde mode, in short. However, and contrary to the battle royale mode, the horde does work in Mordhau, being satisfactory and functional despite the recycling of existing maps in the game. It could also improve over time, but it is already satisfactory enough to want to take hours to see where your limit is.epic battle

An epic battle … although short

It is a game that will continue to grow and improve

the performance Nordhaus is beyond doubt, giving a versatile configuration that gives access to the game modest based sacrificing visual (elements equipment requirements Fordham ), but that does not mean it neglected that see Mordhau in some sections. It does not have characters according to current standards, and all the good decisions taken in stage design are not represented in the artistic map. It could have been better? Without a doubt: with the aim of opening the fan to the greatest number of users or because of the humility of the project, the epic of the Middle Ages has been sacrificed for a more austere setting.

The same thing happens to sound, in which it goes with the basics to work, giving in some cases a dose of involuntary humor to its bloody action. I do not doubt that these are elements that will improve over time, but it is impossible to think that we are facing a disappointing result in those sections. The good feelings at Nordhaus’s controls are affected by how careless it seems, not only insight and hearing the proposal, but also in what it offers in its early stages. In spite of everything, it is impossible to deny him his kindness.

What is important about Mordhau, beyond the qualification that the game can receive in May 2019, is that it is a product that is condemned to continue growing and improving based on the promising bases shown today. To the weapons!

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Neglected in the technical and sound, but delicious in the playable. In Mordhau you feel the clash of swords and the tension of a one on one confrontation like no other game of the genre has achieved. Something short in terms of modes and with a battle royale that seems like pure filler, but with the foundations to evolve into a memorable production that could become a PC essential with time and new content.

  • The optimal battle system, one of the best in the genre
  • Weapons feel violent and heavy during fights
  • Varied arsenal, with different options for a long and short distance
  • Exceptional foundations: will continue to evolve
  • Neglected in the visual. I could have given more than yes
  • In sound it happens as in the graphic: it needs to improve and have a greater variety
  • The Battle Royale mode is stuck with a shoehorn. It must improve
  • It may seem somewhat short of content, but it will continue to grow

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