Analysis of Mothergunship, old-school action, weapons and extraterrestrials

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Explosive action in the style of Quake, Doom and many other classic shooters; frenzied old-school shootouts, seasoned with a hint of roguelike … and lots of creativity! Because in this brutal shooting game you can freely design your own firearms. In the analysis of Mothergunship, you will see that it is the most fun experience.

Imagine turning a lifelong shotgun into a weapon capable of firing explosive ammunition next to incandescent lava mines, or else a rocket launcher with a touch-up here and there not only increases the damage but also adds some electricity and color, a lot colorful, thanks to endless fireworks that will vomit constantly with each burst that we download on the dozens of enemies that will come our way. Do you like the idea? Well, this is basically what Mothergunshipoffers, a crazy action video game in the first person that by the freneticism of their shootings, by the intensity of their combats and delirious rhythm of the action inescapably reminds the great shooters of the past; Doom, Quake and so many other old-school classics. The good news is that this Terrible Posture Games work is not satisfied with just that; it is not worth to repeat the formula of others and that’s it.

The great attraction of this video game that raises its action as if it were a roguelike adventure is that it gives freedom for you to design your own weapons. There is everything! Laser beams, energy balls, machine guns, power saws, electric shocks, lava jets, assault rifles … and to all this you can add additional effects such as rebound of bullets, explosive charges, or a higher rate of critical hits, more speed of the shot and a long etcetera. The idea is great because game after game you will see yourself experimenting with new types of weapons, with crazy tools of death and destruction that will force you to adopt different combat strategies in a video game that does not give a second of respite; that does not cease to overwhelm with dozens of enemies that will attack from all fronts with fast melee movements, but also with shots, missiles and everything they have in their hands!

Robotic massacre

The excuse to unleash this frenzy is the most typical of all. Robotic-looking aliens have invaded Earth. It is done! You do not need to know much more to understand that your only goal in Mothergunship is to enter each and every one of your spaceships … and make them explode into a thousand pieces! One after the other, mission after mission, you will see yourself fighting dozens of robots until you reach the core of your space vehicles, a big red button that will make you jump through the air. Simple as that, yes, but also effective. With the style of dungeon games, in this frenetic shooter, each scenario is generated randomly modifying the distribution of the rooms in which we will fight and, of course, also the type of enemies that we will find in them. This helps create a sense of surprise every time you enter the enemy territory, you never know what to expect! but in general, the video game lacks something more variety and quality in the design of their scenarios.

In the end, they are all very similar. Some will stand out for their verticality, or for having traps in the form of cannons and dangerous blades, or for having multiple exits or even spaces with little room to move; but in general its design is pretty squared so, after the initial compasses of the game, you will feel that Mothergunship has little more to offer in this regard. It is a pity. The combats they is fantastic; thanks to the thrilling rhythm of the action of this shooting title you will enjoy the beautiful crushing dozens of enemies while jumping from here to there; while you shoot, dodge and run from one place to another with those sensations so typical of old-school classics. It is the best of a title that also allows you to do crazy things with the many arsenals of firearms that you put at your disposal. There are certain limits.Robotic massacre

One of its great attractions is to design your own weapons

Given the reduced space of the rocket that transports you to the alien ships, at the start of each mission you must choose between a few weapons and improvements, whatever you want from your inventory! expand the arsenalin the stores that you will find scattered in enemy spacecraft. For this, you will have to get coins, which in a certain way contributes some strategy to the frantic action of Mothergunship since it is important to know how to choose to be prepared before the dangers that await. You are free to design the weapons as you wish; to use a module to place a shotgun, flamethrower and laser beams in the same arm, so no one will escape! but it will do so at the cost of consuming too much energy, which will limit the rate of fire. I love it that way; I like that the game bets for that tactical approach within the frenetism that prevails in its combats. So much so that we can frame it in the bullet hell genre, those games that force you to escape a storm of shots that seem to occupy the entire screen. Especially when you measure your strength against the bosses.

Too bad that these battles, even being spectacular, do not present great differences with respect to the basic battles of Mothergunship. Without a doubt it is the biggest problem of the title; the lack of variety. It lacks a better design of more disparate levels and challenges. Yes, there are additional challenges such as not receiving damage during a certain time, or rooms with random traps that force you to modify the way you proceed, but in general this crazy shooting game shows all your weapons shortly after starting the game, and is a shame Also, with a funny story but nothing original that has been translated into Spanish, the outcome arrives abruptly, almost leaving you with the feeling that it has finished in a hurry, without there being much else to do for the moment. Its authors promise to expand the action of Mothergunship with new content and, already in August, a free update is expected that integrates a cooperative multiplayer that will surely feel great.

In the aesthetic Mothergunship presents a good overall finish although, artistically speaking, it is a somewhat generic videogame. The design of the enemies and the colors of the ships in which we fight are all right, but at this point, there is also a lack of variety and personality. The intensity of the combats and the special effects of the weapons contribute to creating a visual spectacle that manages to catch, and that surprises by the fluidity with which it shows all these shootings.

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With that sugar spirit of the great classics of the action in the first person, Mothergunship is a frantic video game of shots with which it is difficult not to have a good time. The intensity of their fighting always encourages them to want to play another game, and the possibility of designing your weapons contributes to making the experience even more fun. Its big problem is that, in the short term, it becomes somewhat repetitive; It lacks variety in the design of its scenarios and equally, a greater variety of enemies to confront.

  • Old school action. Their combats are fun and spectacular
  • Successfully combines shootings with roguelike and bullet hell mechanics
  • The possibility of designing your own weapons. You can create everything!
  • It is missing a greater variety in its action. It becomes repetitive
  • It lacks the personality to the design of its randomly generated levels
  • You have to wait a few weeks to enjoy your cooperative multiplayer


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