Analysis of MotoGP 19, the world’s most exciting and complete motorcycle

Written by Kamran Haider

One of the most exciting motorcycles related competitions in the world, the MotoGP, returns to the current formats with a new and quite renewed delivery. We analyze what MotoGP 19 offers us.

The followers of the world of the two wheels follow with fervor one of the most spectacular competitions within its category: MotoGP. The license of this tournament has been in possession of the Italian studio Milestone for years, truly passionate about driving games of whatever type (motocross, rallies, arcades …). Predictably, one more season this team presents its new delivery pertaining to such competition, MotoGP 19, an edition that, far from presenting a continuing character, the truth is that it has been seasoned by a good number of novelties, some of them pretty flashy

Of course, the basic layout has not changed too much compared to what is offered in the most recent version (and in the previous ones if you hurry me), something logical considering the characteristics of this simulator. Customizable controls, the large amount of content and other classic features of the series have been maintained in this installment. A game that, by the way, is already available on both PS4 and Xbox One and PC. And what about the edition destined for Switch? Well, it will arrive in a few days, the 27th of this month, offering in principle (and according to the developers themselves, I have not had the opportunity to enjoy this version) the same characteristics and virtues as those reflected in the rest of deliveries, but with an evident graphical reduction.

MotoGP 19, show and competition

need to be very smart to know what we will find in this video game. Being a product with the corresponding official license of the Motorcycling World Championship, all the equipment, motorcycles, circuits and other paraphernalia that surrounds this great sports competition has been included in this simulator. That is, it is possible to drive the Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Suzuki and other works of art in the form of motorcycles while we assume the identity of the Márquez, Rossi or Lorenzo of turn.

Precisely, one of the most important innovations of the many that have been implemented in this MotoGP 2019 is directly related to both the pilots and the bikes themselves. This release premieres a new system of physics for some and others that, in my opinion, significantly improves the behavior on track and the level of realism shown by both. The reactions of the pilots and their work on the machines are much more convincing and reliable than previously thought, while the different motorcycles transmit a feeling of weight much more “consistent” and credible than the one experienced in the last MotoE competition

Finally begin to notice strong changes in the saga

Following the review of the most significant of all those that have been incorporated into MotoGP 19, the integration of the new MotoE competition(electric motors) also seems very remarkable. And it is because, really, the sensations that give us this type of bikes in relation to those that are part of MotoGP and even Moto2 (category also contemplated in this production) are clearly different. In fact, it is necessary to practice a bit to get used to their acceleration capacity and the behavior in general of these machines.ANNA

It also deserves to be highlighted the new technology linked to artificial intelligence that has been integrated into this title: ANNA: Under these acronyms is the (apparently) first video game to use neural IA to emulate human behavior in pilots controlled by the CPU. Evidently and being totally alien to this type of science/technology, I miss the most technical details that have to do with ANNA. But what is clear is that during the tests a clear improvement in the degree of competitiveness offered by pilots controlled by the console is noted.

On the other hand, MotoGP 2019 also wants to enter strongly into the increasingly competitive world of eSports. For this reason, several advances related to this aspect and to the online mode, in general, have been included, starting with the use of dedicated Amazon AWS servers. Thanks to this, online careers are developed more smoothly and with fewer technical problems (lag, sudden disconnections, etc.), although during the testing of this online modality the activity was reduced for obvious reasons. And along with this, new functionalities have also been added, improvements in the lobbies that make room for the games and other slight innovations that shape an online modality much more complete and solid than that captured in the last edition of the title.

Likewise, some classic game modes have also been revamped, such as Trajectory mode, which in this case is somewhat more “realistic” and less rigid than usual. This way and among other things, on this occasion, it is possible to start our journey directly as professionals in the MotoGP category or to go first for a minor competition to get a little more of our experience. And with regard to the way starred by historical pilots, have been incorporated a number of new challenges very attractive (and, in some cases, totally legendary) starring real cracks as Valentino Rossi, Sete Gibernau, Max Biaggi, and many others. In total it is possible to enjoy with the presence of more than half a hundred of such legendary pilots, 35 classic bikes (500 ccs and MotoGP) and, even, three specific unprecedented circuits such as Donington Park (2009), Laguna Seca (2013) and Catalonia (2015). A game mode is so attractive to the true followers of this competition as challenging.MotoGP game

The new physics system for pilots and motorcycles is a step forward.

There are not a few new developments that I have mentioned so far, nor can it be said that they are not very significant: rather the opposite. But there is more! Those who have enjoyed Ride 3 and, especially, it’s more than a remarkable editor, will feel at home since Milestone has “migrated” much of what was offered by this tool to MotoGP 19. It also warns a step forward in what related to its graphics section, especially in the textures that are seen in the outside of the track, which are seen much more work than those previously recorded, to which is added more natural lighting and small improvements in certain special effects.

Many players asked for a long time a deep and palpable change to this Milestone saga and, in my opinion, it is clear that it has begun to produce. It is still not the definitive MotoGP game since it continues to show room for improvement in specific areas (such as its technical and sound facet or in the scant originality shown by its game modes, for example). But what is clear is that it is a complete video game, ambitious and that, in addition, it is once again completely localized to our language, a detail that is not expected to have its merit.


The Milestone studio gives another boost to its star speed saga with MotoGP 19, a title that comes loaded with new features that will surely be very well received by the community of players. Substantial improvements in the physics of the pilots and the own bikes, a renewed AI, interesting changes in certain game modes (especially in its online mode) and technical touches are some of the most important changes of all those who have received this delivery. It is still a point behind the most leading referents in the competitive world of speed, but it is certainly more than the remarkable title.

  • A multitude of game modes and options
  • The new physics system is noticeable
  • The AI ​​called ANNA is an excellent innovation
  • Notable differences when riding MotoGP, Moto2 and MotoE bikes
  • Good visual finish, more than striking …
  • … but it is still far from what is reflected in the references of the genre
  • The soundtrack does not bother, but it does not contribute much

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