Analysis of My Friend Pedro, bullet-time action to the Matrix and a talking banana

Written by Kamran Haider

A videogame that captures the arcade essence of the nineties, adds the bullet time of Matrix and ends the play with a surrealistic approach very Suda 51 style. That is the approach of a 2D shooter tremendously funny, but also very ingenious. We told you in our analysis of My Friend Pedro.

If I had to summarize My Friend Pedro in a few words, I think the best definition is that a videogame to show off. His choreography of two-dimensional shots with bullet time is designed not only for you to overcome a series of increasingly difficult levels, but for you to come back and mark the “S” range. The developer (a person, which is surprising), wants you to recreate each movement, jump and shoot as if it were the last, within an absorbing style of play, which requires all your concentration.

The scheme is simple: several phases with enemies that riddled with bullets within an absurd, but great approach. The game is described as a violent ballet in which our protagonist follows the orders of a banana tree that speaks: as absurd as real. This will make us go through the usual scenarios of the action genre, but also surreal, with the aim of not only reaching the end of each phase but also of bursting the score multiplier.

The game flow is based on doing the nice shootings, on a jump on the wall, aiming at two enemies at the same time and downloading lead in bullet time, just before grabbing onto a conveyor belt while throwing grenades at the enemies you have down. There are always enemies, and there are always bullets with which to welcome them to this shooter exhibition in which you are the one in charge. That is the true reason for being of My Friend Pedro, and the truth is that he has surprised me not only because of the genuineness of the proposal but because of how much fun it can be.

Who is Pedro?

Apart from everything mentioned, I was impressed to see that the video game is completely designed by Victor Agren (except music). His resume explains quite well how this is possible: he worked as a level designer at LittleBigPlanet 2 and, in general, he was part of the Media Molecule team for several years, with different jobs, from testing to graphics. An SUV that demonstrates his talent in a game of “acrobatic action” (as he likes to call it) that includes influences from the Matrix trilogy, but also from the legendary video game Max Payne.

It has logic because a lot of the game will be spent slowing down the time to plan combat strategies where we will always be in inferiority. That is magic. Enter abruptly into an enemy room and kick one of them, while shooting at the one approaching from behind. Of course, the grace lies in the fact that the power of slowing down is not unlimited, so you have to manage it very well, as well as the tempo when it comes to recharging.power of slowing down

He wants you to recreat with each movement, jump and shoot as if it were the last.

The variety, although sufficient, did not seem to be his strongest point. However, My Friend Pedro raises some interesting solutions. The first is based on different playable concepts, which go beyond the idea of ​​shooting without further ado. You can jump on walls, hook on ropes, activate switches with ingenious uses, shoot with rebound and even there is a skateboard on which to shoot at full speed. Apart, there is some scene of pursuit on a motorcycle, as well as some other certainly imaginative boss, who without being the no goes more contributes to raise some peak of difficulty.

The second resource is in the use of weapons. We have normal pistols, but also automatic ones, as well as an assault rifle and even a shotgun. Each weapon has a very different behavior, which determines the way to proceed in each situation. If the enemies are far away, better the rifle … but if they are close, it is best to dedicate a shotgun cartridge.

Perhaps what can be criticized most to the game is that the number of situations is not extensive, but you can not ask much more at 4-6 hours that will last your campaign, composed of a total of 40 levels. The replayability is considerable, with the possibility of breaking times (there are online bookmarks) and choosing between three difficulties. In the lowest, normal mode, the truth is that the path is not excessively complicated, but it is very enjoyable: the best entry point to get some controls that are presented progressively.Suda 51

The game is designed for the show You will

learn to shoot in 360 degrees and then combine it with actions like rolling on the ground, dodging enemy bullets, bending down to cover yourself behind a box or jumping through some glass. The game is designed for the show, so you feel a bit in front of your console in short but intense games in which you will feel the master of the shooter action. If that is what you are looking for, or it catches your attention, I am sure that My Friend Pedro will not disappoint you.

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My Friend Pedro is a bullet adrenaline rush, with a simple, fun concept and an arcade nature reminiscent of the classics of the nineties. Short phrases, but of ingenious concept, in an indie production that surprises by its brilliant execution without excesses. One of those releases that you do not expect, but once you start playing it you lose even the notion of time.

  • Choreographies of spectacular shots, thanks to the bullet time
  • Very entertaining from beginning to end: you will not stop playing it
  • Good variety of proposals, with the odd boss and other surprises
  • It has some replayability: different difficulties and markers
  • Some level concepts become somewhat repetitive
  • Although adjusted to its approach, something short can be done


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