Analysis of NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. Street basketball, fast and without rules

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
Written by Kamran Haider

The followers of the best basketball in the world can already be encouraged to play some arcade games full of sympathy. After a rather disappointing first part, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 returns with many improvements. Analysis.

When the first installment of this saga was published, NBA Playgrounds, the truth is that I took a good disappointment given its irregular quality as we showed in your analysis. It was a kind of spiritual successor to the classic NBA Jam, leaving aside everything related to simulation to offer a much more arcade basketball concept. An experiment that did not go well but that has been “rescued” by 2K Games itself (responsible for the great NBA 2K19 ) to create a second part much more profitable.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 maintains exactly the same base and playable features found in the original edition of the title, but everything has been polished enough. Is it an exceptional video game? No, not at all, still has enough travel and room for improvement in various aspects as you will see in this analysis. But what is clear is that it has taken an important qualitative leap and, in fact, it becomes a very attractive (and complementary) option for those who want to enjoy basketball packs more sympathetic, dynamic and carefree than those offered by the cited NBA 2K19, the most serious and pro game of 2K basketball.

Clearly arcade bet

As I just told you, once again realism and simulation have not been contemplated in this title of Saber Interactive. In this playable disposition that raises 2-vs-2 team matches, there is no place for band outs, fouls or practically any other aspect of the real sport that could “hinder” in any way the dynamic of the game so fluid and frenetic that puts on the table NBA 2K Playgrounds 2.The playable base is structured around several key aspects such as its control system the shooting percentage meter and the resistance linked to each player

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 gains a bit in complexity and avoids falling into the terrain of the correcalles

The playable base is structured around several key aspects such as its control system, the shooting percentage meter and the resistance linked to each player. In this way and starting with the management, the title makes things easy for us from the beginning given that it is much easier to assimilate than what is usual in sports simulators. Of course, mastering it is another matter entirely because, among other things, the precision meter comes into play that shows us the percentage of success of all our shots.We can play with both current players and basketball legends as big as Jordan Magic or Bird

In this case, the timing is fundamental and it is convenient to release the ball when we reach the highest point of each suspension. And to this are added other conditions such as the distance we are in the basket, the fact of being well defended or not, etc. On the other hand, as the players run and perform the different actions, they get tired, an aspect that is reflected in the corresponding resistance meter. That is, it is not possible to be running without stopping. Thanks to these factors, the game gains a bit in “complexity” and avoids falling into the terrain of the correcalles.

To all this is added another interesting element as are the modifiers, which are activated when we achieve an incredible streak of baskets, when we make several plugs followed, etc. Some modifiers that alter certain characteristics of the players and even their statistics, thus adding more pepper to a stew already quite tasty by itself.

And with what teams and players can we play? All the NBA teams have been integrated, there is a very variable number of players for each franchise, both current, and legends. The most classic and glamorous as the Celtics or the Lakers have more players, being able to overcome among them all the figure of 300 … although to get to that it is necessary to play enough to go unlocking them through the envelopes of virtual cards corresponding. Yes, in this case, is used game money and not real … unless we disburse 10 euros first and enable all of them, but this is not mandatory at all. Where it is necessary to use real “pasta” is in the field of clothing and accessories for players, since many of them can only be obtained in that way.

The players have four different categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond), and can go up from one to another as we play games. A feature that adds even more interest to each encounter, given that besides worrying about winning each game we can also materialize certain objectives that give us experience. And every time we go up in class with each player, they improve their performance. For all this, we are facing a very interesting and entertaining basketball game, which improves in a palpable way everything related to the gameplay in relation to that established in the first installment.During the games we can contemplate very spectacular plays and actions like the one we show you here

As for the game modes included, this time a very striking innovation has been made: the Season mode. Thanks to this option we can play a huge number of matches that, yes, are generated randomly and do not respect the current NBA calendar. Something logical considering that we are facing an arcade and not a simulator. Along with this option, we have the online mode, exhibition games and the great triple contest, an offer that is not particularly overflowing but which seems to be enough.

Entering the technical field, NBA PlayGrounds 2 has a fairly acceptable level, especially highlighting both the design and the animations of the players. The ten courts in which it is possible to play the games are not bad either and show a remarkable level of detail, while the action takes place at 60 frames per second, at least in the delivery for PS4 Pro that is the one I played. The sound yields at a much lower level, given that the soundtrack is quite monotonous and the comments in English (it is possible to choose between several commentators) are nothing special.

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Exciting basketball, arcade and no rules by teams of 2 vs 2 are what offers us this much-improved sequel to the NBA Playgrounds saga. The control is quite fluid, the pace at which the meetings take place is frantic, we can contemplate plays and mates very showily… An NBA perspective much more accessible and friendly than that captured in the classic simulators, is an ideal complement for NBA 2K19.

  • It is a palpable improvement compared to that provided in the first part.
  • The animations of the players are quite remarkable.
  • Large selection of controllable players: more than 300 different.
  • Many customization possibilities for players …
  • … although it is necessary to use real money to obtain many compliments.
  • It remains somewhat lacking in terms of modalities.
  • Some other court would not have hurt.

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