Analysis of Numantia. A resistance worthy of legend

Written by Kamran Haider

Twenty years of fierce resistance against the Roman legions turned the town of Numancia into a legend, and thanks to this video game of turn-based strategy we can relive such a feat with great historical fidelity in our PCs and consoles. Ready for battle, willing to do anything to achieve victory, in the analysis of Numantia we tell you everything that this game offers.

It is hard to believe that a small city was able to withstand the siege of the Roman legions for nearly 20 years, but it did! … until Numancia fell to the troops commanded by Publius Cornelius Scipio Emiliano, the Lesser African. His feat, however, would not be forgotten. The epic of this Celtiberian people transcended all over the world until it became a legend that still lives today. Surprisingly, this incredible story has seldom been taken advantage of to give life to a videogame that reflects this conflict, until now, that Madrid team Recotechonology has been encouraged to give life to an interesting turn-based strategy game that allows us to fight against the enemy, be it Roman or Numantian, in the battlefields but, also, in the cities themselves, managing resources, training the troops, calming the spirits of the civilians or establishing diplomatic relations with the surrounding towns. . Thank you very much, because this is also the perfect excuse to tell one of those great stories of our past that are worth remembering.

Who were the protagonists, what the decisive battles; Numantia knows how to answer these questions with a well-stitched history, translated and dubbed into Spanish, in which all our actions have consequences. Lack of food, bad relationships with other peoples, tensions, and disputes within our own faction … without realizing it, a bad decision can take you to the abyss facing more difficult battles due to lack of troops or, simply, for not having enough money to equip them with better weapons and defensive equipment. An agonizing sensation that in some way makes you enjoy even more of a videogame that, without reaching excellence in any of its sections, ends up trapped by the emotion of some of its battles and the fidelity with the recreates this legendary warlike conflict.

David against Goliath

There is no war without gold or troops without food and this is something that Numantia reflects perfection forcing us to manage to head scarce resources at our fingertips. If you have the money you can try to hire dozens of battalions but … will there be enough food for everyone? Surely not, so what at first seemed an invincible army can soon become a chaotic group of soldiers without moral or desire to fight for anything or anyone. It’s not like to be kidded. If the hosts are discouraged, if they do not have faith in the cause that you defend or believe will die, at the time of fighting they will be much less effective than those who face the black grim with morals through the roof. It is one of the aspects that I like most about the videogame. With more than 25 royal units to command during the war, Numantia attaches great importance to the positioning of the troops and the spirit with which they face the fight.

The attack in the rear, surround the enemies, charge with the cavalry or harass them from a distance and you will see how quickly their ranks collapse, how the troops fall, while the spirit grows between you. And conversely, of course, at any time, if you do not walk with an eye, you can suffer the same consequences. Too bad the scenarios, boards divided into hexagonal boxes, are mostly extremely simple. Practically there are no obstacles in between or a real orography that allows facing the fight with a greater variety of combat options and for that reason, in the medium term, the action of Numantia feels somewhat simple in comparison with other titles of the style. I like the differences between combat units and how they respond to the evolution of events but, certainly, is missing some more strategy in the fight no matter how much the heroes, the historical units, have different special abilities that can change the course of the contest.Goliath

He knows how to entertain and introduce us to one of the most important historical events in the Iberian Peninsula.

The artificial intelligence of the enemies is not anything special either. Although they respond well to your actions and know-how to take advantage of their advantages, they are also capable of the worst with suicidal movements that detract some grace from the battles. Sometimes it is too easy to deceive them, and that is never good in a title with these characteristics. Fortunately, there is a multiplayer side that allows you to face another player in duels 1 vs 1, and that’s where you see all the possibilities that Numantia offers and how well their battles work in turns. The management of the settlement? It is not very deep, there are few options, but by giving the action a certain halo of role adventure, because you participate in conversations and you must make decisions, these moments of calm can even be exciting. The possibility of buying better equipment to enhance the attributes of the troops, which also rise in level, helps to create a sense of progression that feels really good to the Recotechonology video game.

With two clearly differentiated historical campaigns and many hours of play ahead, Numantia is a good strategy title that knows how to entertain while deepening in one of the most important historical events in the Iberian Peninsula. In this sense, the humble origin of a project that in the visual is not especially striking is noted. Especially when it comes to representing battles, with scenarios that feel poor, soulless, with few details that please the eye. The same can be said about combat units. They have been recreated faithfully to the troops of the time, and it is appreciated, but this is not exactly a sight worth mentioning. The user interface is not anything special either, and in the initial compasses of the game, it costs a bit to adapt to a command control system that could have worked more. A good dubbing in Spanish and a high-quality soundtrack help, yes, to get fully into the action of this turn-based video game.

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Facing the Roman legions during the long siege of Numancia is a game experience that at times is exciting … and that is appreciated. This turn-based strategy videogame combines successful battles with resource management and does so by immersing yourself in an adventure in which your actions have consequences. It lacks something more playable depth and a better visual finish, but if you give it a chance, Numantia will reward it with hours of good military strategy.

  • The recreation of a historical conflict as important as the siege of Numancia
  • More than 25 combat units well-differentiated and that can improve the level
  • Settlement management and decision making
  • Visually speaking is a very discreet video game
  • The battlefields, by simple, since they do not allow to play much with them
  • It lacks a greater playable depth in battles

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