Analysis of Ori and the Blind Forest on Nintendo Switch, a game you can’t miss

Ori and the Blind Forest
Written by Kamran Haider

The fantastic Ori and the Blind Forest follows in the footsteps of Cuphead and is now available on Nintendo Switch. The result? A beautiful action adventure and platforms that you cannot miss. In the analysis of Ori and the Blind Forest, we talk about one of the most prominent “indie” of the current generation of consoles.

For one reason or another, it has not been until now that I have been able to play Ori and the Blind Forest. The excuse? The launch on Nintendo Switch of this fantastic action-adventure and platforms that, you see, enters through the eyes. It is so beautiful, so charming, that just because of the beauty of its graphics you have a crazy desire to explore its colorful fantasy world. But Ori is much more than a pretty face. It is a game with soul; an adventure that captivates with the strength of its images, its exciting action and its ability to surprise as few get.

As my partner Jesús Bella said in the original analysis of Ori and the Blind Forest for Xbox One and PC, the game is a light in the dark, the story of a heroic being whose mission to save a forest from darkness could be a metaphor of the ray of light that has been projected today on this world that we like so much. The horrifying monsters we encounter are the guys who want to put the benefits before creative inspiration; the desolation of its surroundings a representation of what would be of us without releases of this nature.

That is why you should not miss this work by Moon Studios, which has also been released on the hybrid console in its Definitive Edition, which means that you will find an additional play area, new difficulty modes and Theater mode, ideal for reviewing all video scenes of the game.

Ori and the Blind Forest, the tree of life

You don’t need convoluted stories to build a great video game. Ori and the Blind Forest starts from a very simple and recurring premise: the fight between light and dark. There is a forest that dies, in particular, its main tree, and there is only one being able to reverse the situation. We put ourselves in the place of that particular hero, an orphan creature, helpless but destined to save what was once his home. A nostalgic narrative, back, salvation and hope: this is broadly a script that, rather than directing the action, inspires the player.

We are alone in the world, only accompanied by the horrifying beings that arose from this catastrophe. Loneliness is our only travel companion, one that makes the journey more intimate, something like a sensory experience that starts in the audiovisual and ends in-game mechanics. The title sometimes transcends the category of simple video games to become something special. Its atmosphere, which seems to be taken from a classic animated film -of those that were made with hand drawings-, becomes one of the great bastions of this production thanks to an overwhelming audiovisual section.

Watching this video game on the move, sometimes one feels even bad to be told that this entertainment does not have much art. The original designs, those created by artists to raise the title, are embodied as is, as if it were an interactive canvas. This is the most surprising aspect of the work, getting lost in the various scenarios that populate this suggestive world, with environments that range from natural majesty to beautiful decay. All accompanied by very soft animations, bright visual effects and a soundtrack rarely protagonist, but extremely immersive.tree of life

His nostalgic narrative, of return, salvation and hope, rather than directing the action, inspires the player.

However, the best thing is that Ori and the Blind Forest has bypassed one of the greatest dangers we feared: it is not a game with beautiful wrapping and regulate content What we find inside is a real playable candy, one that can also be extended from 6 to 10 hours approximately thanks to its careful Metroidvania design . There are several spaces in this enchanted forest, and we can go back and forth to go through all those corners that we had forgotten.

It is an exploration epic that features labyrinthine designs. So much, that we have even our own map, ideal for finding lost objects. But the best is undoubtedly in the difficulty, in the fact of having to face enemies by pressing the X button to shoot them with rays from a certain distance. Simple but effective and very addictive: a scheme that will not surprise you but that fulfills its function by integrating with an interesting improvement system, as well as an untraditional save scheme.

As we end the terrifying creatures of the game we accumulate energy that reverts to the possibility of using skill points to obtain improvements related to the damage we inflict or receive, among other proposals. This helps us to move forward, as well as learning various techniques: double jump, climb, float in the air … This gives freshness at every moment, both in the sense that we can return to previously inaccessible areas, as to the fact that the gameplay is progressively renewed.

A video game that will make us repeat play and cry out to heaven, but always with the satisfaction of overcoming the proposed challenges.

This is very positive, combined with a difficulty that is not kind, although the aesthetics of the work suggest otherwise. This is due to the peculiar saving system, which invites us to create our own save points (and only when we have enough power to do so). What propitiates this? What if we cannot activate the save, or if we have simply forgotten to do so – which also happens – we will have to return to the last point we had activated. If they once told you that life is hard, it is that that person had not played Ori.

This is not everything. There are more difficult confrontations, in addition to sections that require greater skill and concentration. It is not that it is desperate, but we like the level of challenge posed. To give you an idea, there is an unlockable achievement consisting of overcoming the game in less than 3 hours. Surely you understand better. It is a video game that will make us repeat play and cry out to heaven, but always with the satisfaction of overcoming the proposed challenges. And the truth is that this adventure adapts like a glove to the hardware of Nintendo Switch and its fantastic portable mode

It looks great on the touch screen of the console, and the truth is that the mere idea of ​​being able to travel with such a game in your hands is incredible. In this sense, Moon Studios’ work is commendable. Ori and the Blind Forest have better animations on Switch thanks to the experience acquired with the graphics engine; which is also reflected in a great fluidity of the action shown at 60fps both in the dock and in the portable mode. The resolution at this point varies from 1080p to 720p, which is not bad at all.

For all this, by combining in such a harmonious playable and audiovisual aspect, Ori and the Blind Forest becomes that ray of soothing light that we need those who long for productions with soul. The title of Moon Studios has it, one that shines to give us one of the most inspiring video games of what we have not only of the year but of generation. Now it only remains that you, the hero in this story, get out of here and enter the enchanted forest. Surely on your return, you will feel that you have experienced something very special.

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Ori and the Blind Forest is an independent ray of light in a forest full of blockbusters. We said it when it premiered on Xbox One and PC, and we repeat it now that it comes to Nintendo Switch. Moon Studios surprises with a great action-adventure and Metroidvania-style platforms that stands out for its fantastic design, its beautiful staging and its ability to surprise. It is challenging, yes, but also very satisfying; An incredible experience that you should not miss.

  • Inspired and inspiring, one of those video games that are pure art
  • Artistically speaking it is a beautiful video game
  • It fits perfectly to Nintendo Switch and its portable mode
  • Despite its friendly appearance, it hides a high level of challenge
  • Once finished it offers nothing more; It is a unique, unrepeatable journey, on which you cannot return

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