Analysis of Overcooked Special Edition. The craziest and most original kitchen

Written by Kamran Haider

Nintendo Switch continues to receive digital titles at a more than interesting rate. Also, many of them have proven quality, as is the case with the proposal provided by this friendly Overcooked: Special Edition. Analysis.

The eShop store of Nintendo Switch is the lifeboat for many of its users for the simple reason that it always receives new proposals on a weekly basis, unlike what still happens on its retail side (although fortunately, the latter is gradually changing). But the best of all is that many of the digital games that are shown in this online service show very good ways, as with the new proposal of Ghost Town Games and Team17 which is called Overcooked: Special Edition.

Although more than new, I should say “slightly renewed”, since at the end of the day it is the same game that users of other formats such as PS4, Xbox One and PC have been able to enjoy for some time. A fresh and especially multiplayer-oriented game, although if we decide to enjoy it alone, it is also capable of entertaining your own. And he achieves it thanks to a simple but tremendously enjoyable and, more than anything, addictive playful proposal, which has reminded me of its freshness to classic 80s and 90s arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Bomberman, Pang and Similar…

Becoming chefs is what we play this time, a role that more than one would make us very excited in real life but in this case, we are not so clear. And because? Well, far from being before a kitchen simulator, what we have to do is manage to perform the tasks of a chef but in the craziest conditions, you can imagine. And all to feed a monster and prevent it from ending the Onion Kingdom, a plot as absurd as trivial.

A changing kitchen

To solve each level it is necessary to carry out the more or less routine tasks that a chef should carry out. That is, we have to go collecting the different ingredients, preparing the different foods and cooking each of them, etc. to get a necessary amount of points and learn new recipes. And apart from these tasks we also have to carry out other less attractive ones such as scrubbing dirty dishes, putting out fires that occasionally occur in the kitchen and other hard work. Very simple but appealing gameplay that reflects what should always be an arcade skill title, although we could also consider it as a party game.

What attracts me most about this game (beyond the multiplayer mode I will talk about later) are the different places where we have to work. And it is that although at the beginning the kitchens in which we have to prepare the different stews are relatively normal, as we progress we find sites as striking as hellish and full of problems and obstacles.

Therefore, as soon as we see ourselves cooking an onion soup in the middle of the street (with pedestrian crossings and everything) and later we are forced to make a hamburger inside two trucks that do not stop moving while they circulate in the middle of the road. Two simple examples of the authentic chaos as crazy as it is enjoyable that expands over more than 40 different levels that are increasingly difficult … especially if we intend to obtain the three maximum scoring stars.changing

It perfectly reflects what an arcade skill title should always be. It

is also noted that it is a very careful title by its developers. To access each phase instead of using an interface, we can move through a minimap as if it were an RPG, and can also dialogue (in Spanish) on certain occasions with the occasional character that is in that scenario. And to bring some depth to the title, the more levels we exceed and the higher we achieve, we unlock new chefs.

As for the global game mechanics, this is very simple but still tests our reflexes, organizational capacity and, occasionally, also our patience, at least in my case. And it is necessary to change from one chef to another in real-time (by pressing a button) so that each one is moving forward in each of the tasks that we must do (cut lettuce, fry chicken, boil vegetables, etc.), which It requires planning and synchrony … which increases and accentuates if we play together.

Indeed Overcooked: Special Edition does its best when it involves up to four users cooperating with each other or competing on dedicated screens. A tremendously entertaining modality that gives meaning to this work, offering the highest levels of emotion and freneticism. Of course, we can only enjoy this option locally, not online, keep this in mind.

As for what this special edition intended for Nintendo Switch includes in relation to the original title, only HD vibration support has been incorporated and, most importantly, all the DLC material appeared to date, The Lost Morsel and Festive Seasoning, packs that allow us to access new levels, chefs and even vehicles from the main menu. In spite of this, it may still be a somewhat limited and rather just game of content, but while it lasts it is quite entertaining.

Finally, as expected, the aesthetic approach is not a big deal from the technical point of view, but at least I quite like the artistic line that Overcooked holds, especially in what has to do with the appearance of Characters and their animations. And the sound follows a similar pattern, with simplistic melodies and special effects well achieved and quite varied that bring dynamism to the action.

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The arcade games have a new and great representative in Switch with this new digital contribution that is called Overcooked: Special Edition. A game especially oriented towards multiplayer, an aspect that becomes its greatest attraction, but which can also be enjoyed if we play alone … losing part of its charm and frenetism. A cool game, suitable for all types of players and very simple in its approach but that ends up itching quite a bit.

  • How hilarious that some kitchens become
  • Multiplayer modes are very fun and stressful
  • Bet very successful for the arcade bet
  • If we play alone loses part of his grace
  • It lacks greater depth in many aspects

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