Analysis of Path to Mnemosyne. Path to Mnemosyne, a surreal journey to the subconscious

Written by Kamran Haider

A path of lost memories, hidden in the memory of any girl. That is the approach of Path to Mnemosyne, one of the most interesting indies projects of which we have been this year. Experimental, avant-garde … and made in Spain. We tell you how we have felt when entering your playable subconscious.

Making video games is not easy. Making them defend certain creative freedom is even less so. If above you have a small company, with scarce resources, we do not even talk anymore. And for that alone, we should be proud that the indie scene is still strong and offers us interesting things like Path to Mnemosyne, a Spanish project that even its own managers are unable to classify.

The first screen I see is the penetrating look of a girl. A button and I’m already inside your subconscious. The rest is a road forward, a tunnel of surreal memories in black and white, a metaphor of the past, but also a place that probably never visit. The zoom effect that it uses while I advance baffles (a lot) and the sound causes vertigo in a path of puzzles to solve: some ingenious, others not so much.

It is possible that the game itself is a form of expression of the state of its creatives, who claim to survive in an industry in which “you must reinvent yourself exploring ways in which you would not otherwise enter”. The developer DevilishGames recently faced a difficult economic situation and had to accept orders to come out afloat. Works that, whether they liked it or not, they had to do. What I analyze here is its evasion form in a long time, and it seems so original that it does not matter if it lasts a little more than an hour. It is an experience that has shown me that video games can take many forms and that you should not always worry about words like duration, replayability or personalization. It can be worth to be that granite that differs in a big pile of sand.

Way of memories

Mnemosyne (Mnemosyne) refers to Mneme, the personification of memory in Greek mythology. Once you enter the game, there is no going back. The only way is forward, an infinite corridor, without a bottom, wherein my step there passed withering plants, skeletons, enormous insects in decomposition … A path of beautiful horrors, because he was unable to look away and stop admiring a section artistic as surreal as expressive.

In Path to Mnemosyne, there are two elements that explain the interest. One is the visual approach. When I walked, the camera did not follow me, but it was a zoom in which gave me the feeling of displacement. Magical. Tells the developer David Ferris that the inspiration was the video clips of the eighties, although one of the most impressed was another more recent, the “Seven Nation Army” (The White Stripes). In fact, the title plays continuously with that tunnel effect, disturbing as well as hypnotizing … which fits perfectly with the original idea: the exploration of the subconscious.surreal journey to the subconscious

Once you enter the game, there is no going back

The other element is the puzzles, simple but effective for the most part. Many are related to the ability of observation and deduction, while others have to do with the use of memory or the use of spatial logic. Many are satisfactory and represent a real challenge, generating in you a pleasant feeling once overcome. Others, however, have made me long for their classicism: portals and combinations that we have seen a thousand times. In any case, they suppose the real reason why to continue forward in an adventure that can reach two hours only in case you get stuck.

Surely he has lacked to refine his message since I have not finished seeing the intention behind the route. Similarly, prolonging the trip would not have been more, because everything ends just when the best approaches come. Path to Mnemosyne is so absorbing and interesting, that having spent an hour with him would not have displeased me … It has left me with the desire, halfway through a journey that I have felt as incomplete.

I thought it was intentional, that this incomplete path may correspond to that of the developers. I do not know. What I have clear is that they should continue to cultivate this path, because videogames “of the others” are kicked. What is not abundant is innovation and the desire to experiment. There’s a bit of that here. That is why, if you believe that this is the most important thing, get started as soon as possible. The subconscious awaits.

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Path to Mnemosyne is something out of the ordinary, an outburst of originality placed at the service of experimentation in the videogame industry. His approach is to take a tour of the lost memory of a girl, but in reality, we are faced with the reunion of some creators with their creative soul, and that is something that when you play you see in their designs. A very short adventure with ups and downs in their puzzles, but you should consider discovering if you are a lover of innovation.

  • Surreal and unique artistic section. A little wonder
  • The sublime atmosphere, with a very careful sound
  • Some puzzles are very inspired
  • Simple but addictive
  • The concept gave more than itself
  • They are missing more and better puzzles
  • Short, very short

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