Analysis of Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition. The magic of the good western role

Pillars of Eternity
Written by Kamran Haider

The old-school role, Baldur’s Gate style, adapted to consoles! What seemed impossible, the veteran Obsidian team makes it happen by taking PS4 and Xbox One which is one of the best RPGs in recent years. In the analysis of Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition we enter the dark fantasy world of Eora to live exciting adventures with a varied group of heroes while enjoying a magnificent plot background.

Both Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin recently demonstrated that the great adventures of traditional PC role could work perfectly on consoles, but being as they are games with a turn-based combat system, the question remained to know if a size title of Pillars of Eternity, true heir to the classic RPG inspired by the legendary Baldur’s Gate, would respond with the same efficiency control system PS4 and Xbox One . The short answer? Yes, it does, and in what way !, thanks to the good work of Obsidian Entertainment, who has managed to adapt to the command of both machines the complex role-playing action of this exciting adventure funded with great success on Kickstarter. It was not a simple task. Six are the heroes under our command, each of them with a varied repertoire of special abilities and magical spells that, in many cases, have an effect on the battlefield and not only on the enemies, which means that you have to think hard, to meditate every action, if we do not want our allies to die frozen or jump into a thousand pieces because of an explosion.

This is one of the best exponents of the role of the old school, of the mythical western RPGs that delighted us in the nineties, and as such, it is a complex, difficult videogame, which requires all our attention to escape alive of the many threats that await along the way. Do not discourage discouragement. Although sometimes the trip can be tortuous, terribly cruel to unsuspecting players, it is well worth enjoying this great epic developed by the authors of Fallout: New Vegas or the most recent Tyranny. More considering that Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition brings with it all the improvements that this RPG has received over the past few years, in addition to its two content expansions, The White March, which transport us to a new and extensive frozen territory known as The Calcareous Route. That is to say, there are no excuses! As soon as you like the Western role, this is an essential purchase. We give you some reasons.

Old fashioned

Starting a game in Pillars of Eternity is like returning 20 years ago in time, to those years in which role-playing adventures were deep games, which offered great freedom of action and adult plot backgrounds. Just what its creators promised when they began their development. So the most veteran of the place you can already get an idea of ​​what this videogame offers, starting with the creation of characters, which recovers the taste for freedom of choice; for giving the player lots of alternatives to create the hero he wants.

Sex, race, class, initial skills, attributes, background … very generous in customization options and with many variables to take into account, the best thing about the game is that at no time you will be intimidated as if they were great classics like Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale, in which the simple act of creating the initial character already required a master in pure and hard role. Does this mean that Pillars of Eternity is less complete than these games? No way. Because while it is true there are fewer customization options to choose from because there are no, for example, dual classes, once you enter this dreary fantasy universe the sensations are identical to those of those myths of the role.

It is just what its creators promised: the authentic spiritual sequel to Baldur’s Gate

There are eleven archetypes to choose from, with traditional options such as barbarians, sorcerers, explorers, priests or fighters, and other more striking ones such as declaimers , who exercise the bard function with their songs and poems, or the ciphers , which will have to extract vital energy from the enemies in order to make use of their special abilities. And the best thing is that the choice is not based exclusively on what kind of character you control and point, because depending on what skills you choose, the equipment you use and how you invest the experience points, the adventurers can go in one direction or another.Old fashioned

And that without mentioning the weight they will exert outside the combat. In Pillars of Eternity stealth, diplomacy and the ability to detect alternative routes they will be virtues as much or more important as knowing how to use a sword or having a good aim with the bow. In this sense, I adore that the vast majority of missions can be solved in many different ways based on the type of hero we control, with exclusive dialogue options for certain races, cultures or religions. And yes, you have read well, because if you choose a priest or paladin as main characters, you will also have to decide which gods they pray to or which schools of thought they follow, which will influence how they behave during the development of the action and in how other characters see them. Like old times!

In addition, the design of the missions is excellent, with varied objectives, extensive mapping with many alternative routes, traps, and secrets only in view of those with a good perception, and countless treasures and written documents that will allow us to learn more and more about This amazing fantasy universe. A sinister, dark world, in which the good ones are not so good nor the bad ones so bad. And that goes for you too. Will you kill that ogre for the simple fact of being an ogre? Or will you let him explain himself? Maybe your answers make you change your mind. And like that, a thousand and one more examples that denote the care and affection with which Obsidian has developed this imposing role-playing adventure. An extensive videogame, which will have us more than 50 hours engaged in their main adventure, closer to 20 additional hours with their expansions, while solving only the history missions, having at our disposal lots of secondary tasks that can extend their duration up to a hundred hours.

No less fascinating is that the game, at no time, takes you by the hand from one side to the other. Act as you wish. Research, explore the mappings and chat with everyone to find out on your own where you should go. Even Pillars of Eternity presents some very ingenious puzzle that you will only solve if you have previously investigated and searched for the necessary clues. There is also a simple handicraft system with which you can create your own potions and scrolls with spells, and lots of weapons, defensive equipment and amulets with which to increase the power of your heroes.

With a gold pen

Pillars of Eternity is deep in customization options and also offers us great freedom of movement, perfectly represented by that World Map that will give us access to the many locations of the game. But this is also an adventure written with exquisite taste, which surprises with the strength of its dialogues, the attractiveness of its staging and the adult of its argument. The story we are told is exciting. And it doesn’t matter if we talk about main missions or the most mundane of secondary tasks.

The descriptions that are made not only of the characters but also of how they behave in front of us, is another of the strengths of this adventure that conveys as few as the sensation of being before an authentic literary story. The best example of this is in those moments of the game in which, based on decisions, we have to solve situations as varied as if it were a book “Create your own adventure”. In these cases, the game will not only take into account the skills and class of our heroes, but also the equipment they carry.

The adventure written with exquisite taste and surprises by the strength of its dialogues

And what to say about the fighting. Exciting, epic and above all very strategic. So much so that the slightest mistake is usually paid with death. Perfectly combine the abilities of each of our heroes, choose the targets before attacking, decide what weapons we are going to do and from what position … although the first meetings can be resolved by launching all our adventurers into the attack , in the long run, the contests will increase in difficulty and complexity, being able to lengthen in time for several minutes. A feeling that was already missed. Walking pausing the action every second to propose a combat strategy; to execute a movement and immediately stop the game to observe the environment and the alternatives within our reach, or to launch a cry of joy after ending the life of a powerful boss and his minions.

Pillars of Eternity recovers the essence of the old school and its combat system is the best example of that. It is designed with great care, the balance of power is very successful and the options are as wide as the imagination of the players. That is why it was so important to create a control system that gave access to all these options without going crazy in the attempt. Obsidian has achieved it although, obviously, nothing is as intuitive in a game with these characteristics as the keyboard and mouse binomial. Your bet? Two radial menus, one for the management of the heroin addition to other options such as access to the travel diary, and another completely linked to combat, special skills and weapons of the protagonists. Navigating between all these menus alternating the control of one and other characters can be somewhat cumbersome, and even with the tactical pause , it is not always easy to effectively manage pen

There have been occasions even when I was not sure how to respond to certain situations, such as the adventurers stop following the main hero. A matter of practice is true, but perhaps certain options could be better explained. And since I specifically talk about AI, it should be noted that this edition of Pillars of Eternity includes abundant improvements in this regard, allowing us to establish patterns of behavior for each and every character, who will not need our direct orders to know how to respond to the threat of enemies. As for the exploration of the scenarios, I like that we have the option of doing so by directly controlling the hero, as in an adventure to use, or by a PC-style point & click system.

The adaptation of Pillars of Eternity to consoles also results in good technical results, although this is not exactly a video game that captivates with the spectacular graphics. The scenarios have been designed with exquisite taste, they are wonderful, but the modeling of characters and, for the most part, also enemies is somewhat more discreet. The downside in PS4 and Xbox One is that loading times are, at times, too high, which frustrates when you move from one game area to another. There are also slight slowdowns that are somewhat annoying, but nothing critical. When it comes to sound, the Pillars of Eternity soundtrack is excellent. Epic like her alone, she will make us vibrate with emotion with each of her chords, with those melodies that will accompany us in the moments of action, and with those more gloomy pieces that will sound in the moments of exploration. Also, the sound effects and English dubbing have a great finish, not forgetting that the game is perfectly translated into Spanish. Which is very much appreciated given the huge amount of texts that the game includes.

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The expectations were high but Obsidian Entertainment has created what may be his best work to date. Pillars of Eternity is a memorable role-playing adventure. A video game that will pass to the annals of history as in the day the great classics like Baldur’s Gate or Planescape: Torment, in which it was inspired to recover that role essence that we missed so much and adapt it to the new times. There are perhaps fewer options in aspects such as the configuration of our heroes, but in general, this is the logical evolution of a genre that was screaming to recover that playable depth and freedom of action that delighted us so many decades ago. Without a doubt, we are facing an essential.

  • A role-playing adventure like those of yesteryear. Deep and with great freedom of action
  • The combat system is as exciting as it is strategic in its execution.
  • Well spun story with great quality dialogues
  • Excellent mission design. Most can be completed in several ways
  • Extensive customization options for our heroes
  • That only the personal characteristics of the protagonist intervene in the conversations
  • High load times Some slowdowns

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