Analysis of Pit People. Chaos takes over the turns

Pit People
Written by Kamran Haider

It matters little whether or not you are a fan of turn-based strategy. What’s new about the creators of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater is so funny, so absurdly chaotic, that it’s almost impossible not to have a great time with this crazy video game from The Behemoth. With a hilarious sense of humor and an addictive multiplayer, in the analysis of Pit People, we talk about what is one of the great releases of PC and Xbox One for 2018.

You will die!” Vociferate a group of assailants; The beginnings called! And you … laugh. You receive them with a loud laugh. It is impossible not to do it when, among your weapons, you find colored pencils, rotten tomatoes, an idiot skewered on a stick – such a thing! – bundles of bills or any absurd tool that comes to mind. Not to mention his pints. Who threatens death by carrying a toilet in the head? So it’s impossible to take them seriously !, but it’s the grace of Pit People, the new work of the creators of BattleBlock Theater or Castle Crashers, who again resort to absurd humor to give life to a hilarious turn-based strategy video game, XCOM style, who knows how to have fun or not. It is one of the great strengths of a title that rarely ceases to amaze, that rarely fails to thrill with its crazy action and crazy pitched battles.

When the war is unleashed, it is non-stop! Authentic chaos with which it is difficult not to have fun, with which it seems impossible not to smile, but not for that Pit People neglects the tactical options of the genre. At first glance its action seems simple, more so when you do not even have control over the objectives that your troops will attack; you decide your position on the board and they will do the rest! What is not always the most sensible and, therefore, can generate some frustration at specific moments of the game. However, despite this, there is a lot of strategy in this new work by The Behemoth that surprises, in an incredible way, with the synergies that you can create by combining special abilitiesof the troops under your command, which you can also equip with a vast and crazy arsenal of firearms, swords, bows and other tools of death, as absurd as they may seem, so that nothing and no one stops you in the field of battle. The best? Do experiments; Try new and hilarious combat tactics because it’s like that, doing crazy things, as you really enjoy this new work by the authors of Alien Hominid.

Absurd genius

I said it before. It’s amazing how Pit People, with so little, manages to surprise you again and again with their crazy action in turns. Every time you run into a new type of enemy; when you meet a Humaraña for the first time, able to weave spider webs and carry other soldiers on their back, or fight against an army of zombies that resuscitate a few turns after they die, or you stand face to face in front of a giant cyclops capable of throwing you into the air with a blow, everything tastes new in this crazy game of strategy. And it’s great! because you face the fight with respect, with some fear before an unknown enemy, more if you have activated the option of Permanent Death, fearing for the life of some troops that you may not see again with life unless you make a mistake. It is easy to do it.Absurd genius

The weakness of certain elements of nature, the ability to overcome obstacles, the power to generate monstrous creatures if you meet certain conditions … there is much to take into account when creating the small army that will fight in your name, being able to choose by a standard configuration, with a little of everything, or betting on impossible squads of those that dislodge any rival. Everything is valid in a videogame that offers great freedom of actionso that you unleash your imagination and also show that nobody wins you in wit. An army of robots, immune to poison, accompanied by toxic mushrooms? It is one of many possible combinations in a game that, yes, I would have liked to control more units simultaneously, because it only allows squadrons of six soldiers, which can be less if you bet on larger troops.

At the moment of truth, it is true, you do not need much more to have a great time with a videogame whose mission design is, in general, excellent. The Behemoth knows how to surprise again and again with more and crazier challenges that, in some cases, turn Pit People’s own action upside down. A fight against a monster worthy of HP Lovecraft? Stealth in a turn-based strategy game? This and much more awaits you in this crazy adventure that is also fascinating in the story, with a story so absurd and surreal, that silly, is great. It’s hard not to laugh at the extreme idiocy of some protagonists who will face enemies even if it fits more stupid, delighting us in a constant way with dialogues that give off humor in abundance and situations that are, for the most part, pure comedy. And the best thing is that all these jokes are integrated in a natural way in the action, creating endless moments for the memory that demonstrate once again that, when it comes to making people laugh, the authors of Castle Crashers have no rival.

The Pit People side missions present a design and script as fun or more fun than the main missions themselves

When you see in action Sofia, a conqueror in search of recruits to glorify the Queen of Spain, or enjoy the hilarious conversations of the narrator, a gigantic space bear that acts like God, doing and undoing at will, you realize how great Pit People is. This is a simple, direct videogame, ideal for users who have never dared with XCOM style titles, but at the same time, it is also a deep strategy game, with wide tactical options, ideal for the veterans to take advantage of their characteristics. most striking. One of them has to do with therecruitment of new troops, which must be hunted in the course of battles, throwing a network to the last warrior standing, which obviously forces to act with a head to avoid killing the person you wish to recruit.

Pit People also surprised by the huge amount of playable content offered. Okay, yes, there are not many main missions, so you can finish the adventure in a matter of four hours; but if you embark on the difficult task of completing secondary missions, which are dozens, and also look for all cosmetic objects and weapons, the duration of the game grows exponentially. A boring task? Not at all, because many of the secondary tasks have a design and script as fun or more than the main missions themselves, which says a lot in favor of the team responsible for this turn-based strategy adventure, which also includes a fun multiplayer side cooperative and competitive, allowing us to face the fight in the company of a friend or, well, face other players in the Pit we found in the city, the nerve center of the game.

Hilarious in the plot, Pit People is also surprisingly funny in the aesthetic, with a crazy artistic design faithful to the style The Behemoth that stands out for the colorful and bizarre appearance of the many characters that swarm through this chaotic world at war. That the healers are little cakes that consume themselves to help their own, that there are unicorns with problems of overweight throwing explosive horns, or that you can cross-dress a troll without taboos, denotes the enormous creative talent of a studio that moves like fish in the water in the world of the absurd. Even walking around the city, with all the houses moving to the rhythm of a great soundtrack, surprisingly varied and catchy, is entertainment worthy of praise. Not forgetting the narrator, brilliantly folded by Will Stamper (did the same in BattleBlock Theater), which does an immeasurable job, especially when discussing with the protagonists, who respond to their expletives with an invented language and that, of course, sounds so weird that it is hard not to laugh with it too .

For all these Pit People is such a recommended work. Its action is fun, varied and addictive, ideal for both novices and veterans, which is a great achievement for a video game that, thanks to his sense of humor, you’ll want to return sooner or later to continue throwing the odd game.

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A chaotic festival of death and destruction. There’s no better way to describe Pit People, an incredibly fun videogame that surprises with its crazy sense of humor and its exciting turn-based bouts. With a great design of missions and extensive customization options so that we can create the most absurd army there has been and to have, the new creators of Castle Crashers is a work that you can not miss, whether or not fans of strategy games by turns.

  • Their sense of humor. It’s hard not to laugh at the story he tells
  • Great mission design. The video game knows how to constantly surprise
  • Action in turns with extensive tactical options. Freedom to create your army
  • Not being able to choose which enemies to attack can cause frustrating situations
  • It would have been great to be able to control more troops simultaneously
  • The main adventure may end too soon

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