Analysis of Planet of the Apes Last Frontier. Movie or video game?

Apes Last Frontier
Written by Kamran Haider

The Planet of the Apes reappears on PS4 in the hand of an interactive movie, no more, no less. A title that will surely enjoy as many fans as detractors for its peculiar style. We analyze what Planet of the Apes offers us: the Last Frontier.

I recently had the opportunity to play and analyze the more than interesting exclusive title of PS4 and its side PlayLink Hidden Intentions . A work by Supermassive Games that based all its interest and development on interactive narrative, with tiny, practically anecdotal, playable concessions. Well, something very similar in terms of its concept is what Planet of the Apes offers us : Last Frontier, a very estimable production within its category under my point of view although it is one step behind what is offered in the aforementioned Hidden Intentions due to certain details such as housing a graphics section of lower quality and the fact of offering less playable possibilities (such as a smaller number of simultaneous participants, for example).

In this case and at least in the version for PS4 that is what has just appeared (to Xbox One and PC will do so later), Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier allows the participation of four simultaneous players , which can use both a DualShock 4 control and a free application for iOS and Android to take part in this work. And I say this last, take sides, instead of playing because, again, we are facing a kind of interactive moviein which the only thing we can do is make decisions and little else. That is, we never have direct control of the characters or anything (camera, etc.), being a feature film in which it is possible to assume many decisions that affect the behavior of the protagonists and, of course, all their development general.

Morality and determination

The argument that supports this production is striking. Chronologically it is situated between what happened in The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The War of the Planet of the Apes, introducing us into a very interesting conflict that confronts a group of humans and a colony of apes. And it is not necessary to have seen both tapes to be able to enjoy the script, although we will lose certain details and we will not obtain any previous background on the characters.

The leader of the ape settlement, Khan , as well as the new leader of the human group, Jess Ross , must face an uncertain future in which the lack of food and supplies in general can be a hard obstacle for their people to time to survive the winter and all its inclemencies. Throughout more than two hours we must take certain decisions that, without wanting to disclose anything, will challenge both sides … with internal disputes included. And it depends on how the whole argument unfolds, given that our decisions give rise to different scenes … and final, is a rejuvenating experience.Morality and determination

Decisions affect the behavior of the protagonists and their overall development

. This is also due to the more sporadic QTE that also occur from time to time and that must be overcome in a specific time … or simply not to act during them, which is also another option. And what else is there to do in this proposal? Well … little more, to say nothing. Precisely for this fact this work that is part of the PlayLink series of PS4It is not a title intended for all types of users. That’s clear. But as soon as you like movies in general, in my opinion it is worth giving it a try because it is a correct representative of this genre. It is also possible to enjoy this work in the company of up to three friends, being able to make joint decisions in which there should be a majority, so in case of a draw, we must convince some of the dissidents to continue moving forward in the plot .

As for its technical aspect, it is noted that it is a very careful production, being able to enjoy a good facial representation of the characters (especially the apes) and a great labial synchronization work. Of course, also has failures that should be polished quickly by a patch as the late loads of textures in the protagonists, a glitch that unnecessarily disfigures a pretty resultón finish in general.

The sound is placed at a somewhat higher level due especially to the excellent dubbing, which in this case is shown only in English (but with subtitles in Spanish) and that I found very good. And the soundtrack, as well as the sound effects, also reach a very outstanding quality, forming a very elaborate facet, of the best that this work of Imagination Studios offers us.

Here we have an interactive film in videogame format that presents as main values ​​a good and mature script and very well represented characters and endowed with a remarkable personality. Its playable limitation is more than evident because all we have to do is make decisions and little else, which can throw back those who do not finish finding the grace to this type of work. But it’s enjoyable if you like the genre.

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  • The script is good and hooks
  • The characters enjoy a lot of personality
  • The atmosphere is very well recreated
  • Making decisions and little else is the only thing we have to do
  • Its duration is similar to that of a movie … if you do not want to see the different endings
  • It is missing dubbing in Spanish and some graphics optimization

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