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Planet Zoo
Written by Kamran Haider

Managing a large zoo is not easy but it is very fun in the new strategy video game from the authors of Planet Coaster. Research, build and bring to life the habitats of your animals to enjoy an exciting experience like few others. Planet Zoo analysis.

Something wonderful happens when you play Planet Zoo. You know that nothing is real, that animals are nothing more than a mass of polygons and textures, and let you take care of them as if life were in it. You smile, when you see them enjoy the habitats that you have built with such enthusiasm, and you become very sad when someone dies due to illness or, worse, for not having met their needs well. Although it’s a content editor is amazing, you can build everything! It’s the animals, so alive, so real, that really steal your heart. Somehow you establish an emotional bond with them, and this is something that will make you play from a different perspective than usual. Yes, of course, the important thing is to make money; create a great empire out of nowhere that works with the precision of a clock, but also take care of animals that, ultimately, you must free in nature to perpetuate their species.

That message of awareness, of respect for animal life, has ended up falling in love with a video game that seems to lack nothing. So you play, for hours, without the passage of time minding you in the least. “I finish this habitat and I’m done,” you say to yourself, and a couple of hours later you are still there, building, designing and researching new ways to grow and expand your domains. You will always find a new excuse that keeps you glued to the PC, either because one of your animals is going to have offspring or because another is in the vet fighting for his life. And it’s a great thing. When I wrote about Planet CoasterI said that this management video game had the virtue of taking out the child we all have inside, and I think Planet Zoo achieves exactly the same thing but in a different way. That’s why it’s so worth it. Because in addition to being a great management game, with an incredible content editor, it is also an experience worth living. Although you only want to walk and dazzle yourself with the naturalness with which animals enjoy the day to day in the zoo.

May your zoo come alive!

If something surprises me about Planet Zoo is the value you give to your creations. They are not a simple decoration !, but the home where the many animals that you can shelter in this new Frontier Developments game live. That’s why you get excited like a child when you see a whole herd of elephants enjoying a peaceful bath in that great lake that you have built for them. Your efforts are always rewarded with the image of happy animals that feel alive, too real, to the point that you can spend whole minutes observing them without doing more than that, look and smile.

The design options are amazing, there is everything !, but once again, in Planet Zoo you can not be alone with the aesthetics. Each animal requires a habitat adapted to its own home, which includes, of course, the vegetation, but also the temperature, the type of soil and even scalable elements so that they can live in the same way that they would do it in freedom. Too many people around you? Little space to move around without feeling the eyes of dozens of humans? Even that affects some animals that need their own privacy to be fully happy.alive

It is first and foremost a game of deep management in which you can not leave anything to chance

Just click on each animal to know its mood in detail, which makes it easy for you to face any problem that affects your well-being, learning little to little new ways to increase your happiness with more toys, stimuli and of course decorated. That’s why Planet Zoo is such an addictive game. There is always something new to do; A new design to implement or new technology to investigate to expand construction options. You will need them. Although this is a game that comes through the eyes, it looks incredibly beautiful and cuddly! It is first and foremost a deep management game in which you can’t leave anything to chance. Crystal barriers for elephants? Soon you will discover how wrong you were.

You will laugh, yes, because it is funny to see people running terrified while the animal walks around naturally as if nothing happens; but you will also learn not to repeat that mistake. To avoid this kind of situation you have the Zoopedia, which is a great tool. At first, I didn’t pay much attention. I read the odd text with information about the animals and little else, in encyclopedia plan, without paying attention to details, and it is right there where you discover the type of barriers you should use, the height of the walls !, or how many animals they can live in a pack without fighting. With research you will learn more and more about them, enhancing their happiness but also the value of animals and their appeal to the general public.

With the passing of the hours, you will become a true expert taking advantage of the terrain, creating attractive and efficient spaces, earning more and more money, but also the prestige necessary to attract more visitors to your zoo. The construction of this great zoo is in itself an incredibly fun, but also challenging experience. The editor is wonderful, as evidenced by the work of a community that has already designed some simply spectacular habitats; But while it is a tool that offers very high freedom of action, it can also be difficult to get the most out of it. It is not that it is a difficult game, but the user interface is sometimes too capricious, excessively complicating actions that should be simpler.

I am amazed at all those little details that you should keep in mind so that everything goes perfectly. And with practice, you become an expert. You start to create underground roads by hiding the employees’ booths, power generators and other essential elements for the proper functioning of the zoo but that visitors do not like. And then you go to the heights, creating roads that allow you to observe the habitats in all their splendor without the animals suffering that lack of intimacy that ends up taking many bills. Planet Zoo is so incredible that you can even use glass barriers to observe animal life underwater, creating a variety of scenarios, so beautiful, so incredible, that you wish you could get lost in them.

Making it clear that it’s a content editor is wonderful, at the management level Planet Zoo also improves everything seen in Planet Coaster, expanding administrative options so you can even decide the price and color of the balloons you sell to visitors. For everything to go perfectly you will have to hire caregivers, veterinarians, technicians, and other employees who will ensure the safety and welfare of animals, being necessary to establish well-defined work areas to avoid being exhausted before the account, or suffer from stress Your health is important! Because they get mad and neglect their work … you can imagine the chaos. In this sense, Planet Zoo feels quite complete, giving you more than enough options to configure an employee template efficient and varied too which you can manage and control quickly. Too bad that even after a major update prior to the launch of the game there are still some problems with its artificial intelligence because sometimes employees will lose their way or even be blocked without doing anything, which obviously is a nuisance.

The animals seem real, they behave as such

If in Jurassic World Evolution had to control the genetics of dinosaurs so that they grew healthy, in Planet Zoo there is a similar mechanics. The offspring will have elements of their parents, so the higher the quality of the parents, the more attractive the animal will generate and the more prestige it will contribute to the zoo. The great thing is that you will have to control the birth rate because as your animals start to grow crazy … well, that chaos can be hilarious. So there you have the option to sterilize, and most importantly, free the animals. In the end, it is one of your primary goals; repopulate natural habitats, and it is what I most appreciate about Planet Zoo.

The whole game revolves around caring for animals, respecting nature, and it’s a beautiful message. The animals are an attraction, you use them to generate benefits, but all that money you must invest in research and treatments, and then in more animals to adopt with money or the special points that you have to repopulate the original habitats. It is a fun, exciting cycle, which also looks really good visually. You see it The animals seem real, they behave as such, which motivates you to decide to stop for a few seconds to enjoy your life with a camera that is a blessing.

The first time it rained in the African savannah, I was clear, I had to see the animals underwater. It is nonsense, it does not contribute anything, but to see how they run or shake the water from above is so adorable, that there you are, looking like an idiot, enjoying like a child. That’s why Planet Zoo is so recommended. You have a good handful of missions to learn the essentials, and then you have a whole franchise or Creation mode to design your zoo with absolute freedom. Sometimes it is more complicated than necessary, or if the interface is capricious by others, but when everything flows it is a pass. And seeing the work of the most creative players, I do nothing but imagine everything they will be able to do when they dominate everything the game offers.

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It seems impossible not to enjoy the construction and management experience proposed by Planet Zoo. Your content editor is wonderful, it has enormous potential, but it’s your animals that make a difference. They feel alive, so much, that you will do everything possible to make them happy. And by the way, you will enjoy a great management and strategy game.

  • An amazing content editor with many customization options
  • The animals feel alive. Caring for them is very rewarding.
  • Design the zoo and manage its economy
  • Some problems with artificial intelligence
  • The interface can be somewhat capricious at times
  • The customization options of the terrariums seem scarce

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