Analysis of Pokémon Magikarp Jump. Magikarp, the pupae

Written by Kamran Haider

Magikarp, the most huge scumbag of the Pokémon fauna, is much loved in one of the many locations in the world of pocket monsters. You get there and they urge you to train your own Magikarp in an unusual or unusual art: the high jump. Yours is the duty to improve as a fish trainer in the noble art of jumping to succeed in the eight leagues of the Select Button game. Pokémon analysis: Magikarp Jump.

Pokémon and the mobile territory: a millionaire communion since last summer. The Pokémon Company is very aware of what was discovered after the successful and crazy premiere of Pokémon GO last July, but it seems that no one in the firm will prevent other companies from trying to get new and crazy projects with the lucrative license led by Pikachu. But now forget about the electric rat: the protagonist of the new application is the most unexpected of all, so much that it is not even used to fight. Who would imagine a video game for iOS and Android starring Magikarp after the fever of augmented reality? It says a lot about the work philosophy of the Japanese firm, and we must celebrate that they will remain faithful to their philosophy despite the successful millionaire.

In command of the title, they have placed Select Button, a company that may not be overly known in the western territory, but which achieved millions of downloads in Japan a couple of years ago with its management and care game Survive Mola Mola. From this title, also focused on marine beings, they have rescued elements such as fish management and care, feeding method or growth, but also care and irreverent black humor that will leave you with your mouth open in a franchise so innocent and Blanquita like this. What I can assure you from now is that the Pidgeotto that has taken your pet will not return it to you soon.

Magikarp, magikarpero! Famous…

Pokemon Magikarp Jump has a very simple objective: you will have to train your fish to improve its jumps and beat other competitors in the eight available leagues. Victory in each fight rewards coach and coin experience; The first improve your training skills, intimately related to the jump level of your Magikarp, and the second allows you to access new training and meals that have an impact on your pet’s experience. The challenge, therefore, is to know how to manage the training of your fish in the most appropriate way, improving and buying the best elements that guarantee to increase the Magikarp’s boat ability faster.

Training is temporary activities that allow your Magikarp to improve their skills more agilely than with food, but they have the problem of being events that limit their use to half an hour of activity. Beyond waiting, there are elements that allow you to enjoy new training shifts, usually presented by villagers who will help you, for example, massaging or entertaining your Magikarp, promoting an extra motivation for the character that translates into a new turn. You can improve training with coins.

These aids are not the only elements that appear randomly during training and fighting: in some cases, there will also be some random events in which the black humor inherited from Survive Mola Mola. We have seen cases in which Magikarp tried to catch a berry from a branch and has ended up being hunted by a Pidgeotto; A Pokeball with what looked like a reward inside has ended up being a Voltorb that has exploded in the mouths of Magikarp and has caused death, which has led us to the pond to find a new fish to replace our Magikarp to the grill

Not shiny

The problem of Pokémon Magikarp Jump is obvious: within its good intentions the production ends up being hopelessly repetitive. The high leagues end up being redundant, and you will need to go up several levels to finish them. Yes, there are some interesting elements in the game that are helping us improve without going through the box, but the reward beyond the fact of moving forward is little beyond improvement, obtaining new medals or improving the jumps to overcome your Facebook friends.

The microtransaction currency is diamonds: we will receive a few a day to advance some rounds and get bonuses, but it is inevitable to think that the effort required by them does not rent in comparison to the payment, which would give us easy access to friends (pokémon friends that help us with their abilities), ornaments (that improve the statistics of the rewards) and objects (that will grant us new training or improvements). Is it a coincidence that the best grants are granted with diamonds? Of course not. The game is free, but not silly.

Who is Magikarp Jump for? I think it is a satisfactory title to play some games and learn about the curious deaths of Magikarp: feed and win a few tournaments and see what happens if the fish reaches high levels. The design is nice and pleasant, just like its soundtrack, but it is a pity that a product that could have aspired to more without forgetting F2P elements has remained in something so simple and repetitive. Some minigame with player interaction or extra would have been helpful.

Definitely, Select Button has been far from the success of Niantic, but it is very likely that The Pokémon Company did not pretend or come close; that the owners of the brand try parallel projects to the main series is not something negative, and what today has been an insubstantial game tomorrow could be a new phenomenon in phones and tablets.

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Magikarp Jump wants to be a friendly F2P videogame, but at high levels, it ends up being frustrating and repetitive if you don’t access payment elements through a microtransaction. However, it is an interesting idea, that although it could have tried to bet on extra elements to become a more attractive title, it is ideal entertainment for fleeting games and access to small pillories of somewhat black humor by the standards of the innocent and white franchise.

  • Magikarp deserved his video game
  • Perfect for fleeting games
  • Great drawings and beautiful animations
  • Slow access to activities and exercises
  • Little interaction in the game with your pet
  • It ends up being hopelessly repetitive

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