Analysis of Pokkén Tournament DX. Victoria … for the minimum

Written by Kamran Haider

If we fight Pokkén Tournament DX with its equivalent Wii U version, the result would be a minimum victory for Nintendo Switch. The new fighters, modes, and options build a better game that will especially appeal to those who could not try the original. We tell you in our analysis.

About the previous video game (Wii U, 2016) we said that it had a great and innovative combative style. The existence of two phases in the contests – open and bereavement – gave rise to very novel gameplay, but also strategic within the always competitive genre of the fight. You could see the hand of Bandai Namco, the main developer of a title whose premiere was initially for arcade machines.

The video game was deep, and had a quality beyond any doubt, thanks to a very striking visual section. However, it also had many aspects to improve. One of the most criticized was the shortage of fighters. We also miss more variety in game modes. What Pokkén Tournament DX is doing is directly attacking these weaknesses, while becoming another important exponent in the growing Nintendo Switch catalog.

The news is few, we are not going to fool ourselves, and some of them not very important. In this sense, this version is very fair the qualification of “deluxe”. Those who have played the previous must weigh very well if done with it, but the rest (and if both fans of the genre as the Pokémon it is) have here a recommendable game, even more than appeared in Wii U. The reason? That includes everything that Pokkén Tournament offered both in this machine and in recreational, more than any other surprise.

A necessary evolution

The biggest novelty of Pokkén Tournament DX is that it includes five new fighters, which gives us a total squad of 21 Pokémon. It is still a fairly modest number, but already more attractive. We understand that this is due to the need to obtain a good combative balance, something that we believe has been strengthened with respect to the previous version. The new Pokémon are Decidueye (plant-ghost), Scizor (bug-steel), Empoleon (water-steel), Croagunk (poison-fight) and Darkrai (sinister). They provide variety and are well-chosen, taking into account that they provide a good combination of short and long-distance attacks.

All fighters are selectable from the beginning, contrary to what happened in Wii U, which had to be unlocked. The same goes for support pokémon, whose repertoire expands with the inclusion of Litten and Popplio (Pokémon Sun and Moon). The mere fact of giving everything from the first moment offers the feeling of having a richer and more powerful game, leaving the task of unlocking for other things, also interesting (such as equipment or skill points).Pokkén Tournament DX

Nintendo Switch has seated Pokkén Tournament

The main modality, the Ferrum League, is strengthened by these circumstances, although its scheme is still repetitive (several leagues with endless qualifiers). In addition, it is scarce in challenges during the first phases. Many contests pass until the thing gets interesting. The bad thing is that the game ends your patience before that happens. However, if you overcome the bump, the video game ends up thanking you, as there are very rewarding confrontations.

Satisfaction also comes because each fight means gaining experience, leveling up and earning points to improve our Pokémon. What is being tried in Pokkén Tournament DX is, in part, trying to invigorate that aspect. The daily challenges contribute to this, raising us against different Pokémon that reward us with skill points.

Team combat has been added, which consists of 3 vs 3 battles, where we will have to dispatch – one by one – to the pokémon of our opponent. Additionally, we have group combat, which are online combat rooms formed by users of a level similar to ours. Finally, we must cite the repetitions, useful to record our actions, but also to learn the technique of others.

In the end, there is little that brings this version. They are added in many minor cases, but together they form a more complete video game. In this sense, we were surprised that we have local matches on a split-screen for two players, both the typical versus 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 that we talked about before. We have noticed that fluency suffers a bit, but it is perfectly playable. We must, in any case, applaud this type of initiatives, which unfortunately seems to be lost over time.

So, in conclusion, surely the best thing to say is that Nintendo Switch has sat well with Pokkén Tournament. This DX edition responds to some of the previous problems, mainly those related to the number of characters and game modes. It maintains, of course, many of the negative aspects already mentioned (such as the little rhythm printed to the Ferrum League). In any case, since the playable base was great, and now it is strengthened with successful incorporations, we can only say that we are facing a combative exponent not so much for those who already played on Wii U, but for those who now want to discover it in the hybrid machine of the Great N.

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Pokkén Tournament is a better video game on Nintendo Switch, although for the minimum. Without great efforts, Bandai Namco builds a title with more content, mainly thanks to the inclusion of 5 fighters and new modalities (among which the team fights and daily challenges stand out). Other aspects such as the split-screen or the use of Switch features – wireless local multiplayer – help to understand why Pokkén Tournament DX is a good option for those who had not tried the original game.

  • The combative system: novel, deep and quality
  • The 5 new fighters bring variety and richness to the original squad
  • Local multiplayer split-screen for two players
  • It remains a graphically featured title, with virtually no changes in Switch
  • Daily challenges, team battles, repetitions… They are not great contributions, but they contribute to a better video game
  • The Ferrum League continues to present a rhythm problem, becoming repetitive
  • As review something is fair, he has lacked ambition

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