Analysis of Pure Farming 2018. Pure Farming 2018, my life on the farm

Written by Kamran Haider

Pure Farming is one of those special videogames that moves away from the usual genres to, in its case, bet on agricultural simulation. A game of farms that is presented in almost all formats and with realistic dyes. Analysis of Pure Farming 2018.

In an era in which more and more launches are concentrated within very specific genres (shooters, battle royale and sandbox of all kinds mainly), the fact of still enjoying other play offers clearly different as is the case of Pure Farming 2018 is something that I find vital for our industry. Niche games that seek their place for those users who simply try to enjoy different gaming experiences.

In addition, within its slow nature, it is a proposal much more dense and complex than it might seem when referring to a game of “farming” or farms. Its character as a simulator can be seen in different areas of the game and, without a doubt, this touch of realism adds more interest to the whole. A title in which it is necessary to be aware of a thousand and one different aspects, giving shape to gameplay less “relaxed” than some probably think.

Far from offering a casual tone in the style of titles such as the Harvest Moon series or Story of Seasons, with Pure Farming 2018, we are facing an approach that, within what is possible, pursues realism or authenticity.

Life in the farm from

the outset, it is possible to put ourselves at the controls of several vehicles in trucks or off-road vehicles of brands such as Mitsubishi or Daf and, best of all, it is also possible to get on tractors, mowers and other machinery related to life on the farm, all of them equally real and belonging to companies like Zetor or Landini. And if that were not enough, Kärcher and other well-known firms also lend some of their models of all kinds of complementary machinery and other tools such as fumigators, irrigation, etc. It is not that dozens of them have been integrated, but there is more than enough in my opinion. A very successful way to try to authenticate the gaming experience.

Once created our character through the corresponding editor, simple but functional, we can enjoy three different game modes, is the most recommended for all those who, like me, are neophytes in the matter begin with the call My First Farm. The reason is that this option includes many tips and also tutorials to learn the different ins and outs that have to do with the life of a farmer.

Throughout a broad remittance of missions or objectives that are progressively marked, we must continue to earn a living in this profession and perform various tasks. Being aware of chickens, rabbits, and others, transporting raw materials and other objects, spraying, watering, harvesting our crops or even being able to work with renewable energy are some of our main tasks. By power, it is even possible to get to drive a drone! And I assure you that all these tasks have much more crumb than it seems. A good example is everything related to farmland. To be good farmers it is not only necessary to take into account the times (crops, harvesting, etc.) but if, for example, one day it rains, we have to be aware of turning off the automatic irrigation so as not to ruin the harvest.Life in the farm

To all this is added the management of resources and, of course, that necessary evil that we all know: money. I assure you that sometimes you will look with a magnifying glass at the expense of not ending up ruined or, worse, asking for a loan. An aspect that adds a little extra grace to this gameplay.

This modality gives for enough hours of the game, although once dominated, it is possible to enjoy the most “pro”: Free Farm. This game mode is more complicated because to take the reins of our farm we are given total freedom to do what we want at all times, that is, we are not marking specific targets. Therefore, it is up to us to do what we think is most convenient in each moment, without worthy advice or anything like that, being a really remarkable challenge.

Precisely, the last of the game modes that bring Pure Farming 2018 is called Agricultural Challenges. Up to 20 very unfavorable situations arise in this modality (fires, prolonged droughts, etc.), being necessary to demonstrate our best skills in the matter to overcome all of them. An offer of quite complete modalities that, in addition, has been accompanied by texts in Spanish to the surprise of many given the so niche character that this production holds.

Different gameplay and, logically, more leisurely than what we offer 90% of current titles that, if you do not call anything attention the genre, surely end up causing you drowsiness. But it is also true that those who give it a chance will discover a more interesting and entertaining title than it may seem.

In addition, its graphic facet has also been taken care of, highlighting the enormous extension that the environments usually have (there are four different locations, each one with its regional peculiarities) and the convincing appearance that all the machines show. And as for the sound, it highlights the option of being able to listen to the radio when we drive the vehicles or, even, the possibility of adding our own music. The rest goes unnoticed.

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Without being (for more than obvious reasons) an attractive game for everyone, what Pure Farming 2018 offers us ends up being entertaining once you get fully into the life of a farmer. Life is much more stressful than you would expect given that it is necessary to do a good amount of different tasks, this being one of the most striking qualities that house this work. If you are not interested in the subject, you will surely go over it, but as it has happened in the past with other relatively similar proposals, it is one of those games that are quite grateful and end up being hooked.

  • The game offer is, at least, quite original
  • Great variety of jobs and tasks to worry about
  • Interesting and quite enjoyable modes
  • The number of vehicles, in general, is somewhat limited
  • If your subject does not appeal to you, surely you will end up getting tired

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