Analysis of Puyo Puyo Tetris. Bubbles, colors and fun puzzle

Puyo Puyo Tetris
Written by Kamran Haider

Tetris and Puyo Puyo. Two classics that Sega brings together with great success in this addictive puzzle game that after its passage on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, is now released on PC ready to conquer the fans with its varied playable offer. Whether alone or against friends thanks to its multiplayer, this is one of those games that is worth trying. Analysis of Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Who else, who less, knows Tetris or Puyo Puyo. Two sagas of reference among fans of puzzle games that join forces !, which are united in this new and addictive Sega videogame that after delighting fans on Nintendo Switch and PS4, now comes willing to repeat the feat with PC players. And there are reasons for joy. Puyo Tetris is one of those titles for which you are always looking for space; one of those games that steal your life without realizing it, keeping you stuck to the screen for hours and hours. So funny is this work that also surprised by the vast amount of game modes offered, in addition to its multiplayer, which will allow us to face other users.

One of the great things about this production is that it keeps intact the essence of both franchises. If we talk about Tetris … is there someone who does not know how to play? Basically, you have to align the Tetriminos calls or pieces that fall from the top of the screen to form horizontal lines of blocks that are disappearing. In Puyo Puyo, on the other hand, instead of blocks, what we have to collect are bubbles of different colors that disappear when we join four or more of the same hue. Game mechanics as simple as absorbing and addictive and that have been with us for many years, and if they have not gone out of style in all this time, it will be something!

Puzzles for all tastes

So to bounce early and start the game gives us such an enormous amount of game modes and options that can even overwhelm. Sega has not spared anything in this regard and has wanted to give his work much content both to enjoy the game individually as well as accompanied, a fact that we appreciate here.Puzzles for all tastes

Puyo Puyo Tetris gives us such an enormous amount of game modes and options that it can even overwhelm

If we decide to play alone, we can do it either by one of the main modes presented by the game, Adventure or by any of the many that are included in the Solo Arcade option of which I will speak later. Focusing on the first, the Adventure mode consists of several different acts that include no less than ten different tests each, which guarantees plenty of hours of fun. And more if we consider that although it is not a hellish game mode at all in terms of its level of difficulty is concerned, it is true that from time to time we must overcome the odd test quite difficult.

This game mode has a script “very Japanese” and the screen is appearing a very large number of characters that do not stop talking to each other, talks that are recreated in English and Japanese with subtitles only in the language of Shakespeare, one of the few faults that hold the title. Space travel, dimensional leaps, and other clichés come into play throughout the story starring Tee, Ringo and other characters, a curious plot where there are and that serves as an excuse to offer what we have said: a variety of tests. One against one confrontation challenges against the clock, levels in which we must alternate mechanics based on Tetris with others in Puyo Puyo and other challenges are alternated as the phases pass.

Much more crumb presents the section that I mentioned before, Solo Arcade, a modality that gathers no less than half a dozen different submodalities. Versus is the most traditional, and we can choose to enjoy the Tetris or Puyo Puyo formula, the one that most appeals to us. Then we have Fusion, one of the most attractive because it combines, on the same screen, both game formulas, which is a challenge in itself. Swap is similar to the previous one but instead of falling Tetriminos and Puyos on the same screen, in this case, we must play in two different ones that alternate. big Bangit comes to be like pre-established small puzzles in which we must strategically place the falling tiles to eliminate the remaining blocks or Puyos that are arranged on the screen. And finally, at Party, we add items that we can use to our advantage, while in Challenge we are encouraged to participate in half a dozen other challenges (Marathon, Ultra, Sprint, etc.) that test our ability.

Do you think a few game options to entertain us alone? Well, you know that each of them also presents different options and alternatives, giving rise to hours and hours of varied fun. The same thing, but replicated and adapted, is what the title offers us if we decide to play in multiplayer. The Multiplayer Arcade allows two, three or even four players to enjoy games locally to the disciplines Versus, Fusion, Swap, Big Bang and Party. These same modalities are integrated into one of the online modes that also present the title, Free Play, a discipline that also allows us to participate in an interesting Puzzle League (with rankings in between), invite a friend or even watch replays.

A feast of options and game modes that have been well “packaged” by a wrap of aesthetic clear manganese very striking and colorful, that PC improves its resolution, although this aspect is totally secondary in this type of game. The same happens with the sound, which fulfills with great success without reaching outstanding levels. On the other hand, Sega has adapted the action of Puyo Puyo Tetris to the use of the keyboard and mouse, giving the option to freely configure the controls of the game.

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Lovers of puzzle games can already enjoy a careful title, full of game modes and able to offer fun whether playing alone or in the company of four other users. Sega has managed to recreate with Puyo Puyo Tetris one of the best titles of its kind that appeared in recent months, a work that can dispense months and months of entertainment.

  • Infinity of different game modes
  • The multiplayer mode for four is tremendous
  • Very nice and colorful staging
  • Attaching and customizable gaming experience
  • The plot of the Adventure mode is … surreal

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