Analysis of Rainbow Skies, role of retro essence

Written by Kamran Haider

Role-playing games continue to proliferate and, in certain cases, they try to revive the experiences lived in the classics of past generations. That is the case of Rainbow Skies, a good example of this that we discussed in your analysis.

Of course not that it was the most striking game RPG or, even less, popular when it appeared on the consoles of Sony many years ago. I speak of Rainbow Moon, an RPG that I had the opportunity to analyze six years ago and that left me with a good memory. Well, after all this time at last Sidequest Studios has culminated the sequel to this work, Rainbow Skies, a quite remarkable and meritorious continuation that, in addition, appears for the three Sony consoles, a detail by the developers.

In addition it seems relevant to me to emphasize that it is a Cross-Buy game (the one of time that did not use that expression), that is to say, that by means of a single payment it is possible to enable the three versions simultaneously. And not only that, since it is a game that also takes advantage of the Cross-Save option, being able to save the game and continue it through PSN in the machine that we created opportunely (PS4, PS3, and PS Vita). An effort that seems worthy of praise.

The story that takes place during the adventure is not bad, but I must say that it is neither the most suggestive that I have ever lived nor, the one that has given me the most surprises. But hey, it’s not bad. Three are the main protagonists, Damion, Layne and Ashly, three young men who, due to an accident that takes place during a “curious” exam in which Damion is involved, end up in a world unknown to all of them. A story that has a comic point that gives it more grace but, I reiterate, is not even the most outstanding point that houses this RPG production.

A traditional TRPG

However, everything related to the playable aspect of Rainbow Skies does enjoy much more interest, especially for lovers of classic titles. And that is mainly due to its system of battles, which has been captured with much success. The combats take place in turns and it is possible to participate in duels in which we see arriving at the rivals as in others that occur in a random way. We can choose to fight as well as to go through those fights in which we do not want to intervene … but the latter is not highly recommended (especially in specific moments of the title) because, as in any RPG, gain experience and new more powerful objects fundamental. In fact, on more than one occasion you will have to grind a bit to balance the strength of your characters with those of the adversaries …

When we fight, the scenario in which we find ourselves is divided into tiles or grids which we must place our characters in a very strategic way. This placement has its importance, given that depending on the place where we are we can cause more damage to certain enemies, avoid a direct attack of them, etc. We enjoy many possibilities of action in each of the turns of our characters (turns that are indicated properly in the upper part of the screen), especially when it is time to attack, given that our allies are capable of achieving a very large number of special attacks or skills.traditional TRPG

Sometimes it is predictable, but offers a good number of possibilities

These clashes usually take more time than usual in the genre, something that can overwhelm some users but, at least in my opinion, does not seem a defect itself. And it is also necessary to note that, from time to time, quite noticeable peaks of difficulty are appreciated, an aspect that is usually quite common in this type of RPG works.

Leaving aside the contests, the amount of tasks and entertainment offered by Rainbow Skies draws our attention. The interaction with the characters is fundamental, being able to market, knowing details about the mission in which we find ourselves and much closer to the types that roam around the scenes, especially when we reach one of the many towns that are distributed by the funds. Some dialogues that have been translated into our language, which will please many of you.

On the other hand, it is almost overwhelming the number of secondary missions in which it is possible to get to participate throughout the adventure, thus expanding incredibly the duration of it. Of course, I must clarify in this analysis that most of these optional tasks are quite simple and uninteresting, acting in many cases as mere messengers. Something more ambitious in this sense would not have hurt this work.

The improvement and the continuous evolution of our protagonists are another of the best qualities of the adventure. It is not only possible to learn new movements and actions or improve the classic statistics (health and magic level, defense, etc.), but we can also find many new weapons, objects, and armor that bring us benefits of all kinds. And how can we do with them? Well in different ways, either buying them in the corresponding stores, finding treasures that are scattered by the sets or eliminating certain adversaries.

Sometimes it can be predictable.

Does not all this seem to you? Well, the game still monopolizes other characteristics. And one of the most important is the breeding and care of monsters. It is possible to locate and incubate monsters’ eggs so that, later, they become part of our team. Yes, it is not that it is an especially novel function but this time this characteristic has been well represented. Add to all this content playable other ingredients such as exploration, solving puzzles or the possibility of participating in entertaining minigames and you will have an adventure as complete as, if you wish, deep and extensive. It is true that sometimes it can be predictable, but certainly, this work offers a number of possibilities.

Unfortunately, this interesting gameplay has not been accompanied by all the good that it should for its technical section, which weakens in certain aspects. To begin with, the isometric perspective is sometimes not the best to follow the action in certain scenarios, but the worst is the design of the characters and most of the adversaries: too bland, without any charisma. The scenarios are varied and colorful enough, but it is not that they show especially striking and, even less, original, being able to visit the typical areas of play that we all expect in a title of these characteristics.

The Rainbow Skies soundtrack is clearly superior. From his soundtrack, which without being brilliant does have enough quality, its more than correct dubbing (with texts in Spanish, I reiterate), the title manages to submerge us in a fantasy world in a plausible way.

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Lovers of indie RPGs will be able to taste a good exponent of the genre, more specifically the Tactical RPG. Entertaining, long, well designed and with a lot of content to enjoy, Rainbow Skies is a pleasant surprise that we did not have and that is postulated as one of the best titles within its nature for the summer. It is true that it has an obvious margin of improvement in certain aspects such as the graphics section (although it is not bad either) and in small playable details, but, overall, it is a very remarkable title in general terms.

  • It is noted the love with which it has been developed, respecting the classics
  • It’s a Cross-Buy title: three versions of a decade
  • Good fighting system and many missions to overcome
  • The argument is not correct, without surprises
  • It’s a pity that it has not been polished more in technical issues

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