Analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. Is it the definitive version of the game?

Red Dead Redemption 2
Written by Kamran Haider

You wanted to see Arthur Morgan on your computer, right? We also. In this analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, you can consult our opinion on all the news of the fantastic Rockstar video game in its landing incompatible. Worth?

It seemed that the moment was never going to come, even some like me were betting that RDR 2 would not come to PC, but it is finally among us. I could not be more happy to have made a mistake, and now the community of computer users can also enjoy one of the best games of the generation for many (and, for me, the best). Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched last year on PS4 and Xbox One and remained as a true visual reference on both machines that still, and in terms of the open world, has not been surpassed. The desire to see it working incompatible, and to enjoy the ultimate technological experience of this jewel, was one of the main points of attraction to re-dive into this title … However, any pretext is good to enjoy Arthur Morgan and more with a version as careful as this one.

Yes, there have been problems with the launch of the game in its first days in reference to complications for its access through the Rockstar shuttle, however already raffled and most of the inconveniences, we can already enjoy a huge video game and that the community He promises to make it even bigger. Not only in regards to aesthetics, of course, and it is only necessary to remember how any work of the study launched on PC has progressed thanks to its prolific fans with its mods loaded with ingenious ideas and, sometimes, very funny, they have often extended the life of many of these launches to infinity .

So, today I offer you the analysis of Red Dead Redemption II, yes, but you have to keep in mind that this is only a starting point. A wonderful one, yes, and also unexpected just a few weeks ago. But a starting point for something that, over time, can be even bigger.

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, New Horizons

If you need to know playable or plot elements of the title, we recommend that you take a look at the analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2 that we published at the time with the console versions. Except for some differences that we will detail below in terms of content, the rest of the experience is the same in everything but the visual, so it would be redundant to re-break it. Only highlight its value as a simulator of being a cowboy, which in terms of pace and complexity of the experience is unbeatable; and, on the other hand, the layout of the personalities of the hero and his acolytes that we already dealt with partially in our section of Credible Characters centered on Arthur Morgan . The best of recent years.

New content for this PC version of RDR 2? There is also, of course. We found some unpublished bounty hunter missions, three, as well as hiding places for enemy gangs and some extra treasures to obtain. If we add some new weapons and horses that make their debut to all this, we have a very curious package for completists in terms of novelties for this review.

The main course seemed to be, without a doubt, the mission that is exclusive to the compatible version. It is a secondary school called Hasta Los Confines de la Tierra, which, in fact, is a rather inconsequential landfill commission. We know the herbalist named William, who will ask us for help to collect certain herbs. The thing will be lengthened during several meetings, as with this type of character, however, beyond their sweet treats (always very useful objects), there is little relevant to contribute about the presence of this mission.Redemption

The controls enjoy a great transition to the PC

On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 also comes to PC accompanied by something that seems little less than non-negotiable in the big blockbusters. A Photo Mode that we did not see at the time in consoles, and that has all the necessary parameters to be able to take some fantastic snapshots. No doubt the fans are going to flood their internet. In fact, there is integration with the Rockstar Club to share our small works of art, and the options deck is complete and allows for good possibilities.

In another order of things, everything related to controls enjoys a great transition, like the rest of the playable elements. Of course there are those who argue that third-person action games are enjoyed more by default with pad, I am not a friend of those very sharp statements of course, so what I can say is that I am delighted to have both possibilities and, In addition, to have a pointed and comfortable, smooth and pleasant camera operation with the mouse and keyboard pack . Especially useful for that first-person vision that is again as easily accessible as in the original.Demanding

Imposing and Demanding

The video game has not stopped updating practically since its launch, and it is striking that with only a few days on sale we are already in version 1.14. That does not mean that there have been 14 patches since its premiere, in fact, there have only been two and a third of extra content, but there is a certain lack of foresight on how some things have started. The update of November 4, the day of its arrival at the stores, we had a download aimed at improving the stability of the title, and on the 6th we downloaded a new revision to also deal with incidents that were solved by deactivating the antivirus, improvised and temporary. It was no way to proceed, of course, and Rockstar quickly took note of the matter to end it.

Where the thing has come out much better stop is in terms of graphic and performance options. There the title offers a huge number of alternatives, with a real madness of options. There is a zone with basic alternatives, the classic ones of resolution, vertical synchronization, and others, a somewhat more detailed part for the general quality of the game in matters such as textures, shadows, particles, lighting and antialiasing and, finally, we find an area called Advanced Graphicswhich is initially blocked and that has much more specific aspects for the more experienced user. With elements such as occlusion, water refraction, the shadow of specific elements such as grass or volumetric resolution. The dream of all fans who like to mess with a thousand and one options until they find their ideal configuration and, specifically, 50 options to play with.

In terms of graphic options and performance, it offers many options.

The game also has two very useful tools. The classic calculation of memory consumption of our graphics card and, on the other hand, the Test Bank that subjects our team to different tests to see how it develops with the graphic options we have chosen. Natural sites, urban sections and, of course, the occasional shooting to check if all our choices will allow us to enjoy an experience as beautiful and fluid as we can get.

Already, then, our hand comes into play to take advantage of the alternatives that the title leaves us in this field. And I warn you, that the thing is beautiful and spectacular, but also tremendously demanding and, in fact, something capricious.

Lighting, shadows, and antialiasing, how could it be otherwise, are some of the elements that consume more resources; However, even moderating its use remarkably there are some oscillations in the rate of images per second that do not become annoying but are palpable. Some descents in kinematics or in the parts that show more drawing distance are not going to surprise you when you spend a few hours with the game. Of course, if you do not have a truly powerful PC, say goodbye to aspiring to good FPS rates with numerous options in Ultra. That simply will not happen.

The game, far from those brutal settings, still looks amazingly good. With a PC equipped with an i7 at 4.00GHz, 16GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX 1080 I have not had problems to reach 60FPS with a 1080p resolution but, as I say, with some fall that can reach 40FPS. It is not serious, because it does not spoil the gaming experience itself, but it is extremely annoying to the eye. All this, of course, with a really impressive visual aspect in which being a bit skilled with sacrifices allows us to maximize the experience of what we will see on screen although always subject, yes, to some descents that sometimes seem difficult to identify.

It will continue to be valid for years to come with more powerful cards.

Think of moving it to 4K resolution with decent visual options. We have to start shuffling GTX 2080 graphics cards and microprocessors i9-9900k, and hardware very close to the highest range for equipment for players. Still, you have to make important commitments to have a fluid game and even, to have the graphic options mostly in Ultra or High, it is advisable to opt for an SLI with both GPUs. A real madness, of course, that gives us an idea of ​​the amazing graphics section that has the title, yes, but that leaves us in doubt if the optimization could have been worked much more for those who want the most powerful visual experience or, although, Rockstar simply has not cut anything and has put all the meat on the grill in terms of textures or level of detail to be able to continue expanding its majesty with cards that are still to come .

It would not be the first time that even the community itself, with all its talent, arrives where studies cannot (want), of course. But it would be inappropriate to trust the fan to solve the problems of development teams without reproaching anything to their true leaders. It is not the case, there is so much graphic alternative that it is a video game that can be enjoyed as something less than avant-garde without maximizing it, and that will continue to be in force for years to come with more powerful cards in a case that, in some way, reminds me of what we saw with Crysis at the time. However, we already see some really amazing things, such as the implementation through mods of a series of effects such as the implementation of the raytracing in Red Dead Redemption 2 or the shade in the Rockstar shooter, which thus manages to jump over certain absences of the official software itself.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 finally disembarks on PC with all the bullets of the magazine of its revolver ready to make fire but, in addition, with a much-improved graphics section. Elements such as some extra mission and the coveted photo mode help to round up your playable offer, but the really formidable is the possibility of obtaining a better visual experience even than the console. To maximize it you have to have a very powerful PC because its enjoyment with the highest parameters does not seem like something for a 2019 hardware, of course, but the bristling of the hair with the incredible landscapes of the great journey of Arthur Morgan well deserves it.

  • All the extraordinary quality of the original video game is still present here
  • Graphically it was already overwhelming on PS4 and Xbox One, but with a powerful PC it reaches a new level
  • Photo mode, one of the most demanded features by the community that is present exclusively for PC
  • Everything that awaits us in terms of community work, both graphically and playable.
  • Optimization is something capricious and is a terribly demanding video game if we want to maximize it.
  • The exclusive content that is added on PC is quite inconsequential.
  • Some very specific reactions from other NPCs remain untranslated.

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