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Resident Evil 7
Written by Kamran Haider

A new nightmare in reduced format is added to those already available in Resident Evil 7. An additional chapter that presents a couple of new guidelines to this odyssey and a brown beast as heavy as powerful. Analysis of RE 7: The End of Zoe.

Recently I was asked to provide the typical list of my ten favorite games of the year and, after making it (which sometimes takes longer than you think at first), Resident Evil 7: Biohazard finished on the podium, in the third position concretely (surely many of you guess which occupied the first two places …). This saga I have always liked a lot and has been my favorite, and given that in my opinion, this seventh part numbered is the three or four best within the franchise, it is difficult not to resist their charms.

For that reason, every time new content appears for this exciting adventure of terror I take great joy, and more if it brings new experiences as is the case of what happens at The End of Zoe (End of Zoe). This episode, which is one of the great additions to the new edition entitled Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition and which can also be acquired independently through online services, offers certain interesting news. And although I already advance you that only gives for two or three hours of fun, they are quite enjoyable.

The story takes place just after what happened in the other new content that has also been made available to the followers of this adventure, I’m Not a Hero (Not a Hero). And as it is almost impossible not to spoil anything important (as, so first, the entity of Zoe itself) for those users who have not played Resident Evil 7 , I will just reveal nothing. The only thing I can tell you is that the protagonist is a guy named Joe who should look for a cure for Zoe. It is done. But what I can comment is that this DLC answers some very interesting questions.


What is most striking about this DLC is that its protagonist can use only his fists to get rid of the monsters that haunt him. Moreover, one of the few trophies/achievements that integrate this DLC is only granted if we overcome the adventure using only the brute force of the protagonist. Joe can not use weapons? Yes, it can, although only a couple of them (and not fire) … and they do not abound, although it is possible to manufacture some if we find the necessary pieces corresponding as tree branches or scrap.

Exactly this fact transforms quite the dynamics of the adventure and the playability that this episode gives us in relation to the lived in the main adventure. The melee combat becomes the usual way we must face the monsters that populate the new scenario that hosts this mini adventure. Clashes that despite its simplicity (it is only possible to cover us, throw punches with the left and right arm and perform two combos), are quite satisfactory.Staaarsssss!

The DLC answers some very interesting questions

The zenith of these battles is reached when we face a new enemy (which I do not intend to unveil) really heavy and that, as if it were Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, gives us the member during the whole game. A brown beast that leads to a couple of combats that, in my opinion, are really exciting. But as I have told you this being is not the only one that needs to be eliminated, since the party is joined by the well-known holomorphs and lethal crocodiles with a voracious appetite.

To give more grace and depth to this dynamic, on the one hand, it is possible to use stealth and catch the rivals from behind to finish them very easily, either crushing his head to the floor with a stomp or breaking his neck. A gore festival in any of the cases. Also, as we move forward we can pick up a series of boxer dolls or effigies that, if we keep them in our inventory, enhance the strength of our punch (1% or 5% more for each doll we have on top). Join these elements in the search for food (bugs in this case) and touches of survival horror, small doses of exploration and the usual haunting atmosphere and you will have very striking game experience.gore festival

Is it worth it to enjoy it? Those who have previously acquired the season pass of the original game or who intend to take over the aforementioned reissue called Gold Edition are sure to enjoy this DLC of Resident Evil 7, End of Zoe and the rest of the additional content. which is already available for this great adventure. The rest of the users and given that The End of Zoe costs 14.99 euros, must weigh whether the two or three hours (at the most) that lasts are worth it.

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Followers of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard can now enjoy both I’m Not a Hero and The End of Zoe. A chapter this last one that introduces us to a new protagonist, stage and main enemy as well as a different game mechanics that works quite well. It only gives a couple of hours of fun (something more if you want to find all the effigies, for example), but they are very enjoyable and, besides, it is possible to live a couple of very entertaining confrontations.

  • The new main character, stage, and adversary (formidable)
  • Melee matches are well recreated
  • The atmosphere of tension is still excellent
  • The dubbing in Spanish is also very good
  • It only gives for a couple of hours of action
  • Could have integrated some new enemy more

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