Analysis of Resident Evil Revelations. Resident Evil Revelations becomes portable again

Resident Evil Revelations
Written by Kamran Haider

With Resident Evil Revelations we return once again to this spin-off of the classic series that surprised in its launch for Nintendo 3DS and was later adapted to desktop consoles and computers. Is the Switch version then one more conversion? We discover it in its corresponding analysis.

Yes again. Resident Evil: Revelations returns after more than five years since its original release on Nintendo 3DS now with a new conversion to Nintendo Switch, having gone through all the platforms and haves. On the way, that adaptation of the MT Framework engine that had such an impact on the laptop has been losing surprise factor with the move to desktop consoles, but it looks really good on the screen of the Nintendo hybrid.

What is relevant about this conversion is precisely its return to the portable character. Revelations were born in 3DS, and those of us who played it in 2012 suffered something with their control of third-person shooter to the point of being highly recommended to buy it with the Circle Pad Pro pack, which added a second stick to the laptop.

Their later versions did not have that problem, but they lost the ability to play this spin-off anywhere, in addition to simplifying the actions of some puzzles where we needed to use the 3DS touch screen. The closest thing we had was the adaptation to Wii U, which looked really good on the TV, while in its off-TV version, although it lost a lot in resolution, it allowed us to use all these tactile features again, and Enjoy it in the palm of your hand, but in our home.

As a reminder, Revelation is a spin-off of the saga that fans liked for their return to the more paused roots of the saga, with less action. It is not a pure survival horror, but its pace is much quieter, focused on exploration, although with some more focused moments in combat and gunfire. The story is followed with interest, but more for its setting (especially the chapters of the boat) than for what is counted in it. It came with a good dubbing to our language and a subsequent Assault mode that took advantage of the scenarios with 20 missions, which is also included in this version for Switch.

The best of both worlds

So, Resident Evil: Revelations has always moved between two lands: the image quality of the desktop and the portable factor. That is why this version of Switch is relevant, unifies all these concepts and even improves some of its parts. On the one hand, the version that we can enjoy on television is similar to that of Wii U, enough for what the game requires technically while playing it on the Switch screen we have a native resolution where Revelations looks fabulous.

But perhaps, the most interesting thing is that Capcom has done the homework, which was not many, to carry out this conversion. The tactile puzzles can be solved again through the console screen in portable mode, while the Joy-Con HD vibration is used in some moments. Not so much for that ability to vibrate in several points as for its intensity, which is also adjustable.

Of all your options, however, we are left with control by movement. In general, we are not very fond of using this control as a gimmick that many companies usually add, but in the case of the game we have in hand, it helps and a lot. In general, Resident Evil Revelations has had a somewhat rough control, which did not allow us to be very precise when raising the weapon and adjusting the sight against the enemies. Even the PC version, with its mouse, seemed somewhat inaccurate at the time of the of both worlds

Activating the controls by movement, we can point in a traditional way, with the stick, and use the sensors to adjust the sight window again, moving the hands to get extra precision at the last moment. It is a particularly useful feature in Revelations because the enemies of the game have weak points with which we will save ammunition if we hit them. It is not a novel feature; even games like Uncharted: The Golden Abyss in PS Vita already made use of this option, but it is very useful and the first time we can use it in Revelations.

Looks really good on the screen of the Nintendo hybrid

This option can be used, in addition, both Joy-con connected to the console and the grip as separate. There are also other gestural movements, such as the possibility of recharging the weapon by making the similar gesture with the controls or shaking them horizontally to use the melee attack (only with the separated Joy-con), but they are not as useful as being able to aim with something more precision

A few more additions will be found in this version of Switch. As soon as the game is launched, two new weapons that arrived in the form of downloadable content are unlocked, since the edition includes all the DLCs that appear on its route, which also translates into new suits for the Assault mode. The game also has compatibility with Amiibo to unlock some items such as grenades or ammunition.

Last revelation

Finally, and unfortunately, the only way to be done in Europe with Resident Evil Revelations on Nintendo Switch is digital, occupying a decent 12 GB. The excellent physical pack that combines this edition with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 does not reach our continent, but remember that it is easy to get an American copy since the console has no regional block. Even so, this physical pack only contains this game in the cartridge, while the second delivery must be downloaded since it takes up 24 GB. Although Capcom has confirmed that edition will not reach Europe, we would not be surprised if he changed his mind as it happened with PS4 / XOne editions of Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6.Last revelation

In short, if you have come to this year without having played any of the many versions of Resident Evil: Revelations and you are the owners of a Nintendo Switch, we dare say in this analysis that it is one of the best versions available in the market, if not the best. Being able to enjoy a good image quality without renouncing the portable character, the tactile functions and improving the precision with the movement controls are many virtues for a game that already convinced at the time.

Resident Evil: Revelations is a very good conversion for Nintendo Switch, which allows us to enjoy both the portable character of the original version and the visual quality of the later, without losing the tactile functions and adding extra control by a movement that helps a lot. the precision If you have not played it yet, it is one of the most recommended versions.

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  • An edition that returns the game to its portable origin
  • Some additives, such as motion control and vibration, well used
  • The achieved atmosphere and a good mix of action and exploration
  • That the physical edition does not reach Europe
  • Although it contains Assault mode, the campaign may be somewhat short

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