Analysis of Reventure, one of the indie games revelation of 2019

Written by Kamran Haider

You seek to become a hero and you end up dying. And again. Misfortune seems linked to you in this crazy adventure of action and platforms that have become one of the indie video games of the moment. In the analysis of Reventure, we tell you why you are going to have such a good time suffering in this fun retro-style game.

Save the princess; Be a hero and defeat the Dark Lord! It sounds typical, yes, but the grace of Reventure, which makes this video game so special, is that it is not about saving ladies in trouble or becoming champions of justice. Dying in the most absurd way possible. There lies the charm of a title that has conquered thousands of people on Steam becoming one of the phenomena of summer. Die, die, die! … and continue your adventure as if nothing. It sounds ridiculous, it is, but it is also frankly fun to test the patience of the protagonist of this crazy retro-style game facing challenges that mostly end with tragic outcomes. What the hell. The final hundred they are just that; suffer humiliating defeats that far from discouraging us, invite us to continue exploring his crazy universe of fantasy.

Anything is enough to see poor Tim die, even if only once more, in the style of the mythical “one more turn and finish” typical of the Civilization saga. And the best thing is that even waiting for his sad end Reventure manages to surprise with outcomes that are even more grotesque and demonized than you could imagine. Do not back out your visual section; Do not be fooled by the simplicity of your action. There are few adventures more original than this videogame born from the hands of the Spanish team Pixelatto. There are action and platformer, yes, but its essence is more that of a convoluted game of puzzles in which every action has consequences. Did you opt for the bombs instead of the shield? Did you prefer the hook? Or maybe your choice was to run with nothing on top? Even the simplest of your decisions will determine the course of the adventure, opening and closing routes in that strange and pixelated fantasy world in which the action takes place. So there is a game for a while.

In Reventure everything kills … and it’s fun

Nothing is more exciting than embarking on a new adventure. You are destined to change the course of history, to save the world! so you leave your home with a firm step determined to defeat any enemy that is put ahead … until you stumble upon a stone and die. Your great adventure is over. That’s how stupid and funny the story of Reventure is, a video game that links with a lot of wits the thousand and one misfortunes of our unfortunate hero, reflecting with much humor the consequences of our actions. Did he give to kill the king? You will end up dead, or in prison, but when you come back to the life you will see that there are references to that deceased monarch.

Reventure leans on the absurd, in the “will not be able to do it” to surprise the player with brief and hilarious stories with which it costs not to let out a laugh. Some outcomes are so unexpected, so beastly, that you can only laugh and move on; try your luck with a different path to, of course, see what other ways the hero can die. The games are fast, some of a few seconds, which helps to start the trip and repeat certain actions do not become especially tedious. In addition, fulfilling specific tasks, you can achieve that, for example, the legendary sword becomes a family heirloom and therefore, it is not necessary to go looking for it in a cave. It is one of the best virtues of Reventure.everything kills

Link with much wit and humor the thousand and one misfortunes of our unfortunate hero

Although the story is quite secondary is surprising to see how all the misfortunes suffered by the protagonist are intertwined with each other; how still losing his life in a terrible way crushed by an elevator the game manages to give you an excuse and put the hero back on screen. Sometimes become a zombie, sometimes as a mass of shapeless flesh, or directly as a family member of Tim himself. It will be for options! And it is the best. Reventure takes clichés characteristic of such emblematic series as The Legend of Zelda saga, a hero of green included, and twists and ridicules them in such a way that as a player you have no choice but to smile.

You take the bombs, the hook, the flute of time, sword and shield … even a giant boulder! And in the end what happens; the hero can not carry so much weight and he dies. It is so absurd but at the same time so ingenious that you end up falling to the charms of Reventure. I said it before. It is an adventure with some action, because there are combats against some enemies, and also a lot of platformers since you will have to overcome abysses and traps with jumps or special objects. However, the game of Pixelatto that received the prize for the best indie in Gamelab 2019 feels more like a puzzle adventure. Advancing yourself is a convoluted puzzle that forces you to consider a large handful of possibilities. Almost I would recommend playing with paper and pencil next to write down clues because every step you take, and every death you suffer, encourages you to think of new ways to proceed. How can I get there just a little bit further? How do I survive the attack of this enemy? And now that?

It is original and very fun

Do not let yourself be carried away by first impressions; Do not be fooled by the poor visual section that Reventure shows. The design of the game world is commendable. All areas are connected intelligently, allowing you to reach the same destination in different ways. And is that not only takes into account the type of objects that you carry over; if you can open a gap with a pump or if on the contrary, you can use the shovel to dig a tunnel. In Reventure the amount also matters because the more objects the hero carries, the more difficult it will be to jump and therefore he will not be able to reach certain platforms. I said it before: every decision has consequences.

The action of Reventure is quite simple, yes, because you jump, hit and little else, but the game of Pixelatto does not need much more to entertain as few get. It is an original experience, real nonsense ! which also offers an interesting critical view of the genre of adventure. Do not hesitate to twist all those rules that we believe are unmovable to surprise us again and again with outcomes that break with the logic of the player. Does the story really end this way? Is it a good or bad ending? And so, during the nearly 12 hours that can take you to unlock all the endings and solve the great mysteries that hide a video game that is worth trying.

It is true that the action becomes repetitive once the first hours of play are complete because, in the end, you repeat the same actions over and over again. There are variations; many routes to follow and above all great freedom of action, but given that the challenges he proposes are mostly very similar to each other, however much humor there is through Reventure, he feels somewhat limited in his action. Visually speaking, it is not a video game that stands out in the least. In general, it is an ugly game but I also tell you that once you get into action, the graphics take a back seat. You have such a good time discovering new outcomes that you forget aesthetics. Its authors opted for this aesthetic against more detailed graphics to create more content, to surprise with new outcomes, and this being its great attraction, it is logical.freedom of action

Is it worth playing Reventure? Of course yes. It is an original videogame, very funny, that can keep you close to the computer while you discover and enjoy the many misfortunes to which the hero is subjected. Despite the appearances is an ingenious, surprising title, which uses humor to catch you as few games get. There are already thousands of players who have verified it for themselves, will you also be seduced by this crazy adventure of action and platforms?

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Reventure looks like the typical action adventure and retro style platforms but nothing is further from reality. It is a surprisingly funny video game that stands out for its intelligent level design, its great freedom of action and those hundred crazy outcomes that you will long to discover only to see the hero suffer. With the essence of a puzzle game, you will see yourself, again and again, trying new strategies to discover the many secrets hidden in one of the most original indie games of recent years.

  • A very original adventure that knows how to surprise and have fun with its final hundred
  • Great sense of humor and a well-grounded story that takes into account our acts
  • It has the soul of a game of puzzles. You’ll have to think to get a little further
  • Poor graphics section. It is not a particularly beautiful video game
  • The action, to be simple, becomes somewhat repetitive within a few hours

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