Analysis of Rune 2 and its disappointing Viking action. Rune deserved a better return

Rune 2
Written by Kamran Haider

The evil Loki has unleashed the Ragnarok and only you can stop him. Almost 20 years later the classic Rune premieres sequel, but as you will see in the analysis of Rune 2, the result is not as expected. Although there are good ideas in this action and role adventure based on Norse mythology, the Human Head Studios video game does not take advantage of any of them.

I am sure that those who in their day, almost 20 years ago, enjoyed the mythical Rune were moved by the idea of ​​returning to this Viking universe to face, once again, the evil Loki. It was the same! But it is not enough to realize that his long-awaited sequel is not even up to expectations. We cannot even consider it a good video game, as long as its action feels too poor, too simple, compared to other games of the style. The big problem with Rune II is that it navigates without a fixed course. It has elements of survival adventures, but at the moment of truth, these are pure props… and also little fun. Bet on the role, but it does so in a simplistic way, so little work, that it is something that does not contribute much to the action. And if we talk about the fighting, they feel simple and repetitive, without the epic that you would expect from a game that proposes you to survive Ragnarok.

It seems that Rune 2 is a half-done game. He has interesting ideas and potentially more than enough to create an exciting experience, but for one reason or another, in the end what remains is the tedium of repeating the same actions over and over again, the same fighting, the same trips through An empty Midgard , without attractiveness, which can still give you some fun moments, especially if you enjoy your action with several friends thanks to its cooperative multiplayer for up to four people. It does not have much more to offer a video game that sadly does not live up to expectations, as you will see in this analysis of Rune 2.

Fight to the death against Loki again and again … and again

When you are released in the great open world of Rune II, emotion takes hold of you. How not! If they give you the freedom to explore this cold and bloody Viking world while fighting to the death against all kinds of enemies. Soon you will suffer immense disappointment. You start the game and they tell you that you can build a shelter using the wood that you get from the trees, so you jump with joy with the idea of ​​imagining building fortresses, traps and all kinds of structures with which to protect yourself from the forces of Loki, in the style of other games like Conan Exiles . Big mistake.

The last work of Human Head Studios stays in mere appearances; it does not delve into the elements of survival, limiting itself to a couple of construction options that serve little. In shelters, which you will only build in places designed for it, you can make new weapons and runes, cook food that you will use as restorative health elements (you will not be able to starve to death), and repair the equipment. It is done. So for that, better to have allocated resources to enhance combat or role elements. But Rune II suffers from the same problem on each and every one of its battlefronts. It is too simple. He wants to cover too much and in the end, he doesn’t stand out in anything he does.Loki

He wants to cover too much and in the end he does not stand out at all

. Weapons, although they may have properties worthy of the gods, are damaged too often, so again and again, you must go to repair them; What becomes tedious. The collection of resources, which at the beginning can get excited, runs the same fate. It doesn’t bring anything fun to the experience, and although the idea of ​​making an epic armor is exciting, in the end, it doesn’t take the slightest advantage. But the most serious thing has to do with the development of the adventure itself and the fighting you face. De Rune you expect epic; Exciting battles against the forces of evil as you explore increasingly dark and bloody scenarios. Little of this you will find.

The combat is simple, too simple; There are no combos or the slightest strategy when facing giants, dwarves, drug and other enemies. The type of weapon influences, of course, because there are elementary damages that will give us some advantage against some rivals, but beyond hitting and blocking there is nothing. And the worst is not even that is especially fun because of the basic and simple it is. The role? It is present with a rise in levels that improves combat statistics … period, since it does not influence the equipment you can use or new special skills. There is only one, as we are, which is what God offers you, between Thor, Odin, and Hel.

If all this were not already disappointing, Rune II ends up ruining any hope of finding a great Viking adventure with its mission structure. Or rather, their absence. Everything revolves around the search for divine artifacts that are scattered throughout the wide-open world that recreates the game of Human Head Studios. The problem? That is always the same. Pick up the indicated artifacts, fight against Loki, and start over. Enemies become more powerful, new rivals appear, but it’s always the same. And again; Hour after an hour the same story. It is desperate! If you have any hope that the story changes, that the game poses a new challenge, forget it, save it, because the disappointment will be greater.

Not even his audiovisual section is up to par, although at least he leaves you with a few quality prints.

So it is difficult to recommend this video game to anyone. And yet, despite its failures, if you give it a chance you can enjoy some good times slaughtering enemies, to the point that hours after starting the adventure, and without any news in the front, it is still possible that you are still there, fighting and exploring the world of Rune 2. That’s why he said that this Viking adventure feels wasted. It has potential but does not take advantage of it at any time. The idea of ​​traveling by boat through different islands where to live adventures is fascinating, but while PS4’s God of War makes this mechanic an unforgettable trip, Rune II transforms the epic into mere routine. Even his audiovisual section is not up to par, although at least he leaves you with a few quality prints, especially when he shows desolate places, with bodies of giants buried by tons of snow.

Rune II also presents a competitive multiplayer, but the truth is that it does not contribute anything. If you feel like massacring other players in close combat, there are many better options in the market. The cooperative, on the other hand, does guarantee to enjoy some good moments during the adventure, even when nothing changes beyond the fact of fighting against the enemies in a group. With the surprising closure of Human Head Studios, it is scary to think about the future of a video game that is born with the hope of expanding its contents with new challenges. Its current managers, however, guarantee that Rune 2 has been a success and will continue to receive support, so there is nothing left but to trust that over time, it will become that great adventure that fans of the original game deserved.

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Although the idea of ​​getting lost in an open world set in Nordic mythology is irresistible, the long-awaited Rune II fails to build an adventure as epic and exciting as was the classic with which Human Head Studios surprised the world almost 20 years ago. years. His latest videogame is the sad farewell to a team that once dazzled with games as special as the memorable Prey. But little or none of that brilliance you find in this Viking adventure that stands out negatively for its poor mission structure, the repetitiveness of the action and its discreet combat system. Rune deserved a better return to the world of video games.

  • The freedom to explore a great open-world …
  • … although there is little to do. It is a very repetitive and too simple adventure
  • A discreet combat system that soon loses its grace
  • Role, survival, action … wants to cover too much and in the end, does not fit in any section
  • Poor audiovisual section with some graphic flaws that make it attractive
  • Competitive multiplayer without any appeal.

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