Analysis of Rust. A cruel and implacable adventure

Written by Kamran Haider

No one is safe in the wild world of Rust, a hostile environment where hundreds of players fight for survival. One more of the same, you will think some, but this video game of the authors of Garry’s Mod gets what other survival adventures cannot even dream: it makes you feel afraid. Analysis of Rust.

It’s hard to believe that a video game with an aesthetic as colorful as Rust’s, without undead, nightmare creatures or anything like that, may be one of the most terrifying titles on the market today. But it is like this. The adventure of extreme survival of the creators of the popular Garry’s Mod, which after years available as a game with early access to the end, releases its final version, is a deranging title, brutal, wild ! that has no mercy or regard for the fans who accept their great challenge: survive. And it frightens, very much, for the ease with which, at a stroke, you lose your life and all your possessions, staying literally empty-handed; with nothing to do beyond trying again, to fight again to endure, this time, a little more time. It is an anguished, terrifying sensation that grips your heart as few games get. And the root of that almost irrational fear is none other than the fear of dying at the hands of other people.

I said it in his day, four years ago, when Rust gave his successful first steps on Steam. The video game of Facepunch Studios perfectly portrays the famous Homo Homini Lupus Thomas Hobbes, showing man as man’s greatest enemy. There is no more than that. People killing people. Players who could well collaborate to achieve a common good, such as surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, and yet are dedicated to fighting each other; they steal, they kill themselves, they betray themselves viciously again and again as if there were no alternatives, as if this were the only way of life we ​​know. And it scares. It is terrible to see how cruel we can become even with the most helpless, with those players who, with nothing but a torch and a rock in their hands, begin the adventure completely naked. Nobody gets rid of that crazy murderous rage that seems to take over from the one who plays Rust, and in the end, almost irremediably, you will lose faith in humanity. You will stop believing in happy endings to join the hunt.

Extreme survival

You explore an unknown world, terrifyingly dangerous, in search of resources with which to make better work tools, which in turn will give you the option of creating weapons and equipment with which to protect you from the many dangers that threaten your life, including the cold, radiation or lack of food. At its base, Rust does not differ in the least from other adventures of the style. Progressively, as you find recipes, you will create more and better objects through a not always intuitive craft system until you reach the point of building a fortress, including traps, necessary to save your life when you leave the game. That the world does not stop !, and in the videogame of Garry Newman, away from the PC you can lose all your belongings.Extreme survival

What makes Rust unique is his way of presenting the action, his way of taking the survival experience to the limit.

What this is a terrifying experience was not pure rhetoric. You will tremble with fear every time you meet another player. Will it be friendly? you ask again and again. And maybe it is … or maybe not. So the nervousness will take over you to the point of running, looking for a hiding place, to avoid being detected by other people who could end up murdering you. Or maybe you trust and receive help, to later be killed with treason. It is the greatness of Rust. The crazy stories of survival that are created around the action of an implacable video game, hard like few others, that precisely because of this can become an experience too frustrating. The differences between the players who dedicate hours and those who, at times, enjoy the videogame are so brutal, that there will be those who end up hating the Facepunch Studios title.

It does not matter that servers are restarted periodically in which hundreds of players share adventures. The veteran is a degree in a video game in which also influences, something, the fortune because it will depend on you to find more or less useful recipes in the initial compasses of the game. If you do not find them, you have to investigate, and this can be a somewhat tedious task in a game that offers ample options for survival, with lots of objects and weapons to make, but which is generally below other references of the genre. What makes Rustique, he said before, is his way of presenting the action; his way of pushing the survival experience to the limit in an adventure that lacks narrative as seen in recent titles like the fantastic Subnautica. It is a pity that it would have been an extra motivation to venture into the hostile land of this work by Garry Newman.

Rust is also a game that requires a lot of dedication. Not only in the sense that, when leaving the game, but the world also goes ahead and, therefore, as I said, you can suffer the attacks of other players until you lose your life. Also, your constructions need some periodic maintenance because, otherwise, they will fall apart leaving you totally helpless. Everything in this video game seems to be designed to make your life impossible. Its user interface is not always intuitive, leaving in search of resources is a real odyssey that can end your death, and there is no limit to the malice of other players who, equipped with rifles and other weapons, can assault you only Start the game without having an option to protect yourself. You will beg for your life through a fantastic voice chat that allows you to determine the position and distance of people in the world of Rust, but that will be almost your only way to protect yourself from a community that, unfortunately, does not always respond with the most friendly way. There’s everything, of course, because you can team up with other people and live adventures as a team, which guarantees you enjoy a very different game experience than you face alone.

Establish turns to watch the fort while others rest, or organize games in search of resources or new recruits to join an army with which, later, you can wreak havoc while exploring the most dangerous areas of the world of Rust. And it is a fantastic sensation that shows the many possibilities that this production offers. Separately, the elements of combat, craftsmanship, and survival are somewhat below what other similar titles offer, but that halo of terror and helplessness that reigns in the work of Garry Newman make this a game frankly interesting. Frustrating as few, yes, but it is also a machine to create memorable survival stories. Virtually every game is unique, it feels different from the previous one because in the end everything is based on interaction with other people. This limits in part its appeal, it really lacks a final goal beyond surviving as much as possible, but when you learn to enjoy this crazy challenge Rust manages to have fun.crazy challenge Rust manages

It lacks a final goal beyond surviving as much as possible

The option of customizing the servers too, for example, encourage survival and craftsmanship in the face of combat helps the Rust experience adapt to a wider variety of audiences. There are also special maps like Savas Island, where we can face other players in a kind of King of the Hill mode that is not bad, although the combats are not exactly the strong point of the game. Neither is its audiovisual section, although the work of Facepunch Studios offers pictures worthy of praise thanks to a great lighting system that will allow us to enjoy beautiful sunsets that, at times, can make us forget all the bad things that surround us. The modeling of characters and their animations are not particularly good, nor the performance of a game that, in some teams, can suffer slowdowns more often than desired. Better sensations leave the sound because it gets you fully into the action of a title that has texts in Spanish, but also at this point, the translation is not perfect.

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Possibly it is the most savage and cruel survival adventure of how many have appeared in recent years, and it is precisely that hardness, the fear it generates, that makes Rust such an interesting title. Their combats are not especially fun and in terms of craftsmanship and exploration, it is somewhat below other titles of the style; but its ability to turn us into soulless beings, the ease with which it transforms players into some bastard, unscrupulous bastards, is an experience worth trying. The adventure can be frustrating, a lot, but if you overcome its hard curve of difficulty, you will enjoy a special title.

  • Terror in its purest form. Few games of the style offer such a tense action
  • Extensive options for construction and manufacturing of objects
  • It’s a machine to create great survival stories
  • It can be very frustrating; the entrance to the game is brutal and relentless
  • It is a demanding game that requires hours of dedication; if you can not do it …
  • The combats are not as fun as in other survival adventures
  • Some performance problems hinder the action

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