Analysis of Saints Row: The Third. Despair in Steelport with tons of action and joke

Saints Row
Written by Kamran Haider

The pranks of Saints Row return after some time without making any noise with a really suggestive adaptation of the third part for Nintendo Switch. We analyze Saints Row: The Third The Full Package.

GTA broke molds many years ago, especially after its third installment, which practically gave life to a new genre. From there arose many similar titles, the sandbox or open world games, although very few managed to stand out among tons of productions cut by the same pattern. One of these exceptions was the Saints Row saga of Volition Games, a work that stood out for many aspects but, above all, it did it for offering a load of humor and chaos rarely enjoyed in any title.

Of all its deliveries, one of the most celebrated was the third, Saints Row: The Third, the same as many years after its original release (2011) lands on Nintendo Switch for the joy of its users. Yes, because the Nintendo console does not stand out precisely for enjoying in its catalog a great variety of this type of proposals … and fewer games so entertaining, frantic and loaded to the limits of content like the one offered by this so-called Full Package.

Being a reissue, I think it is not necessary to go into detail about everything that has to do with this work. But, also, being such an “old” title, I will stop to explain some of the most important details of Saints Row: The Third The Full Package, as their argument.

Steelport, the city where everything goes … and explodes!

The famous Third Street Saints, a band led by Johnny Gat, has already done everything that had to do in the city of Stillwater (the same that hosted the previous installments of this saga). And what is your new challenge? Well, do the same in the new city of Steelport … but the thing is not so easy on this occasion. The reason is that in this location operates another group, the Syndicate, and bends the band is not going to be such a simple task. In fact, it will take us at least 12-15 hours in achieving it if we only focus on overcoming the main phases. But I warn you that the useful life of the title can easily triple that figure to little that we entertain doing the crazy thing out there, something that in this action adventure is little less than “mandatory”: in it resides a large part of his grace.To put an end to any being that gets in front of us, we can use an impressive and quite curious arsenal.

The inclusion of abundant DLCs adds a tremendous amount of bonus content to play

the madness and debauchery are the two most important aspects of everything that surrounds this adventure … and the rest of the series. The activities that can be performed in this game are completely surreal and, although key elements are integrated in this type of productions such as shootings, persecutions, etc., the way to carry out the tasks and their disposition is what Mark the differences. The sense of humor of all kinds (black, green, etc.) campaign at your leisure and you can notice at all times, from making a look of the strangest for our character to participate in minigames as stupid as fun or wield weapons quite extravagant (what of the penetrator has fabric).

In general, everything works quite well but, given that it is an adaptation of a sandbox, a genre that is possibly the one that has grown the most in recent years, certain evident deficiencies can be perceived due to the passage of time. The shootings and action sequences, for example, are wild and exciting but are hampered by somewhat inaccurate control and the impossibility of using coverages. The design of some missions and levels has also been somewhat outdated, although it is true that it is not too serious.

Instead, more problematic is everything that has to do with the final polish of the game, which is far from being the ideal. During the games, it is possible to suffer bugs of many different kinds (blockages of the game itself, get stuck in certain places …), which can sometimes be frustrating. We assume that these errors will be rectified (as usually happens in this type of titles) with the passage of time and the arrival of the corresponding patches, but in spite of that, it would have been nice to have dedicated more work in this regard prior to the launch of the game.(blockages of the game

On the other hand and leaving this aside, one of the most plausible virtues that have the title is the disproportionate amount of content presented. Saints Row: The Third can boast of being one of the sandboxes that have received more DLC over time. They are almost innumerable! The trouble with Clones, Moneyshot, The Warrior Pack and many other content packages have been integrated into this work, although the Bloodsucker and Unlockable Packs have been omitted “to improve the balance of the game” (that is literally the official reason for this decision). ).

In the same way, it is also remarkable the impressive degree of personalization that it gives us, being possible to customize practically everything: characters, vehicles, etc. But, in my opinion, the best quality that Saints Row treasures: The Third The Full Package is its online and local cooperative mode (in TableTop mode, not split screen, keep this last clear), which works very smoothly and increases considerably the levels of fun that this work throws. And finally, Horde mode (which was also part of the original title) that extends the life of the title even more, but not that it is the best that houses the game, at all.

Technically the series Saints Row has never stood out for offering outstanding levels, nor, for enjoying a super powerful graphics engine, as is the case of this reissue. In contrast, the aesthetic line is quite attractive and recognizable, the animations of the characters are very striking and the size of the scenarios is quite respectable.powerful graphics engine

The sound surpasses this technical parcel by far, and it does so thanks to its excellent soundtrack, to its more than remarkable dubbing in English ( texts in Spanish ) and to the numerous amount of sound effects that can be seen during our adventures.

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A switch does not stand out precisely for enjoying in its catalog a great number of sandbox adventures. That’s why the arrival of a title as well known as Saints Row: The Third with all the DLC material appeared until the date included in series is welcome news for its users, being able to enjoy an unbridled madness of action and humor as imperfect as attractive and absorbing. It is not the best within its genre and its age is noted, but it is undeniably entertaining, long and, to double a show.

  • Despite the time that has elapsed since its original release, it’s still a lot of fun
  • The amount of content presented is impressive
  • The degree of personalization that integrates is incredible
  • The online and local cooperative mode is very entertaining
  • The control is improbable, especially during the shootings
  • Many bugs, some of them quite annoying
  • It has been somewhat outdated in the design of certain aspects of the game

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