Analysis of Scribblenauts Showdown. A creative battlefield

Scribblenauts Showdown
Written by Kamran Haider

The cult saga of 5th Cell, Scribblenauts, returns with a somewhat different approach than usual, entering party game territory. We analyze what this new release called Scribblenauts Showdown offers us.

Since it was released almost a decade ago on Nintendo DS, the Scribblenauts saga has always seemed to me to have tremendous merit. Without being at all a series for which he feels a special devotion, I recognize that his general approach is very interesting and, in addition, power incredibly the imagination and creativity of the players … especially the little ones. It is one of those productions that enrich our industry, at least in my opinion.

The developers of this new edition of the franchise have wanted to modify something so enjoyed in this saga for so many years with its new release, Scribblenauts Showdown. Yes, because although this time we can still enjoy a modality in an adventure plan that encourages us to move forward and of which right now I will give a good account, the grace of this version focuses on its modality in party game plan . An idea that seems plausible but that has been halfway.

The highlight of Scribblenauts Showdown is precisely that double slope that presents, something that does not usually occur in the vast majority of titles that appear in the market. The possibility of being able to play both in Sandbox mode (Adventure) and in Versus or Showdown (multiplayer) is much appreciated, although it remains a bit in no man’s land one and another facet.

Two games in one?

As for the first, the Sandbox mode, it is the classic adventure that this franchise has always offered us. Through several phases that pose us all kinds of situations, very crazy many of them, we must use our imagination to create objects that allow us to overcome the puzzles that come to meet us. Do gangsters try to kill us and other uncontrollable characters? Do we not reach a specific area of ​​the stage? Then we can use the shift tool to write the word we want (rocket launcher, light aircraft, dragon, tank, etc.) so that right after and, as if by magic, the object (or character) appears before us to help us in our corresponding task. And since some 35,000 words have been introduced, the possibilities that we enjoy are incredible.

The grace of this approach is that it allows us to overcome each puzzle or situation in different ways, being one of those tremendously rejuvenate experiences. And given how ephemeral this modality is on this occasion, which is around four or five hours, this replayability is greatly appreciated. It is true that we have the incentive to obtain stars, objects that allow us to get certain extras such as accessories, new characters, and others, but it is not enough.

For that reason, it is possible that those users who are followers of this saga are somewhat disappointed by this type of game, the traditional, given that this option has been relegated to the background. And the reason is the one that I mentioned a moment ago: his new orientation to the Mario Party … but saving the distances a lot.Two games in one

The grace of this Scribblenauts is focused on its modality in party game plan.

Indeed, the great novelty that has been introduced to this installment of the Scribblenauts saga is its commitment to competitive multiplayer. Up to four players can participate in a collection of tests neither very original nor numerous. Yes, because only 25 have been integrated, a figure that is too low that can not be compared to the one usually presented by reference titles within the field of party games.

To dance without rest trying to hit with the turn buttons that appear on the screen, fish, inflate balloons or participate in some curious races on the backs of certain animals are some examples of what awaits us in these competitions. Some tests that depending on the selected subcategory can be enjoyed both “bareback” as with board and special cards in between. And how do these mini-games work? Well … there is everything. That is to say, some of these mini-tests have their grace while others lack it, diminishing part of the gameplay held by Scribblenauts Showdown. Possibly these minigames are more to the liking of the smallest than other types of players, but this is a personal appreciation.

Of what yes that does not fit doubt is the ambition that has demonstrated the developers with this new delivery of the series Scribblenauts. An edition in which it has tried to offer the classic gameplay of the saga but complementing it with a new side game party. Unfortunately, neither one of the other is convincing enough to shine, staying halfway in both cases. And it’s a shame because with something more content in both facets the result would have been much more solid.

As regards its graphic finish, surely you already know what to expect from Scribblenauts Showdown. The design of the characters is quite simple although they emphasize their aesthetic line and the funny animations of all of them, little else. And in relation to its sound section, the melodies are relatively cheerful and animated and are not annoying, while the effects are rather secondary.

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Scribblenauts Showdown stands out for offering two different game schemes, adventure, and party game. A very ambitious proposal that unfortunately has been halfway because in none of the two aspects manages to stand out, staying somewhat limited in many aspects. An inconvenience that will surely be settled in a supposed second part … or in an expansion of content through DLCs that we do not believe will happen.

  • Offering two games in one is always a great idea
  • Certain mini-games are really funny
  • Its simplicity makes it suitable for a large number of users
  • Both the sandbox mode and the mini-games are short-haul
  • None of the game modes end up being how solid it should be
  • Many multiplayer tests become repetitive

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