Analysis of Sky: Children of the Light, a beautiful odyssey in the sky of the creators of Journey

Written by Kamran Haider

After marveling at that beautiful journey into the unknown that was Journey, Thatgamecompany’s team embarks us on another adventure of colossal beauty … which lacks that spark of genius that brought glory to its predecessor. In the analysis of Sky, we delve into the pros and cons of this video game now exclusive to iOS.

You run and glide through the sand dunes of a gigantic desert while there in the distance, on the horizon, an imposing mountain marks the way forward. Does it sound to you If at the time you played Journey … yes, the premise is so similar that we could well define Sky: Children of the Light as a true spiritual sequel to this great adventure born on the PS3 circuits. And yet, with all its similarities, the new Thatgamecompanymanages to convey very different sensations. It’s not so much a solo trip to the unknown; that exciting odyssey through a world in ruins that captivated by the beauty of its places and that made you feel alone, small, a simple grain of sand in an ocean of land. That’s why when you crossed with another adventurer, an anonymous player, your heart was filled with life. There are others like me !; others who walk in the same direction overcoming any obstacle. It was beautiful. A message that went deep.

The sky is similar … yet different. It is still a videogame with the ability to bring out emotions, but in this case, you no longer travel alone. Now you are accompanied by dozens of players from all over the world with whom, on occasion, you must cooperate to overcome certain obstacles. Here the sense of friendship prevails, to help others even if you don’t even know their name. It is not important. You do it because yes because it is gratifying; because the simple act of bumping your hands with a stranger after overcoming a mission makes you smile almost childishly. And this is one of the greatnesses of Sky. You can play it alone, yes, but you miss all that magic that comes from sporadic encounters with so many other players swarming from here to there in that beautiful fantasy world in which you find yourself.

Run, jump and fly!

While Journey invited us to advance tirelessly until we reach the top of a colossal mountain, SKY proposes us to recover the brightness of the stars by helping the ancestral spirits that are scattered in seven great kingdoms. There is, therefore, a clear objective, a mission, which is what will guide us through all those beautiful and enigmatic scenarios that we can travel with great freedom. ¿ Challenges? There are, yes, although you don’t expect to find great challenges. While Sky goes beyond the simple “explore and observe” of Journey by introducing simple puzzles and some platform, in addition to the option to fly!, the weight of the action falls once more on that wonderful sense of discovery; to explore and stumble almost unintentionally with places that encourage you to move forward with more passion if possible. Very Breath of the Wildstyle.

There are more challenges than in Journey, yes, and a greater variety in action since you can even run into challenges that involve using stealth to keep intact that light that allows you to continue the journey. But this is still a contemplative game that basically encourages you to lose yourself in increasingly large and convoluted stages to simply enjoy the views; let yourself be trapped by that overwhelming stream of emotions involved in flying in this precious adventure of Thatgamecompany. You will also be accompanied by dozens of players who will move from here to there at their own pace, living their own adventure.Run, jump and fly!

Sky goes beyond simply exploring and observing Journey.

You can move on from them since you don’t need them to complete the trip, but if you want to discover all the secrets of Sky, there is nothing left but to cooperate. With them, you can open certain gates that require coordinated actions or activate platforms that only respond to the presence of multiple people. There is, therefore, an end to make friends with other players … and yet you will because yes, because you want to; because oddly enough, it is extremely gratifying to take the hand of a stranger and run and fly without a fixed course, without a goal in mind beyond having a good time.

It is something magical; An incredible sensation that will make you smile like a child while you enjoy the impressive audiovisual section of a videogame that is a pure spectacle. At the time, when Sky’s announcement was made official, Jenova Chenalready highlighted the importance of social interactions in this adventure. “Many fans wrote to us commenting on how much they enjoyed the game with their wives, children or loved ones, and asked us if it would be possible to create a game where they could enjoy together.” That’s why Thatgamecompany’s new work was born as a title “specially created to play, and share, with loved ones and families. If you can imagine the pleasure of visiting a theme park where great memories are forged, we believe that Sky feels a bit the same way. “

The great thing about the video game is how it portrays these social interactions. Around you, you will see faceless heroes, a kind of soul in pain to whom you will have to breathe life with the light that you carry in your hands. From then on you will put a face to all those players that flutter around you, being a participant in their adventures. Do you want to go further? On your knees, giving up some of the energy you collect during the game, you can forge stronger friendship bonds by unlocking new interactions and gestures with which to interact in a more fun way. It seems to be a fantastic idea because of its symbology, because of the message it conveys, since friendship implies making sacrifices; but there are also those who think that it is a mistake to have to, so to speak, “pay to have friends” because it is not easy to harvest this energy either.

Sky is a free video game that you can complete without needing to invest a single cent.

This leads me to talk about micropayments. Sky is a free video game that you can complete without needing to invest a single penny, but obviously if you want to customize your hero’s appearance to the fullest, and get the best gestures, you will have to play for many hours to collect all that energy or Checkout and purchase the different season passes that give access to various cosmetic and progression contents. I also tell you that Sky is a video game for which you would pay without hesitation because it treasures great quality in all its sections, so acquiring one of these passes can be the ideal way to start the adventure. One that also promises to expand with seasonal events that will include new rewards for the most seasoned players. Is it worth the trip? Yes, for all the good feelings conveyed by the work.

Although it is nothing original Sky feels like a video game unique in its kind. It has a lot of Journey, it’s true, but it also gives off a different aroma thanks to its commitment to multiplayer. I miss something more variety in their action, some more elaborate challenges because, in the end, almost everything revolves around the idea of ​​lighting candles and opening doors. You can fly, run and glide through scenarios of unparalleled beauty, but at the moment of truth, there is little more than that. What makes Sky special are the emotions it conveys; the ease with which he catches you in his action and leads you to want to explore his scenarios in search of wandering souls that give you the opportunity to improve your skills so that, for example, you can stay longer in the air.

I have really enjoyed the trip that Thatgamecompany proposes

For now only available on iOS, but with the intention of also being released on PC and consoles, the touch control system does not finish working well. In moments of calm, the game responds to perfection but as soon as it demands some precision … the thing changes a lot. The control feels awkward, inaccurate and even frustrating, whether on land or even the air, making it difficult for you to easily overcome the sections of the platform. Not even flying, which should be a placid experience, is enjoyed as much as it should for the simple reason that it is not easy or comfortable to direct the movements of the hero. I know that with a traditional control system I will enjoy the experience in a big way, but right now it is a problem that affects the final result. Also the multiplayer, with all its virtues, has a point that does not stop convincing me.

I used to say that you can complete the adventure alone, and it is true, but it is impossible to eliminate all the noise generated by the fans around you. They will go from here to there making sounds, jumping, flying! … while you seek inner peace in a world that is too scandalous. It is not easy, of course. By interacting with these players you also give them the opportunity to solve the challenges around you without being able to participate in them. You get lost in a second and … open gates! You just have to go through them. This gives rise to a strange feeling of being overwhelmed, of wanting to act in a hurry so that nobody can surprise you with surprises. And it’s a shame. While playing with others is a wonderful experience sometimes it can also be a big problem. So it is not easy to assess right now Sky.

I really enjoyed the trip that Thatgamecompany proposes; I have been amazed by the beautiful prints that an adventure portrays capable of thrilling with the strength of its images and powerful soundtrack. It is a magical, unique video game, capable of blowing the imagination with its fun adventures. And although it is not difficult or varied in its action, it catches you in such a way that again and again you want to return to its colorful and enigmatic scenarios, some of which pose unique challenges. Sharing this trip with others is as fun as it sounds, being able to even participate in additional activities such as playing hide and seek or playing music. More than a video game, Sky is a beautiful virtual world where you want to lose yourself in the company of friends. And that is his great triumph.

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Journey’s authors surprise again with a great adventure that stands out for the beauty of its graphics, its powerful soundtrack and a fantastic multiplayer component that encourages you to make the trip in the company of other players. Exploring its colorful game scenarios is an incredible experience that is overshadowed by an irregular touch control system. But not even that will prevent you from enjoying Sky: Children of the Light, a unique video game capable of thrilling with its great staging.

  • Amazing visual section. The world of Sky is pure fantasy
  • The interaction with other players; explore with them
  • Your ability to thrill during some game sequences
  • Irregular touch control system. It can be frustrating when they demand precision
  • Some more variety is missing

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