Analysis of Slay the Spire, the best single-player card game comes to PS4 and Switch

Slay the Spire
Written by Kamran Haider

Are you fond of card games? Keep reading that you are interested, it is pure addiction! but the greatness of this new video game is that it will also catch you if this is your first time in the genre. As you will see in the analysis of Slay the Spire on consoles, there are many reasons to buy it on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Our analysis of Slay the Spire on PC could not be more resounding. “It is the best card game for a player that you will find in stores.” Bluntly, to the point, we give you a good reason to launch fully for one of the indie titles that were gaining more strength in the compatible market. And today it’s time to do the same with its version for consoles. Do not be fooled by its discreet visual section; Do not back down the design of cards, enemies or scenarios. Even with this handicap, the Mega Crit Games video game deploys a dose of addiction that we have rarely seen in any other opponent. And that there are and of very good quality.

Maybe it’s the way you build your deck or the card game mix with roguelike mechanics. Whatever it is, just one game if you like the genre so that you are hopelessly hooked to escalate its levels over and over again. And the same effect gets if this is your first time. It has all the good of a roguelike, too. That makes your game really different each time you start again, unlocking new cards and abilities as you progress more and more in the dungeons where the action takes place. Interested? If at the time you were not able to enjoy the original PC, now you have the opportunity to surrender to the charms of Slay the Spire thanks to its release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, where this video game keeps the essence and contents of its original version intact.

Slay the Spire, letters with magic

what you’re getting are the cards, Slay the Spire shines for that way of building your deck on the fly. As you go through each area, you will find new cards. According to the randomness of the same, you will have to build a deck that is effective, powerful and focused on one or two disciplines. It is better to understand all the synergies that exist between all the cards (a good base in this type of game helps), in order to enhance their effects. For example, in a game you will have a more aggressive profile, strengthening the strength and improving each attack, while in another you can orient the game to a more defensive one, conserving the armor and with passive effects. Detecting what trend the new cards are having is vital to building a solid deck.

Do not worry too much if you do not have much experience in card games. The fact that it is a game completely offline and focused on a player makes the trial-error and, therefore, learning, much faster than in an online multiplayer game. Soon you will begin to understand the improvements of the cards, the values ​​, and altered states, while each game scales more and more in each new mapping.

The game displays a dose of addiction that we have rarely seen.

For those who have some experience, the challenge is assured. The advanced strategiesare those that constantly stimulate the mind of the player, using tactics long term and weighing the risk-reward constantly. Burn weak cards at the shopkeeper to improve the likelihood of new and stronger ones appearing, assess the dangers of facing an elite boss or knowing when to rest at the stake (yes) or improve a card, will be vital to your adventure.Risk reward

Risk, reward …The part of roguelike also comes to shake things up a bit. With the relics you get fighting, exploring the map or buying directly, you will gain passive effects that will last the entire game, while you can accumulate up to three potions to have a direct impact and one time in a fight in which you are in danger. There are a few question marks on the map, which, as if these classic role-playing games were about, pose a situation in which you can choose a consequence. Sometimes they will be favorable, sometimes not. And sometimes, the two things together.

Like all card games, perhaps the biggest problem is that the final boss of the game is the RNG. You can not avoid that a game where everything is going perfect is ruined by disastrous hands that can not get those defensive cards when you need them and attack when you can do damage. As every seasoned player knows, the constant struggle is against this RNG, trying by all means to counteract this bad probability. However, it is noted that the roguelike character of Slay the Spire makes it not done in order to finish it quickly, but trusts that with the unlocking of cards, as you are failing the games, and the power improvements, you can get the stage perfect for victory.Slay the Spire

It is simply your single-player card game.

If you succeed, two other characters with different abilities and game styles, centered on different characteristics of your base deck, await you. Anyway, you have games for a while and one that does not fatigue, for being that kind of short games that vitiate, but that can end quickly. Beyond an artistic design that is easily surpassed by any other card game and a translation that can be misleading at first and especially for the most novice, we do not find any major drawbacks to Slay the Spire. It is simply your card game for a player when you want to rest from the stress of games with online rank.

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Slay the Spire stands as the best card game proposal focused solely on single player mode. After achieving success in PC, it comes to Nintendo Switch and PS4 ready to repeat the feat. He is very intelligent in his proposal, which also mixes with the risk and the reward produced by the mechanics of a roguelike. Advancing on it is a delight and an experience that you want to play again and again.

  • The mixture of letters and roguelike, perfect
  • A multitude of ways to play and create decks
  • The good balance between risk and reward
  • The artistic design of letters and characters is not very remarkable
  • The translation may lead to small errors at the beginning

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