Analysis of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered. Master shot of a sniper?

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
Written by Kamran Haider

In video games, we have fought in World War II in all possible ways, but Sniper Elite has always managed to find a different touch. In the analysis of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, we tell you if there is a reason to return to the most beloved game of the series.

It is customary to stir up the videogame press because, supposedly, no AAA videogame goes down of 8.0, and when one is below that figure there is a current of thought that ensures that it is because it is a disaster. “If you have less than an 8, what a little trash it must be!” The fact is that in the last twelve months (to mention a term), there have been several blockbusters that have had analysis in 3DJuegos with notes below 8.0, and in some cases very, very below. Anthem, Crackdown 3, Fallout 76, Days Gone, Sea of ​​Thieves or Darksiders 3, to name a few. All of them have unleashed the same current, that of … “Yes, you have to put more than 8 notes, but not the game that I have reserved”.

Why do I say this? Because Sniper Elite V2 in 2012 obtained a 7.8 in 3DJuegos, a 7.9 in the average note of the users of the magazine in its most voted platform and a 70 in Metascore. Does that mean it was a bad game? Not at all, in fact, it is one of the most beloved deliveries of the franchise. But not everything can be limited to the outstanding or the suspense … although the society of yes and no and summary judgments synthesized in the 280 characters of Twitter encourage us to think about it. And there are many good games that are halfway between one of the two extremes and that, if they come close to the genres that we like, can suppose more joys and entertainment than a release that gets a 10 and does not adapt by gender, rhythm or thematic to our interests.

Sniper Elite V2 was, seven years ago, on that scale of great titles that get less than 8.0 but are equally respectable and totally enjoyable. And, this time it has become a remastering that brings together all the downloadable content, and some very interesting improvements, which may not allow you to maintain its full validity (almost a decade has passed), but which does turn it into a very Interesting for fans of slow and thoughtful experiences on snipers.

The sniper returns to act

The public made up of lovers of the slowest war experiences that have been neglected by the overproductions and taking its place through more independent but equally valid proposals. That was the case in 2012 and still is now that premieres this remastering: Sniper Elite V2 Remastered. I will not go into plot details, because for that you can consult the original analysis of Sniper Elite V2 published at the time, and I will limit myself only to comment that we embody the classic soldier infiltrated behind the enemy lines that, accompanied by his rifle of high precision and long distance, is capable of bringing down a series of primary objectives to tilt the Second World War towards the side of the allies.

This is how we build a campaign that we can finish in 7 or 8 hours, but that can be significantly expanded to almost double if we lean to take advantage of the downloadable content that is included (among others the already famous “Kill Hitler”). Likewise, there is also a multiplayer for up to 16 simultaneous users, 8 in the case of Switch, which is again an interesting addition, although light years away from the interest of the story mode.

The structure is divided into chapters, of not too long duration, and Rebellion had and maintains a good idea that they are scored at the end to encourage the fan to overcome them again and again to improve their markers. Perfecting our percentage of success or increasing the challenge. If we add to this the extra expertise required by the three levels of difficulty the extra of the customized, that allows to detail the experience to the maximum, we have in hand a title that continues being perfectly able to adapt to the novice user, but also to the most veteran. From defining the ballistics to having on-screen aids in the form of a grid that takes into account the distance and the wind to calculate for us the place of the impact … everything can be defined in Sniper Elite V2.The parts of action or stealth are not so well resolved

At the playable level, except for the aforementioned add-on of downloadable content, there are few changes

at the playable level, and with the exception of the aforementioned add-on of downloadable content, there are few changes. The launch is still somewhat crude in its handling and shows no signs of improvement in its not too bright artificial intelligence, but it continues to be fun and satisfying, especially in the strictly related to point the sniper rifle and shoot. The efforts made by the title to deal with issues of secrecy or pure action are just that, attempts. The game is shown today so clumsy in all those aspects or more than then, taking into account the time elapsed, and seems to want to encourage (directly or indirectly) to be resources that we use as little as possible.

Because when you are stationed in your safe position and shoot, you forget all the problems. Especially with the amazing X-ray kill-cam that is the great contribution of this franchise to the warlike genre. Others have tried to imitate its formula, but the result of visceral and spectacularity that this work achieves is unparalleled in this regard. Now we have a Photo mode that allows us not only to take the best snapshots but also move one frame at a time to observe in great detail the “fine shot” that the shooter offers. Did you think that the super-cool camera of the Sniper Elite saga was amazing? Wait to discover what you can do with this new alternative.Because when you are stationed in your safe position and shoot

Hold Breathing

Visually, this is where the great strengths of this Sniper Elite V2 Remastered are, or at least they should be. The videogame offers support for 4K resolution, in the platforms that can support it, and also the HDR technology to improve its lighting. There is also the possibility to choose between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X between a higher resolution mode, which multiplies the sharpness of what is shown on the screen, and another that promotes the fluidity of the experience. Both move well, although a game that demands as much precision as this seems to ask that the rate of images per second prevail.

From Rebellion promised a total redesign of characters and vehicles for Sniper Elite V2 Remastered. Well, there are small changes and some improvements, but more than in those foci I, personally, have perceived it in elements such as textures or lighting. There, the condition of remastering is a little more present, especially in a PC version that if we manage to maximize is the one that offers the best aesthetic result. It is not a particularly demanding game, as you will imagine, so it is easy for you to maximize the ten parameters it offers without suffering in its performance.

The general conclusion, however, is that the title was just a little bit when it was originally released and that the efforts that have been made now to adapt it have not been crazy. The work is shown in the slow cameras that accompany the most spectacular deaths but otherwise leaves a feeling a little more empty. The animations of the protagonist do not help either, and some aspects of polishing together with the erratic behavior of the enemies have also led me to think that more work could have been done in this area.

We could also qualify as a cosmetic addition to the presence of Zombie Army spinoff characters, up to seven that we can use. All this to accompany the extra modes that accompany the story mode. Without Piety and Challenge. The first is a modality in which enemies attack us by waves and we have to defend ourselves with nails and teeth, and the second with four extra locations with specific objectives such as, for example, the aforementioned DLC of the Hitler assassination.Without Piety and Challenge

In sound terms, the thing has not improved much. It continues to be very spectacular and impressive to hear the impacts through slow motion, and the sound of the snap of bones and organs pierced by the bullets is overwhelming. However, and as it happened in the original seven years ago, there are still some effects that cause imbalances or give erroneous clues about the environment. The music is, logically, just as uninspired as in the reference title, and the dubbing was acceptable at the time and quite scratch today.

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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is not the best resurrection of a veteran game that we can see at this moment and, in fact, the factor that the game at the time was not too shocking in the visual does not help either. However, it does offer the opportunity to new fans to approach a title that has problems, but which is very intense and different from what can be found in the market right now. One who, when he has us peering at our enemies through the peephole, achieves sensations of unequaled tension.

  • What it feels to study the environment, calculating the trajectory and shooting is very worthwhile.
  • The campaign, DLC, multiplayer expanded … there is enough content in the remastering.
  • There are still few war shooters that approach the conflict from their perspective.
  • The graphics jump is scarce, and it was already a game that was right at the time.
  • Some crude aspects of the original have not been improved.

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