Analysis of Sonic Mania Plus, a fan collector edition for fans

Written by Kamran Haider

Sonic Mania Plus is, in all likelihood, the physical edition that the blue hedgehog and its faithful followers deserved. Sega listens to users and brings them an expanded and improved version of what is considered one of the best Sonic titles of recent times. We open your box to tell you everything you have inside in this analysis.

Recently, we debated in the magazine about a controversial but necessary topic: the survival of the physical format in video games. It is curious to apply the debate to Sonic Mania, since it appeared just a year ago, and did it exclusively in digital, recording more than one million copies sold. Now, with the success in the pocket, Sega has raised as an additional marketing strategy to launch it also in physics, something quite significant. Clarify that this collector’s edition is only available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. In PC the additional content debuts in the form of DLC.

Seeing the edition, the truth is that it seems a success. The video game is launched in a golden tone box, a really beautiful and holographic effect. Inside it has two surprises (apart from the game): an art book with curiosities about the production of the title, and a reversible cover that imitates those of the mythical Mega drive. The summary: if Sonic Mania pointed to the nostalgia through the playable approach, now Sonic Mania Plus does it through the physical format, recalling that time when you had to step on a store to get the latest news from the market.

It is important to take it into consideration because the biggest attraction of Sonic Mania Plus is really that: to have in physical format one of the best games of the blue hedgehog of recent times. As we already told you in our analysis of Sonic Mania (which we invite you to consult), it is a video game of fans for fans, made by independent developers who also grew up with the character of Sega. But … what new features do this edition offer other than its physical materiality? Well, the truth is that a few, and they are not bad.

More than just a physical

The great novelty of Sonic Mania Plus consists of the introduction of two new characters: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, which we can manage through the different game modes, including the main campaign. Which provider? Where do they come from? Both appeared for the first time in a Japanese arcade, known as SegaSonic the Hedgehog (1993).

Bringing them back is like recovering a small portion of the history of this great license. Beyond that, we find that they have unique abilities that modify the classic gameplay of Sonic Mania. Mighty the Armadillo can make attacks on the ground, something that can be used not only to crush enemies but to perform all kinds of master moves that help us break Cronos. Ray the Flying Squirrel has the ability to plan in the air, something that allows us to follow different paths to the other characters.just a physical

It is a game made of fans for fans.

With this novelty, it is not that the video game seems like it has never been seen, but the freshness that it brings is notorious. Then it is important to mention the incorporation of Modo Bis, consisting of going through the same levels as in Sonic Mania, but with slight changes, mostly aesthetic (like the legendary Green Hill at sunset). In this way belongs the addition of Angel Island Zone, a new stage in which, by the way, Sonic must rescue Mighty and Ray to play with them for the rest of the adventure.

An interesting approach to a video game that also bet on improving the local competitive facet, with the opportunity to play games versus up to four participants to split screen. In this case, we like the detail of being allowed to choose a classic screen (4: 3) or stretched relationship. We have also noticed that the Sonic companion returns to the screen more efficiently and quickly when it has lost its trace (due to the high speed of the horizontal scroll). Small details like this, and many others, have been added after receiving feedback from users. It shows a lot and is to applaud.

Mention that all these changes are incorporated by updating payment (4.99 euros) for those who already made with Sonic Mania, which will have to assess whether it is worthwhile to go back to check. In any case, and when it comes to editing quality, Sonic Mania Plus is probably what many fans of the hedgehog were waiting for: a tribute that helps give a name to a name that has suffered many ups and downs throughout its more of 25 years of history.

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Sonic Mania becomes physical in an edition that supposes a magnificent attribute both to the first years of Sonic as a character and to his fans. He does it with pleasure, in a care package, with an art book, reversible cover and a lot of love concentrated in few but attractive novelties. Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel join a nostalgic party in support of the ninth-year platform in Sonic Mania Plus, a product that, like Sonic Mania, is made up of fans for fans.

  • A very careful edition, which is made with love.
  • The two new characters are charismatic and provide an interesting playable turn.
  • Incorporation of new modality (Bis Mode) and competitive of up to 4 players.
  • All the magic of the original launch, a reference for the retro platforms.
  • The news is scarce, beyond the physical edition itself.
  • There are aspects of the original game that could have been polished more.


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