Analysis of Sparklite, a new roguelite with clear Zéldica influence

Written by Kamran Haider

The nth tribute to the great saga The Legend of Zelda comes from the independent studio Red Blue Games. We analyze what awaits us the world behind Spark-lite.

I will not be very original: as surely happens to many of you, I love The Legend of Zelda saga. That is why when it comes out no longer a delivery corresponding to this franchise, but some clone (or whatever you want to call it) inspired by the world of Link, the truth is that I always try to try it. And the most recent work of these characteristics on landing is Sparkle, a remarkable proposal that, in fact, has clear Zedic reminiscences but, despite that, enjoys its own style and personality.

So first, we are not faced with the same type of game as the one exposed in the traditional adventures of Link. In this case, we run into a rogue-lite style video game, so fashionable in recent times, especially with regard to the independent scene. A game that also has a careful aesthetic line pixel art and a plot not too original but that has been well taken.

The world in which the action takes place is called Geodia. A place where peace and harmony once reigned thanks, especially, to a mineral called Spark-lite (and which gives its name to the title). Due to this natural resource, the inhabitants of this place have become accustomed to obtaining enough energy for their daily chores … but as always, it has occurred to the bad man, in turn, to go further and further exploit the characteristics of this mineral. Extracting large amounts of Spark-lite, the evil Baron He has managed to bring enough energy to his collection of machines (known as Titans) to dominate Geodia. And, due to its excessive use, this world has been drastically transformed, and the animals that populated the different areas have been transformed into monsters.

Spark-lite: Dungeons, exploration and procedural advancement

To stand up to this miserable Baron we find Ada, the young protagonist of the game, a girl without fear of anything that armed (first) only with her wrench tries to end the plans of such a little character. But of course, she is not alone, and throughout her trip, she can count on the help of several secondary characters who help her on her trip and who are in the so-called Refuge.

This place is a kind of floating island in which we carry out our preparations before leaving for the open world, so to speak, being able to improve our resistance to manufacturing new weapons and gadgets. But undoubtedly Ada’s best ally is his faithful robot, which once rescued we can control it in a cooperative plan, an interesting modality but which is not entirely satisfactory due to the limitations that come with not controlling two main characters because the said robot is rather a supportive character.Dungeons

The sense of progress is very well achieved.

As for the game dynamics that adventure offers us, from a chopped zenith perspective to the purest Zelda we have to explore the scenarios (five specifically) that are generated procedurally. That is why every time we perish (and we already warn you that we will do it many times) and we start a new game, we always find something different, this being precisely one of the best qualities usually linked to this type of roguelike / like style games. And each set has its own characteristics, although in the background in all we must do the same: end the monsters that lurk around, accumulate as many objects as possible and, of course, enter the dungeon of turn to end some of the Baron’s wits.

This is a proposal not especially original in its conception but, despite that, it is unquestionably fun. For starters, the sense of progress is very well achieved thanks to the continuous improvement of the protagonist’s abilities, who can dress with a good number of new weapons to liquidate rivals more easily as well as increase their number of hearts of life and other substantial improvements. Of course, for this, it is necessary to accumulate as much Spark-lite as possible as well as investigate the scenarios to find templates that allow us to manufacture the tools of the shift in the corresponding workshop (which is also necessary to assemble and improve, by the way).

The level of difficulty is well measured and although it is challenging enough, I consider that it is not as demanding as what is dispensed in other titles of such nature, a fact that certain users will like and not so much the most expert. Obviously, the most complicated obstacles that we must overcome have to do with the mechanical spawns devised by the bad guy on duty. Some quite resistant machines that have attack patterns and very marked movements that we have to study to be able to destroy them, something that I already warn you that will cost you more than one attempt (and two, three …). And that the control is as simple as accurate and reliable, being a real pleasure to guide Ada through each of the sets that house Geodia.

Its pixel art aesthetic is a success

In addition, Spark-lite is a very grateful title in the visual, highlighting its more than remarkable pixel art aesthetics. The character design is quite good (without being dazzled by any particular aspect), and the animations of both the protagonist and the final bosses are very good. In addition, each game area is very recognizable and, in some cases, it is possible to contemplate several landscapes of exceptional beauty.

The sound section is also very remarkable, mostly because of the emotional and very striking soundtrack, melodies that have been composed by the artist Dale North, who has already composed several high-quality soundtracks for titles such as Wizard of Legend or Dragon Fantasy Book II among many others.

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Red Blue Games has managed to recreate with Sparklite one of the most interesting and careful rogue-lite style titles in all its sections of all those that have appeared in recent months. With The Legend of Zelda as inspiration, the adventure starring Ada allows us to travel a very interesting world full of tasks to carry out, final monsters to liquidate and dungeons to enter. And it also has a very fine graphics finish in pixel art plan and a very meritorious soundtrack that greatly brightens our games.

  • The design of levels, dungeons, and final bosses is good in general
  • The feeling of progress is very rewarding
  • Graphically it is a very colorful title
  • The cooperative double mode is somewhat limited
  • Although they are procedural, the number of scenarios is somewhat reduced

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