Analysis of Steins, Gate Elite, a great mix between anime and visual novel

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Written by Kamran Haider

Steins returns, Gate with a new way to enjoy the classic visual novel. On this occasion, the anime series is mixed with the game to create a very interesting fusion in which we have the best of both media: interactivity and the possibility of choosing our destiny, as well as the animation of the video scenes. In the analysis of Steins, Gate Elite we tell you all the details.

I have not had the luck to play many visual novels that were animated. Almost all I have are what you can expect from them: static backgrounds and characters that, at most, change their expression according to the context of the story. And in the end, to those who enjoyed this genre, it seemed enough. Mainly because the drawing that accompanies each work is of great quality and the music is not going to lag behind. Come on, when you play a Root Letter, a Danganronpa or the same Steins; Gate, you did not miss the animation, or the lack of it, as long as the game managed to catch you with its history.

Steins; Gate did it, in addition, with a very striking history of travel in time, as well as some characters that you took care of and, of course, the possibility of choosing the routes of events, which took us to different endings. We will not focus much on the story itself, because it is well known, and you have the analysis of the original Steins: Gate in 3DJuegos, but suffice it to say that it is one of the visual novels best considered for its great mix of genres and these different routes.

So Steins, Gate Elite is a very interesting experiment, because it is not a more animated visual novel, but we can compare it directly with the original game and with the animation series that White Fox created in 2011. I would not know if call it to remaster, remake or any other nomenclature, because what the original MAGES studio has done with this new interpretation is to take the playable base of the original Gate Steins created by 5pb. and Nitroplusand adds sequences from the animation series directly on the screen to each of the scenes.

It is one of the visual novels best considered for its great mix of genres and these different routes

The experience of reproducing the three works at the same time and starting to compare them has been very interesting for me. I’ve been playing this Elite while, in turn, putting my PSVita version of the original game and the background series. The result is three very similar ways of telling the same story, but with subtle differences. All of them perfectly valid, that win and lose certain aspects if they are compared. It is clear in what the anime won, but it lost not only a certain depth in the conversations and internal thoughts of Rintaro Okabe, but it also forgot all those scientific theories that were well explained in the game and the possibilities of choosing the route that took us to the different endings. On this occasion, Steins, Gate Elite wants to collect the best of both worlds: the animation of the television series and depth (along with infographics and scientific theories) and variety of the original.Steins; Gate Elite collects the best of both worlds. The animation of the series, and the choices of the original game.

Back to the past

It is impossible to achieve the goal perfectly, of course, because by substituting all the art for the drawing of White Fox, those beautiful static portraits that accompanied the original visual novel are lost. Also, in the comparison that I made, I noticed that some lines of text are cut out. That is, skip some small reflections that were made in the original, and I really do not know why. Although they may seem details, thoughts that help to better understand the personality of each of the characters are lost.

It is difficult, therefore, to recommend one version over the other, although it is certainly striking to see all the scenes animated in a visual novel format. To supplement the parts that did not appear in the anime, new animation scenes have been exclusively created by the studio White Fox especially for those gaps that help to give life beyond the series to the routes of Suzuha, Faris, Luka, Mayuri and Kurisu among other parties more.

If thanks to its implementation of animated scenes more people are attracted to Steins; Gate, I think the game has already achieved the goal. As I said before, the anime is interesting, but it loses the depth given by a work in which you can choose different routes. Here, as in the original, we can change the evolution of events in those moments in which we are given to choose through the messages of our mobile phone.Gate Elite collects the best of both worlds The animation of the series and the choices of the original game

Now, there is another choice to make, and it is the version of the game that you are going to play. Steins; Gate Elite will make its appearance on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. While the first two will come with the exclusive content of Steins, Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram, the Nintendo will do it with 8-bit Adv Steins; Gate. Linear Bounded PhenogramIt is a spin-off that delves into the stories of each member of the group, some of them made by screenwriters like Kotaro Uchikoshi from Zero Escape. 8-bit Adv Steins; Gate, on the other hand, takes us to handle Rintaro Okabe in an 8-bit retro style while we tour the neighborhood of Akihabara, as in the classic NES games. Or good, rather Famicom, because here we did not see many of this type, let’s say. It must be said that these contents can be purchased separately and are not linked, so if you prefer to have the version of the game on a specific platform, you can play them without problems.

The work MAGES has done when reviewing all the dialogue lines and anime scenes to create this Steins; Gate EliteIt is really laborious. To the point that they have had to record again all the original voices with their actors so that everything fits properly. The final result is up to a name as important as this. As I say, if you have already played the original game and watched the anime, you may not find so many attractions to approach this version, and even some fans of visual novels may prefer the original version, but there is no doubt that this version is very striking, respectful and with all the attractions that dazzled 10 years ago. If you have never approached this universe, however, here is one more reason to play Steins; Gate and enter its attractive world of time travel.

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The best way to see Steins, Gate Elite is like a mix of the anime series with the original visual novel. You have all the routes and depth of the game, mixed with the animated scenes of White Fox to which you add new created exclusively for the occasion. You obviously lose the original drawing and some details of lines along the way, but it’s a great way to enjoy one of the best visual novels you can find.

  • The mixture between series and visual novel is very striking
  • One of the best visual novels, with great history and characters
  • The different routes and finals are still its great incentive
  • The addition of the new scenes animated by White Fox
  • On the way, the drawings of the original visual novel are lost
  • Some lines are missing with dialogues and thoughts from the original visual novel. Small details, but they enrich

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