Analysis of Sudden Strike 4. In search of victory

Written by Kamran Haider

After years of silence, one of the real-time strategy series most remembered by fans returns; After years of truce, we return to the battlefields of World War II to defeat enemies with pure military tactics. In the analysis of Sudden Strike 4 for PC and PS4, we tell you everything that this work of Kalypso Media offers.

The bombs fall, the corpses are piled up around you, and there are fewer and fewer men you can turn to take, be that as it may, the fortified hill that is in the hands of the enemies. It takes ahead !, military tactics, and in that Sudden Strike, 4proves to be a great strategy video game in real-time. It is not worth all against all nor charges directly against the opposing army. Each unit counts, each soldier, vehicle and bullet is a precious asset to which you should take full advantage if you want to achieve victory. This is war, a very challenging one, in which time and again you will mobilize your troops always looking for a way to surprise ruthless rivals. It is what I like most about this title that after years of absence brings back one of the great series of war strategy, without much news! Yes, but doing what you know best: have fun.

At least most of the time because of certain problems with artificial intelligence, especially that of the allies, blurs the gaming experience. Your troops are, too regularly, fighters who don’t know very well how to act in a game where mistakes are expensive. There is no resource management, no option to build bases and train new troops, so a losing battle can mean the end of the war. Your units are what they are, and with them and the few reinforcements that may come on rare occasions, you must deal with the seizure of a town, the defense of a bridge, the conquest of bunkers or the complete annihilation of enemies. That is why the armored cars are blocked in the middle of a bridge, or that the toilets are not able to help their companions when they cry out for a doctor, generates a sense of frustration which ends up removing this title from the biggest.

Doctrines in times of war

I greatly appreciate the good design of the nearly 20 missions that make up the three military campaigns starring allies, Soviets and Germans, both for the epic that is reached in specific moments of the game and, especially, for its way of making you value the life of the troops … and their resources. I said it before. Sudden Strike 4 is not a game of second chances; losing a battalion of soldiers because of poor planning can mean the end, but also leaving tanks without fuel or foolishly wasting their ammunition. That is why you must act with caution; Measure every step you take to avoid ambushes or the many traps that enemies will leave scattered across the battlefield. And even if it sounds obvious, it is vital that the troops have a clear vision of the war scenario.

They will attack you from all positions, with bombs that fall from the sky or machine-gun fire that will emerge from the wooded areas, and the only way to deal with it is to detect the enemies to strike first. Why do I tell you this? Basically by the tanks, which have a limited line of sight, requiring the support of the infantry to control a greater extent of land. If they go alone they will be easy targets even when one of their pilots uses the hatch to scan the horizon, because an accurate shot can end this officer by reducing the armor’s responsiveness. I love. I adore the realism with which the skills of the different combat units under our command have been reflected, which are close to a hundred! Although I miss more technical information about all of them, because they do not make clear what their advantages are, their weak points, capacity for action, etc.Doctrines

It is a game of many contrasts.

It seems a minor detail but in a video game that prevails so much the good use of the troops, it can become a problem when you bet on the highest level of difficulty. In the end, everything is practical, fighting learns, but the initial measures can turn uphill for the less experienced in the war strategy. I also don’t like that soldiers can’t use tanks as a cover point. The infantry can be hidden among the undergrowth, or enter trenches, buildings, and bunkers to attack the enemies with greater security, but not to advance attached to an armored one, using them as a shield. It surprises me, for worse, considering that they can get on top of the tanks to travel faster on the battlefield.

One of the aspects I like most about Sudden Strike 4is that it allows you to configure your army’s skills with some freedom. In the missions you cannot choose with which troops you jump to the battlefield, but you can choose between three historical commanders for each army to gain certain tactical advantages such as a greater number of explosives by the infantrymen, armored with sandbags for better protection against enemy fire, greater attack power for aviation, etc. During the course of the battles, fulfilling certain tasks such as ambushing the enemies, attacking for the rearguard or healing the injured without rest, we will obtain valuable medals that at the end of the mission, can be exchanged for improvements framed in the novel system of doctrines that introduces this episode of the saga. I like it because it gives you some freedom to customize your battalion, but it is not well explained what actions you should undertake, and to what degree, to obtain these precious points.

Sudden Strike 4 is a game of many contrasts. It does things well, puts you fully in its action and makes you enjoy with emotion its strategic combats, but in turn, presents some failures with which it costs to live together. I am amazed at the recreation of some historical battles, such as Stalingrad, because you really feel in the middle of that hell of bullets and explosions. In addition, the video game takes good advantage of current technology, allowing you to create memorable scenes like an ambush in the middle of the street, with the ends cut by tanks that you have shot down so that no one can escape alive from the place. The use of mines, the importance of support vehicles, the option of building floating bridges, the demolition of buildings … it is easy to be delighted with the intense action of this Kalypso Media title,

Certain AI problems cloud the gaming experience.

The maps, although they are recreated with pleasure, are sometimes too small, downplaying the exploration. The damage system, likewise, has not evolved much with respect to what we already knew: you can damage the chains of the tanks, or detonate them with an accurate shot in your tank, but you know little. And the worst is multiplayer. There are few scenarios in which to fight, too few, with a game system somewhat different from that of the campaign, because in these 4 vs 4 battles it is urgent to conquer ports and strategic areas to receive supplies with which to overwhelm the opposing armies. The idea is good but not so much the execution, which ends up subtracting the game’s charm.

At this point, it is also important to talk about the PS4 version because I think a good job has been done when adapting the action of Sudden Strike 4 to DualShock. The control of the units, the easy access to their special abilities (grenades, mines, etc.), the management of groups … with a little practice, you will soon guide the steps of your army without too much trouble, which has merit. This is a title that also allows you to pause the action at any time, giving you more time to organize the troops before starting the assault on enemy positions. As technical, the Kite Games videogame also meets the expectations on both platforms: the design of scenarios and troops is very good, more clearly on PC, with an excellent staging that is favored by the spectacular with which vehicles explode in pieces leaving behind columns of fire and smoke. It is impressive to see how the remains are scattered across the battlefield, or how the corpses fly as the bombs around them fall. It is not a title that looks especially attractive in images, but when the action is unleashed the thing changes a lot. Note that the video game has been translated and dubbed into Spanish.

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Sudden Strike 4 is a good real-time strategy game that knows how to thrill with some of its spectacular historical battles. The intensity of the fighting and the need to make the most of the resources at our disposal make it an interesting purchase for any genre fan on PC or PS4, where the video game adapts well with a good control system. Too bad that his irregular artificial intelligence and multiplayer lacking content make him lose some charm.

  • Three campaigns that recreate great historical battles
  • Intense action, exciting battles, which require a lot of strategies
  • The doctrine system and the need to harness the skills of the troops
  • Sparse content multiplayer
  • Poor artificial intelligence. It can be frustrating
  • The differences between units are sometimes not very clear.

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