Analysis of Super Kirby Clash, are you hungry for free-to-play fighting?

Super Kirby
Written by Kamran Haider

Kirby returns to the world free-to-play with more fighting for Switch. The new proposal is a free download game that proposes us to defeat the enemies of the pink ball in a solitary, multiplayer and online adventure quite irregular. We tell you in our analysis of Super Kirby Clash for Nintendo Switch.

It is not the first time that Nintendo removes a specific element from one of its video games and turns it into an adventure with its own hallmark (there we have the great Captain Toad, who was born as a Super Mario 3D World minigame ). Obviously, you cannot always expect the same degree of quality or even success …

Team Kirby Clash was one of the accessory modalities of the fantastic Kirby: Planet Robobot. Its foundation was the battles against several of the enemies of the pink ball, only in multiplayer of up to four participants and a curious system of RPG levels, with improved statistics. The idea pleased developers so much that it had its own video game for Nintendo 3DS, with the “original” name of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. It was the first free-to-play of Kirby’s good.

A little more than a couple of years later, HAL Laboratory returns to the standard, in this case with an improved version of that title, now for Nintendo Switch. New scenarios, bosses and reforms (the visuals among the most important) reach a title that has an important micropayment system inside, which you can easily circumvent if you dedicate time and determination to an adventure that otherwise can be simplistic and little varied, with a somewhat tedious progression and an online with serious performance problems. In short, Super Kirby Clash is another of many F2P that is not bad as a proposal, but that lags far behind in a license like Kirby.

F2P fighting in the company or alone

The Super Kirby Clash approach is simple. Battles of up to four participants against all those villains that we know through the Kirby saga. The goal is simple: restore peace in the Dream Kingdom. For this, we will put ourselves in the place of a knight with a sword (melee), a magician (ranged attack), a kind of alchemist (curative) or a warrior with a hammer (tank). In total, four classes between which we can alternate at any moment of the game, giving rise to a certain variety of attacks and behaviors that without being no more, is not bad.

It is perhaps one of the best things in the game. If at some point you get bored of the sword – a combination of power and speed – you can go to the lord of lightning, who attacks at a distance and can also stop the time to support the rest of the team. Let’s say that the idea is to form a group that has all four classes, although it is not mandatory: you decide.

Of course, you are advised that the AI will play bad passes if you play alone. It is not efficient, and you will despair at specific times, such as when each fighter must take a fragment to activate a special attack. Luckily, there is always the possibility of playing locally -and on the same console-, because doing it online already assures you that right now it does not seem the best option. I didn’t find a single game in which the game was minimally fluid. There was always a strong input lag, as well as slowdowns and even total interruptions that ended the fight without further ado.fighting

Not bad as a proposal, but that is far behind in a license like Kirby

Super Kirby Clash incorporates two game modes, and for all that has been said about online functionality, the story mode is the one you will end up spending more time with. It can be played alone or at home with up to four players, and is focused on the defeat of a series of villains that present a growing degree of difficulty. Where is the trick of the F2P scheme? In order to fight we need momentum, which is fed through the apples that we are getting while we play.

Of course, the store is there for those who need it, mainly to exchange apples for euros. I have not felt at any time that it was necessary, although obviously you will go much slower in your progression. It does not surprise me, because it is the typical inconvenience in this type of game, although it is important to emphasize it: due to this, the progress is very slow, quite tedious depending on the type of user you are. To give you an idea, we could not put an estimated duration to the video game. The number of hours to overcome the story is incalculable, because there are 100 levels of experience, and every ten you must complete a series of requirements before moving forward.

This translates into an investment of time (or failing euros). A scheme that I see as the origin of the problems of Super Kirby Clash. It results in a game without rhythm, but with an interesting background bet. Investing gems and apples to get you new equipment is quite satisfactory. Also meet new AI fighters (other players) in the square, increasingly busy.

Every day you have a number of free apples and just to enter to play, and getting more is as simple as fighting. I never had problems to continue my adventure for as long as I wanted, without interruptions, and that is something that differentiates the game from the average of free-to-play releases. It is positive, although in the background it must also be said that the scheme does not work for more, and within a few hours you will feel that you are doing the same thing all the time: in many cases repeating the combats over and over again for better levels and platinums with which keep moving forward

Therefore, it can be frustrating in the medium term. And that for audiovisual purposes does not behave badly. It is a visually charming game (rare not to say this of a Kirby) and that in the sound meets very well. Good production values ​​for a game of this type, but which fail to take a video game from the regularity and low transcendence to which, on the other hand, you could give a chance. Its download is free, and if you don’t like it you always have the option to uninstall it.

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Super Kirby Class is another F2P that asks you for a time in exchange for progress in a very durable but little varied story mode. His combative mechanics are interesting and the villains numerous, although the approach fades in the medium term, becoming monotonous and little varied. In addition to a multiplayer that works well in local and very badly in online, it results in a launch of little importance but free … and only for that reason, it can be interesting to give it a chance.

  • The multiplayer with friends in local, one of the best options
  • Pretty careful and charming in its audiovisual section
  • The micropayment model is not intrusive
  • Low variety in the playable approach
  • Slow and sometimes somewhat tedious progression
  • The online has serious performance problems

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