Analysis of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. A new universe of metal and bullets

Written by Kamran Haider

The grand universe of Sword Art Online returns in a way unknown until now. We delve into Gun Gale Online to discover all the ins and outs of this Dimps videogame. ODS Analysis: Fatal Bullet.

Without being the most well-known role-playing series in the sector, Sword Art Online has earned a certain degree of recognition from the user community. This franchise created by Reki Kawahara, which beyond the world of manga and anime has also entered the field of video games, revolves around a fictional MMORPG game in which the protagonists are hooked, there are various expansions and variations of said title.

Precisely, this time we leave aside the well-known universes of both SAO and ALO (ALfheim Online) to introduce ourselves in a completely new one: GGO (Gun Gale Online). A place that corresponds to the new title to which the protagonists are playing (and their corresponding avatars) that, most importantly, greatly modifies the playable approach that until now had left us this atypical role-playing game. An adventure that in this case is not starring Kirito, character that does have a significant weight in the course of history (which has been overseen by Reki Kawahara himself). Instead, we can create our avatar through a complete character editor, an option that has become almost indispensable today.

As I said, in this Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet has been left aside the most traditional RPG approach to entering the unknown territory for the saga: the third-person shooters. A quite drastic change that, like everything, has its advantages but also brings with it certain shortcomings and problems. A turn that will surely divide the community of loyal fans of this franchise, a fact that tends to occur very frequently when there are changes as pronounced as the one that has taken place in this production.

Firearms are the protagonists

As its own name indicates, in SAO: Fatal Bullet the more or less common weapons are left aside in past deliveries (swords, scimitars, daggers, greats, etc.) to welcome all kinds of firearms like pistols, sniper rifles, automatic rifles and more. And as you can imagine, the dynamics of the game are completely changed in relation to the one experienced in the past, especially when it is time to fight, which is precisely our main task in this adventure.

When we are not in the city of Glocken, our headquarters in this adventure, it is most likely that we are immersed in some of the dungeons that are present in GGO. And these places are full of rivals to which we must go despatching in pitched battles that happen at a very high rate, much more than those experienced in this series. The control system is quite similar to what has been established for many years in the genre of shooters in general, is very easy to master. Perhaps the most extravagant device we can use is a hook, which allows us to hook up to various parts of the funds and access inaccessible places.

During the combats, it is possible to use two different weapons that we can change at any time with a button, It is highly recommended to be equipped with weapons that are as reliable as complementary. These confrontations are quite entertaining and even gratifying … especially at the beginning, where the surprise factor plays in our favor. What happens is that, as the hours go by and we face a certain number of combats, things start to get a bit monotonous. A problem that, at least to me, had never happened to me in the past installments of this series and, therefore, it is clear that it has to do with the shootings.Firearms are the protagonists

The battles begin with force but they lose bellows as the hours pass.

To this inconvenience, it is also necessary to add another two more. The first has to do precisely with the design of the scenarios, which in the vast majority of cases is too basic, linear and not especially inspired. I do not know if the designers have thought it appropriate to create less convoluted levels so that the rhythm of the battles does not decline, which is true that it makes all the sense in the world. But it is also true that, due to this, the freshness and desire to explore new sets that gave us the previous installments of this saga are values ​​that have been seriously damaged on this occasion. And if to this, we add the fact that the rivals are repeated more than a sautéed cabbage in a garlic sauce, well … let’s say that the battles begin with force but lose bellows as the hours 

However, fortunately, the RPG factor is still very present in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and provides enough diversity to it so that it does not fall into torpor. We enjoy total freedom to go from one place to another in the city, being able to visit and dialogue ( texts in Spanish ) with a large number of characters that are there (both in their rooms and swarming through the various areas of the city) to go shopping and visit the many shops that are there, for example. It is also possible to drop by our room and dialogue with the ARFA-Sys AI (of type X, the rarest of all), our great ally in the whole game that, in addition to helping us during battles, also manages our money and equipment, gives us information on various topics, etc.

Apart from all this, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet also offers several multiplayer options that bring some interest, although not too long. On the one hand, the cooperative mode allows us to face several specific missions in which it is necessary to eliminate a final boss together. And next to this option is a competitive PvP mode for eight players (four per team) that also brings a certain variety and emotion to the matter.

his playable material that includes this production of Bandai Namco is more than enough to keep us busy for a long time, about 30 hours at least (unless you dedicate yourself to overcome all the main missions and you’re done). A title that, with its flaws, continues to provide quality fun within a fictitious universe MMORPG that is brimming with life. In addition, this scenario has been developed by Unreal Engine 4 and, although developers have not squeezed all their potential, yes it shows a technical leap in relation to what was recorded in the past deliveries. Of course, in my opinion, the aesthetic line has suffered a small setback, given that the different areas of play that can be traversed in GGO are somewhat bland.Unreal Engine 4

Even with its flaws, it continues to provide quality fun.

Fortunately, the modeling of the characters and their conception are at a higher level. All enjoy a very attractive manganime style and have been animated quite successfully, also showing very different personalities and great expressiveness (our ArFA-sys is a good example of this).

A good visual finish that is surpassed by its sound side, highlighting its great dubbing in Japanese (we reiterate, with subtitles in Spanish), excellent effects and an appropriate soundtrack without reaching outstanding levels under any circumstances.

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Bandai Namco has changed the direction of its role saga to plunge more than evident in the genre of third-person shooters, a decision that surely will have its followers and detractors. The combats are enjoyed very much during the first bars of the adventure and then they lose their freshness with the passing of the hours since they end up being somewhat repetitive. But fortunately, the classic RPG elements of the series provide us with enough variety to not tire too soon of all that gives us the new environment of Gun Gale Online.

  • Many hours of play ahead
  • The presence of cooperative and competitive online modes
  • High customization possibilities for our character
  • Pretty basic and generic scenarios design
  • The development becomes very reiterative because it abuses the fighting

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