Analysis of Tetris 99, the reinvention of Tetris thanks to Battle Royale

Tetris 99
Written by Kamran Haider

All the games are going to battle royale, only Tetris is missing.” In the whole mouth, lover of memes. Tetris 99 seems to be born of drunkenness, but it has ended up being an absolutely addictive product and that has taken the competitive Tetris to a new playable dimension. We tell you what we found in our analysis of Tetris 99

The figure of Pajitnov amazes me and gives me admiration in equal parts: a developer with a brilliant idea, with which is probably the biggest spark of creativity that has brought the history of the game in a few kilobytes in a Soviet computer brought the which is, without doubt, the most played software of all time. Have you ever wondered what video game you would take to a desert island? I did, and it would be Tetris. The work of Alexey Pajitnov is, for me, the perfect video game, the quintessence of the infinite puzzle, and I have been playing it since I remember laying my hands on a controller.

From the mere conception of the original game in the Soviet Electronika 60 computer and the subsequent pioneer deliveries in arcade and consoles by Atari and Nintendo, few have been the Tetris-based productions that have ended up having an important impact on the original game. That’s why I know that the formula of the Russian mathematician is practically unbeatable and that in more than 30 years of history it has barely been possible to include three or four playable elements that have been able to improve what was already practically perfect. The option to save the chip, the free fall, the ghost pieces, and the turns, elements that have been kept in the most current versions of the puzzle.

The Tetris : The Grand Master of Arika put some of the most novel concepts of the series in the Japanese arcades, the Tetris of CD-I took the image and the sound of the game to another level, Tetris DS dared to take the game to new variations never seen before and Tetris Effect, the most recent until now, took Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s lysergic to combine puzzles and music like never before. Tetris 99, the new creation of Arika and Nintendo for Nintendo Switch inspired by the legendary work, takes the elements of contemporary Tetris and adds one more: that of battle royale. It might sound like a joke, but the game is a genuine delight.

Eating chicken … stroganoff

Tetris 99 is such an absolutely simple creation that it is neglected in everything. The menu has hardly any options and starts playing, which throws you in search of another 98 players to start the contest. Once the match is found, the match starts and the battle begins. To the mechanics of Tetris you have to add two extra controls to make attacks to the rivals: one in which you choose the strategy to follow during the game and another in which you choose which player to attack, which is especially useful for the last moments of the game.

At the rhythm of an unquestionably Russian and electronic Korobeiniki, you must play your best possible game of Tetris to send blocks to the rivals. The only way to counteract them and return them will be by combos, that is, the achievement of several lines in a row, improving the counterattack effect according to the line is a block, two blocks, triple or Tetris. The attack options are very simple: the first, random, launch attacks without rhyme or reason to any of the other 98 players, KO attacks players that border the knockout, counterattacks send blocks to the rivals who have chosen you as objective and badges Go straight for the game leaders. Depending on the outcome of the meeting, a more or less aggressive option will be better the battle intensifies as the game progresses propitiating a greater speed of pieces

Tetris 99 is a game so absolutely simple in its conception that it does not allow anything else to play it and already

Naturally, the battle intensifies as the game progresses, propitiating a greater speed of pieces that can only be fought with the turns once they touch the surface, which will allow you a well-deserved rest during the match. The free fall is vital and will allow you to accelerate the game and get to counteract the enemy movements to plunge them into the deepest despair. The victory is sweet, and having the feeling of having imposed on 98 other players in a game of Tetris is a more than satisfactory feeling. Unfortunately, as is the norm in another battle royale, victory does not have a reward that helps make success great. You only upgrade.Winner winner Tetris dinner

Winner winner, Tetris dinnerTetris 99

 is a game so absolutely simple in its conception that it does not allow anything else to play it and that’s it? There is not a tutorial or a menu that explains what the attack and defense mechanisms of the game are, something that could be confusing for Nintendo Switch Online users. The commitment to the original puzzle is such that you do not insult yourself by explaining the rules of Tetris. It is a free battle program for subscribers of the Nintendo online service that has turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of 2019 that is, again, a real dream for video game users.

We took it as a joke when we saw it appear on the Nintendo Direct, but the one that should be laughing now is Nintendo, which has done it again. Time will tell where the story of the series leaves the massive multiplayer production on Nintendo Switch, but what is certain is that we are at the moment of the 21st century that is most playing Tetris, and that is a beautiful tribute to one of the most important video games in history. What Tetris 99 has achieved is to bring together two of the main Japanese puzzle partners, Arika and Nintendo, to launch the Tetris released on a more relevant Nintendo console since its premiere on Game Boy.

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When a team of developers dares to look for a new twist to formula as revolutionary and unique as Tetris can only think they are crazy. However, being able to bring something new to Pajitnov’s production is not achieved by anyone, hence the value of Arika’s new effort with Tetris is bound. Tetris 99 is the most exciting challenge that has been made with the Russian puzzle in the last 20 years and has managed to mix a current concept like the battle royale with a puzzle that has managed to take advantage of its benefits to be relevant again in 2019. Essential multiplayer video game for Nintendo Switch.

  • The battle royale feels great for Tetris
  • Maintains the contemporary basis of the puzzle
  • Attack options and defenses simple but effective
  • Simple and quick: enter, search game, and play
  • Not very rewarding in victory, like the rest of battle royales
  • Despite its simplicity, it could have included a tutorial
  • Does not allow alternative game modes to play with friends
  • He has focused exclusively on the multiplayer

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