Analysis of The Banner Saga 3. The end of a beautiful saga has arrived

Written by Kamran Haider

Stoic put the final point to his beautiful Saga that has been with us for more than four years. A twilight closure that serves to reconnect once again with the survivors of this terrible war. In the analysis of The Banner Saga 3, we tell you the last battle before giving way to the new. In addition, we can enjoy this trilogy that PC also gave way to the consoles and lastly also in Nintendo Switch.

What Stoic has done with his saga may not seem very revolutionary. It is not the first game to move the decisions of a game to the next delivery. I think we can all remember a previous game that already transferred your decisions from a title to its sequel, being Mass Effect, probably, one of the great exponents. And yet, knowing full well that it’s not a new technique, I can not stop being surprised by what The Banner Saga 3 has achieved. Because while some hardly dare to explore this system, those in Texas are unmarked by the abundance of consequences that have been scheduled for the occasion.

Each and every one of the events of the two previous games has been taken into account. And maybe not all are as extreme as we had at the end of the first part, but the team has had to consider our decisions and the deaths of our group and adjust the situations to such an extent that it could only be achieved today in a game where text and static graphics are extremely important, above the high production values. Mass Effect does not reach the number of consequences of The Banner Saga, but it is understandable by the complexity of recreating each scene.

Even so, this does not detract from Stoic’s work, because in our head the narrative works the same if we see it as if we read it. And yet, it is very important that each player feels this Nordic twilight story in a very personal way. The Banner Saga 3 is just the consequence of all your actions, with some more, which does not pretend in any way to reinvent its own formula, but rather to finish it.

The final battle

After the events of the second installment, we will not be surprised to see here the darkest story of all. So much so that affects the way we travel the world, so our trip may seem less that pilgrimage, that slow walk that had the previous two games, and more a last final effort. The good thing is that the studio has managed to adapt to the circumstances brilliantly. The mechanics of obtaining resources: supplies, fighters, members of the clan, the long-awaited reputation, etc., is still evident in the early stages, but before the forces of Darkness and the absence of a long journey do not make as much sense as in the past.The final battle

Therefore, at a certain moment of the adventure, the accumulation of all these resources will be transformed into an account of days. The days we can endure until the great final battle so that the better we do it in the first third of the game, the more time we will have to prepare for what is coming. An idea not only interesting, but well taken, and accompanied by those decisive moments in which the members of our banner (those who survived) will be put to the test again.

But that is only what happens in one part of the world since our group of heroes begins divided, some enduring the last bastion of man and another submerged in a journey towards the heart of this Darkness. In the latter, we will forget the entire system of resources and points of will that are replaced with the Valka spear, a very useful spell to decimate some units or give them the coup de grace when we fall short.

Apart from this, the heart of the game remains the same, but I do not think anyone will miss a depth in their mechanics. At the end of the day, The Banner Saga 3 supposes, above all, the end of history and a way of understanding the turn-based strategy applied by Stoic. I am sure that many of the ideas you have found along this path will apply to your next projects. Here we still have our battlefield by grids, with some destructible obstacles and a system of character improvement based on reputation, the attribution of points of improvement and skills, as well as the allocation of magical objects. Perhaps, we miss some scenarios with more obstacles in their own terrain, which complicate even more the strategies in the movements, but little else can be blamed on their system.

The old leaves room for the new

For this purpose of the trilogy The Banner Saga, however, we will see some novelty in the combats, such as the waves, which are now available in the campaign mode itself and not only in survival mode. We will find combats in which we can decide if we want to continue fighting or flee. If we follow the contest, we can win valuable items in addition to the desired experience, which will have to make a tough decision. It is true that our fighters do not die in the games, but only in the narrative, but as you know those who come from previous deliveries, will be injured for a number of days until they can return to join the fight and that weighs on the long

As a novelty, new classes of heroes are also added. The striking centaurs that appear in The Banner Saga 2 are joined by others like the dredge themselves. Yes, the original enemies of the game join our ranks to fight alongside us, as is the case of the Apostate, and each of them is unique units that we will have to learn to use and quite powerful if we do it correctly.

Finally, heroic titles are a new way to improve our unit. Instead of using the classic points, they will use the reputation system itself and although they are very powerful to improve, they are also expensive. With them, we will be able to improve our points of will, strength, armor or make the unit more resistant to damage, for example.The old leaves room for the new

His visual section continues to leave me speechless every time I return to this game.

Although The Banner Saga 3 does not stop being an evolution in all aspects of the previous deliveries, it is impossible for me not to comment on its visual section, which continues to leave me Speechless every time I come back to this game. Since the first installment, the game captivated me with that artistic approach that mixes characters from classic cartoon style with landscapes inspired by the American artist Eyvind Earle. I also had the opportunity to enjoy from the first The Banner Saga with an ultra-panoramic monitor to which all their funds are adapted and it has been a complete joy.

Here his third part does not do more than to add still more detail to the set. The funds are recharged with all the refugees who endure the dredge’s onslaught, and the beautiful Nordic landscapes are now enveloped in a beautiful Darkness where the only light is the spell woven by Juno. A marvel in all senses that is once again wrapped in a felt soundtrack completely atmospheric.

As a final culmination, and knowing that this is the last game in the series, Stoic has launched a pack that includes the entire trilogy to which also joins a new platform: Nintendo Switch. We already talked about the control of The Banner Saga with command when it was released on Xbox One, so I recommend you take a look at that analysis if you want to know how to handle with a pad in your hands, but you can tell that the studio wants to have the whole trilogy encompassed as if a great videogame was treated yourself. They do well because sometimes it has cost me to remember the whole story and some moments from one delivery to another, so if you have the opportunity to face all the plot again, it is an unbeatable moment to discover a brilliant experience and get your coveted end among the many available. Yes, it’s time to leave the banner hanging and look at a new horizon.

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The Banner Saga 3 is the end of a trilogy that has impacted many players eager for a new type of strategy. His mix of conversational adventure, difficult decisions, and turn-based tactics is maintained with some novelties among his ranks, which is allowed to be a continuous knowing that it is the last installment, due to the huge trail of causes and consequences of all our actions. A nice climax to put the end to the arrival of the new Stoic.

  • The number of decisions and consequences that the game brings to their backs. It is vertigo
  • Again, the beauty of its landscapes and its soundtrack
  • The additions in terms of classes, skills, and battles by waves
  • Knowing that it is his last delivery, the same formula is repeated a bit in all its variants
  • Some bugs have hung our games. There are also missing custom resolution options

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