Analysis of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +. Frantic, chaotic, addictive!

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth
Written by Kamran Haider

Nintendo Switch receives the definitive version of one of the best independent video games of recent years and the experience is great! As we tell you in the analysis of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +, take with you, wherever you go, this fantastic roguelike action game is a great pleasure. You try it, you accept the challenge, and you no longer think of anything other than surviving its many dangers.

It has been a few years since I first played The Binding of Isaac and despite that, today, every time I get into his grotesque nightmare world I do it with a big smile on my face; Excited by the many challenges that await me in this challenging roguelike action-adventure. And nothing changes now that I have the opportunity to enjoy its definitive version on a platform like Nintendo Switch, which gives me the freedom to crush monsters from home or anywhere! Thanks to its portable mode. It is not nonsense. I count by tens the hours that I have dedicated to this title developed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsland, seen as seen, the figure will only grow thanks to the recent launch of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +, which expands and improves the gaming experience with tons of new content.

There are more enemies to face, new weapons and special items, fearsome bosses, unique challenges and a story mode with up to 19 different endings. Our objective? Surviving, which is not a little, the horrors that the devout mother of Isaac, the protagonist, has launched against us, apparently following God’s designs as in the biblical account of Abraham. Touch, therefore, fight. First with the sad tears of the hero who, yes, in this twisted world is a weapon, and then expand his combative repertoire with lots of skills scattered throughout the dark dungeons that shape this video game. The experience, I warn you, is tremendously fun and, above all, very addictive.

The sweet chaos of randomness

The random component is one of the great successes of the game, which encourages us to repeat again and again its challenging action knowing that nothing will ever be totally the same as in the previous game. Enemies, bosses, treasures, the design of the dungeons, the weapons we will meet … everything changes. And it’s great! There are hundreds of variables with which The Binding of Isaac manages to surprise you endlessly. The figures are spectacular: more than a thousand rooms to explore, about 500 objects with which to equip Isaac, dozens of monsters and bosses with their own space skills; challenges that challenge you with tests of the most interesting, multiple heroes with their particularities, or even new difficulty modes and the option to enjoy the action in the company of a friend thanks to the cooperative multiplayer .

If you thought you saw everything; If you thought that after playing The Binding of Isaac you could not be surprised, you are wrong! This definitive edition almost looks like a totally new video game. In addition to draft improvements in the design of the rooms that we explore, with more unique details that force us to adopt new combat strategies depending on the objects, we find in them. There are all colors and shapes imaginable, with lots of traps involved, obstacles to overcome and, in some cases even, gigantic proportions. The latter aspect that goes beyond the merely aesthetic, since in these instances the normal thing will be to find dozens and dozens of enemies, all in droves, or several final bosses that will attack us in a group in which they are some of the most delirious and hard of adventure.sweet chaos

There are hundreds of variables with which The Binding of Isaac manages to surprise you incessantly.

The weapons to which we have access are also really attractive since they not only maintain the originality and twisted vividness that characterized those of the original but also contribute to the action magnificent strategic components will delight the most dedicated players. The reason? Try to combine certain special objects, such as the nun’s habit with the book of revelations, to discover the devastating effects they will have on enemies and tell us. This is something that, from the beginning, drives me crazy. The experimental nature of The Binding of Isaac, which in many cases is not even clear when it comes to explaining how certain special cards, weapons or playable mechanisms work. It’s all a matter of trying! Experiment with everything you find in your path … with the risk of suffering a heinous death or some curse. There are!

Over the years The Binding of Isaac has improved its visual section with scenarios and enemies somewhat more detailed and better animated but, in essence, it is a video game that stands out for the artistic, especially for the grotesque design of its monsters, that there are lots, and not so much technically, that it is somewhat discreet. Speaking specifically of the Nintendo Switch version, the video game really works on both the TV and portable mode at a rate of 60 images per second. Only when enjoying the cooperative, and the screen fills with enemies, suffers from the occasional slowdown. Unfortunately, as in other platforms, the game comes with texts in English, which in some cases can be a nuisance if you do not fully understand what effects an object produces.

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Something has The Binding of Isaac that every time you return to his twisted world of nightmare you end up hooking in a bad way, like the first day! So imagine if you are one of those who have not yet tried this roguelike action game. Its definitive version for Nintendo Switch, with the portable mode as a great attraction, is the perfect excuse to discover one of the best indie video games of recent years. There are tons of content to discover, lots of secrets, challenges and a cooperative way that can extend your life countless hours.

  • Immediate fun. It is a tremendously addictive game
  • Immense content level. Each game is different from the previous one
  • Artistically it is a game with a great personality. Switch’s portable mode
  • It loses freshness if you are one of those who played the original
  • Some slowdowns when you play cooperatively

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