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Written by Kamran Haider

No prison is safe enough to keep us in it … or that we must demonstrate in The Escapists 2! The remarkable action and strategy videogame of Mouldy Toof Studios and Team 17 that after its passage through multiple platforms, now comes to Nintendo Switch willing to win the hearts of new players. It is easy as we reflect in the analysis of The Escapists 2.

Orchestrate a flight plan worthy of the best of criminal minds and escape from maximum security prisons. Who can resist something like that? The success of The Escapists a few years ago shows that there were many fans delighted with this idea and, with the approval of the audience, Team 17 and Mouldy Toof Studios have not hesitated for a moment. A sequel was necessary with more options and more challenges to face. Said and done. The sequel to this particular life simulator in prison offers us to escape ten very different scenarios with each other, with all the freedom in the world, without putting excessive barriers to our creativity, which is something that is greatly appreciated in a production of these characteristics.

Overcome the tutorial, which basically guides your steps so that you escape from jail without too many complications, The Escapists 2 gives you free to plan to your liking; so that you can manage to distract the guards, get the necessary tools for the escape plan and, of course, carry it out! It is not easy considering that you must respect prison schedules; that you have to feed, rest and interact with the rest of the prisoners before you even think about the paradisiacal beach where you expect to spend the rest of your days. The place from which you can perfectly enjoy this video game in the recently released version of Nintendo Switch and its fantastic Portable Mode. Tempting? Much!

I think, then … I escape the Escapists 2 encourages us to be creative; to look for alternative plans that leave anyone impressed

Although there is usually a conventional plan to escape from prison, The Escapists 2 encourages us to be creative; to look for alternative plans that leave anyone impressed. As if it were an infiltration or stealth title, a genre with which this video game has some similarity, it is their duty to go unnoticed and without raising suspicion, trying to ensure that both the guards and the inmates (except those that interest us, of course) do not realize what we are up to. For this, it is very advisable to respect the general rules, that is, to introduce ourselves when they call to order, to pass us through the dining room when it is time to eat, etc. But every action has its consequences, however small they may be.

If we do not eat, for example, our health and resistance will be diminished, which can harm us when we want to carry out some physical activity such as chopping a wall. But there is more. If we go through the library we can improve our intelligence by reading books, if we “scam” it is possible to acquire money and if we mix with the relevant inmates it is possible to obtain certain objects that we probably need … even if it is as a base. The craftsmanship is very present in the title and it is possible to create a wide variety of contraptions that may seem “clumsy” at the beginning, but that may end up being fundamental in our flight plan.

It is also essential to interact with both what surrounds us (cabinets, countertops, shelves, ventilation channels …) and with the rest of the “tenants”, guards included. Engatusar some, leave others out of combat, distract certain characters at specific times or try to get something from them is common in the day to day of our stay in the different prisons that meet in the game. This role touch feels great to the title, and we warn you that it is possible to get fondness or a terrible disgust to certain characters.escape

The gameplay is, therefore, more varied than it might seem and although at the beginning it seemed too slow, then it is almost impossible to stop playing. And that from my point of view the control interface, very similar to that recorded in the first delivery, I still seem too old and not particularly intuitive, being one of the small defects that the game presents in my opinion.

News between bars

Although it is a fairly continuous production in much of what it offers us, the truth is that The Escapists 2 also has some remarkable innovations, one of them being the character editor. Without being anything that we have not seen before a thousand times, it is possible to choose the aspect of the protagonists and recreate them to our liking, something that is always appreciated. And not only talk about the appearance of the protagonist, but the one presented by the guards and the rest of the inmates. More importance is given to the design of several prisons, three specifically: Cougar Creek Railroad, HMS Orca, and Air Force Con. The reason is that each of them is mobile (a train, a ship, and an airplane respectively), modifying quite the course of the action for obvious reasons, including the time factor, much more pressing.

However, the most outstanding novelty of all has to do with the inclusion of both multiplayer modes both local and online, as well as cooperative as competitive. And when it comes to dropping in / drop-out options, it does not condition the development of the adventure to such a multiplayer aspect, which I thought was a great success. It is a perfectly enjoyable title both alone and with friends (or rivals), keep that in mind. A detail of quality that is always very grateful.

To finish with the novelties, it is also fair to point out the technical evolution experienced by this continuation. Without losing the retro essence that characterized the original, in this second part everything looks cleaner, more detailed and more “condensed”. It’s as if it had gone from 8 to 16 bits (it’s an example, do not take it literally), which I personally liked a lot. The sound, on the other hand, has remained more or less as it was, with functional melodies and purely environmental effects that comply without detracting from the whole.

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The pixelated escape plans return with a continuation that presents a fairly continuous game formula but knows how to introduce key playable elements to refresh such proposals, such as the addition of local and online multiplayer. But the best of The Escapists 2 is still its careful game mechanics, which gives us a kind of simulator with touches of adventure, stealth, and role that will delight users who are always looking for different titles.

  • The approach is still very interesting
  • Many possibilities of action and to overcome each level
  • Multiplayer modes add more chicha
  • The first hours can be somewhat heavy
  • The control interface could be more intuitive

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