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The LEGO Movie 2
Written by Kamran Haider

TT Games and its LEGO saga do not stop. After debuting in theaters a few weeks ago, The LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game comes to the current formats in the form of a sandbox concept adventure. We analyze everything it offers us.

I was already starting to miss her. Several months in a row without a LEGO game! That situation was “untenable” and TT Games has gone to work to offer us the corresponding ration of these adventures. In this case, it is the “conversion” of the recent animated feature film that premiered in theaters a few weeks ago, The LEGO Movie 2: The Video Game.

In addition and for the first time in a long time, the truth is that it is a relatively original delivery in its concept. Does this mean that it breaks everything? Well no, more than anything because it is based on what gave us the remarkable LEGO Worlds, one of the most curious and original editions within this franchise. And it is inevitable to compare both productions of TT Games as they share many aspects that I will explain from now on.

Without wanting to reveal anything important to not perform a double spoiler (video game and movie), what I can comment on the argument that is behind The LEGO Movie 2: The game is that it is as simple and simple as full of humor. Come on, what is the usual norm in this franchise. A series of strange looking aliens (no green beings) commanded by the eccentric General Chaos have wreaked havoc on the world … and part of the galaxy. And who is responsible for sending them to their house? Well Emmet, Lucy, Batman, and company, controllable characters that only represent a negligible percentage of all that is possible to manage during the game.

Sandbox at its maximum LEGOexpression

Precisely here we find one of the many novelties that this product has, the way in which we are enabling new players, given that for this it is necessary to find some blue capsules and, later, to go through the shop of turn that each planet has for ” exchange them. ” Wait! … What does that mean about “each planet”? Well, exactly what you are thinking. During the adventure, it is possible to go traveling through the galaxy through a series of portals and visit a handful of different worlds. The “key” to be able to go to each planet is a purple brick that can be obtained in different ways, either fulfilling missions or, simply, exploring every corner of the scenarios.

Each world is totally different from the rest and has from its own missions a particular “look”. And what does each location in which we landed offer us? Well, a game formula in total sandbox plan, that although it is true that it presents main objectives and a fixed plotline, it offers the player a wide range of tasks to be done with total freedom. There is much to do in this title, we assure you, and although the main adventure gives about 10 hours of play, that number can be doubled or tripled if we want to see everything.One of the main tasks we have to carry out is to scan objects

As usual in the LEGO series, the local cooperative mode is one of the best in the game.

One of the main tasks we have to carry out is to scan objects. Thanks to special binoculars we can obtain the turn plans of current generators, trampolines, sprinklers and a good number of vehicles and objects of all kinds (including homes and shops). And in most cases, all of them are fundamental to be able to advance and overcome certain objectives that are entrusted to us by the dozens of characters that come together in the funds.

Once we have the planes of the objects, then we have to build them. And for this, it is necessary to have a certain amount of colored bricks, items that in this case play a fundamental role. In fact, I already notice that surely you obsess a little with these bricks and you will not stop breaking LEGO objects of the many that are in the scenarios to do with as many of them as possible.

And what about the common ingredients of the entire LEGO saga? That is the platoon sections, the simple matches against the rivals of the turn, the resolution of puzzles and other elements that have always been part of the titles of TT Games. Well, they have also been registered, of course, thus granting The LEGO Movie 2: The Videogame gameplay quite varied and much fresher than the last installments of it have given us. Nor can I forget the classic local cooperative mode (the online I give for lost in this saga) that also includes this adventure. An option that is very interesting and more than recommended.To cite several problems that can be attributed to this game mechanics

The development of the missions is too predictable to

cite several problems that can be attributed to this game mechanics, the first has to do with the degree of challenge that the title holds, which is as low as expected from a game in this guise. It is not a defect in itself, of course, but it is a walk. In the same way, most of the tasks that we have to perform are anything but original, and almost always we must build something, act as messengers or accumulate a certain amount of materials. More grace and diversity in this aspect would have made development really good, which sometimes is too predictable and tiresome.

The recreation of environments is one of the newest elements that also includes this LEGO delivery. As happened with the aforementioned LEGO Worlds, the funds are created based on these bricks, giving the graphics section a very distinguished and striking aesthetic touch … although it is not perfect. Popping very visible, textures that can be improved in certain elements, almost constant re-shading, fade in of characters and other technical defects. A few problems that fortunately do not harm the gameplay but they do affect the graphics section somewhat.

The sound can be somewhat disappointing for those users who are used to this saga. And not because it is a disaster, at all, but because the already famous dubbing in Spanish of all the voices of the characters has been replaced by “gossip” in the purest style of those issued by the characters of Banjo-Kazooie (do you remember ?) Yes, the voice that narrates the adventures of Emmet and company in perfect Castilian is very good, but we miss this “global” dubbing.

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TT Games stands out a bit from what is offered in the vast majority of its LEGO deliveries to give life to a clear sandbox spirit game that is reminiscent of what has been experienced for quite some time in LEGO Worlds. Thanks to this change the adventure is more fresh and attractive than expected and although it has certain defects of a technical and playable nature, it is a very entertaining title that can also offer many hours of fun if you want to squeeze all its potential.

  • Additional content of all kinds: characters, extra missions, mini-games …
  • The game exudes sympathy and is suitable for a wide group of users.
  • The change in their style of play brings freshness to the saga.
  • Visually it is a pretty striking title …
  • … but it also has many technical defects.
  • Missions are too predictable and bland.
  • Do we throw in the towel asking for the online cooperative mode for this series?

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